We start to plan for the VMworld Women of Purpose event each year just before the school year ends for the summer, and we host this event just as school resumes. It seems many of us overextend ourselves to embrace those summer months, and now that school is starting again, we find ourselves re-prioritizing to meet those end-of-year goals.

As we drive in from across the bay or fly in from across the sea, many of us leave lists and instructions behind to keep everything we usually oversee running smoothly in the hands of others.

Even though many of us are already over-committed at VMworld from dawn to dusk, we find a way to get to the Women of Purpose event just before Carl’s opening comments and stay for that much-needed beverage to discuss the valuable ideas gleaned from our distinguished technology executives. This event has taken on its own personality, and it’s an event that is asked for again and again. The email messages exchanged before, during and after the event demonstrate that many women in high-tech appreciate the opportunity to discuss our professional goals, network with other women and capture information that impacts our plans for the future.

With so many hopes and expectations for the same effective conversation and electric energy, we spend much of June and July hand-selecting some of the most interesting, proven women in the field to join us in this pointed, vital discussion of women in IT.

In addition to the outstanding panelists, this year we have enriched the discussion with Karyl K. Innis, CEO, author and executive coach, who will deliverSmart, But®.” Karyl will share the five biggest career mistakes people make and the stories of “smart, but” women who have struggled and won at work.

In addition to these spectacular panelists, Sonal Patel will speak. She has always made “giving back” a main theme in this event. You can hardly leave a Women of Purpose conversation without her saying, “We have been given great privilege to be part of this community, and with this comes great responsibility.” She ensures that VMware® Women of Purpose is a community of IT professionals who are passionate about supporting, motivating, mentoring, educating and elevating women in IT. The community provides opportunities to network at VMware events and with other successful women in IT who are VMware customers, partners and employees. This year, with guidance and contributions from, NPower and the VMware Foundation, Women of Purpose will contribute to the VMware corporate goals of active learning and giving back to the community at large.
If this piques your interest and you are attending VMworld, we hope you will register to join us—again, or for the first time this year—for the VMworld Women of Purpose event on August 28th from 4:00pm – 7:00pm.

JJ DiGeronimo, Women of Purpose, Co-Founder