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Video: VMware Marketing Academy

VMware's Senior Director of Global Partner Marketing talks about VMware Marketing Academy — a series of 9, brief modules designed to help the novice marketer (or refresh the experienced marketer) on the fundamentals of Marketing. It's free and it's only for our partners.


You can read more about VMware Marketing Academy here.

“Dream Bigger”, For Anyone who Dreams of leading like Steve Jobs

Sandra CheekIt’s rare these days to hear about someone who literally changed the world for the better. I think you can argue Steve Jobs did that. All that has been written about him this past week has made it clear that his impact on our lives cannot be underestimated. His innovations have touched nearly every aspect of communications– computers, movies, music, and mobile devices.

I’m by no means a Steve Jobs authority, but in reading about his life and accomplishments this week, I’ve been pretty overwhelmed. Below is a compilation of ideas, quotes and seven guiding principles written by many that I’d like to share:

Do what you love. “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.

Put a dent in the universe. Jobs believed in the power of vision. Steve Wozniac was the engineering genius behind the Apple I & II, but it was Jobs’ vision that focused Wozniac’s skills on building a computer for the masses. Jobs’ vision was inspiring because it was 1) Bold, 2) Specific, 3) Concise and 4) Consistently Communicated. Innovation does not happen without big vision.

Say no to 1,000 things. Jobs once said the secret to innovation is “saying no to 1000 things.” Jobs was as proud of what Apple did not do as he was about what he did pursue. He was committed to delivering simple, uncluttered design. This philosophy allows Apple to deliver a continuous stream of products that wow and delight customers for their elegance and simplicity.

Creativity and making connections.  People with a broad set of life experiences can often see things that others miss. “Creativity is just connecting things. A lot of people in our industry haven’t had very diverse experiences. So they don’t have enough dots to connect, and they end up with very linear solutions without a broad perspective on the problem. The broader one’s understanding of the human experience, the better design we will have.” “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

Create insanely different experiences. Jobs also sought innovation in the customer-service experience. Apple is the only tech company where designers report directly to the CEO.  When the Apple Stores were first introduced, he said they would be different because the stores would enrich lives. And indeed, the experience one has in the store is intended to enrich your life and to create an emotional connection between you and the Apple brand.

Master the message. You may have the greatest idea in the world, but if you can't communicate your ideas, it doesn't matter. Jobs is considered one of the greatest corporate storytellers because his presentations inform, educate and entertain – and inspire.

Sell dreams. Jobs captured our imagination because he really understood his customer. He knew that computers and other devices would not capture our imaginations if they were too complicated. Jobs taught us that if you help your customers reach their dreams, you'll win them over. Jobs did not have much of an appetite for focus groups to obtain customer feedback because you cannot asked people “what’s the next big thing?”. There’s a famous quote from another big dreamer Henry Ford: “If I’d have asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said, “a faster horse”.

For anyone who dreams of leading like Steve Jobs, here are three must-have characteristics:

1. Clarity of why you do what you do. To have this, you need a purpose, cause or belief that exists above and beyond the products or services you sell.

2. Discipline of how you do it. You must hold yourself and your people accountable to a defined set of guiding principles or values.

3. Consistency of what you do. Everything you say and do must prove what you believe. Every product that Apple made, all their marketing always communicated the same message: Think Different.

“Dream Bigger” is the counsel Steve Jobs gave to many people who sought advice. “See genius in your own madness, believe in yourself, believe in your vision, and be prepared to defend those ideas”.

Our collective global VMware Channel teams are a passionate group that strives to engage, enable and excite our partners. We dream about our Partner Community’s transformation of their businesses for the cloud-era. We constantly challenge ourselves to develop the best programs, tools, communications and support for our partners. After this past week’s passing of Steve Jobs, I think we can all agree that there could be room to “dream bigger”- keeping in mind the guiding principles that led to his incredible achievements.

-Sandra Cheek
Director, Global Partner Communications

Get Trained, VMware Virtualization and Cloud Management Solutions are here!

MaureenToday, October 18th, 2011 we announced the highly anticipated VMware Virtualization and Cloud Management Solutions.  VMware Virtualization and Cloud Management Solutions are delivering a modern approach to IT operational management that takes full advantage of cloud computing architecture. VMware’s management approach rests on three pillars: 

(1) simplify management by embedding into and tightly integrating management with VMware’s virtualization and cloud platforms, (2) improve effectiveness and efficiency of disparate IT teams and processes through converged management, and (3) provide unprecedented visibility into, and control of, costs and risks to help you run IT like a business, leveraging both private and public cloud services VMware’s portfolio of management solutions across infrastructure, applications, end user computing and IT business management have been purpose-built for virtualization and the cloud.

These solutions simplify the management of virtual and hybrid cloud environments, improve IT effectiveness and efficiency, and provide the visibility and control necessary to run IT like a business. Leveraging deep insight into vSphere, the industry’s leading virtualization platform, as well as VMware’s application platforms, VMware’s Management solutions accelerate customers along the journey to “Your Cloud” and help realize the vision of IT as a Service. Three new Suites are being announced to address customer challenges:

• VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite
• VMware vFabic Applications Management Suite
• VMware IT Business Management Suite

VMware Virtualization & Cloud Management Learning Opportunities
I would like to highlight the immediate learning avenues that will help you quickly capitalize on Virtualization and Cloud Management opportunities that lie ahead.

Go to the VMware Virtual Platform
Register for a VMware Partner Network Virtual Platform account by visiting VMware Partner Network Virtual Platform  and take a look at the just released videos, delivered by VMware Management experts on over 15 topics. In addition to the Sales, Pricing and Technical Overview topics you will find excellent presentations by business unit executives and subject matter experts on exciting topics such as:
• VMware Virtualization & Cloud Management Strategy and Vision
• VMware Virtualization & Cloud Management Partner Sales Opportunity & Resources
• Pricing, Packaging & Licensing Overview

We also have some great material on Management Solutions such as “Cloud Provisioning and Automation” and “Managing the Trusted Cloud”.

At  VMworld EMEA 2011
If you’re at VMworld EMEA this week, we have several expert led Management sessions to provide you the sales and pre-sales traction you need to successfully drive Q4 deals and opportunities. Please be sure to check the Partner Track Program Guide for these sessions.

Over 20+ Cloud Infrastructure Management (CIM) sales and technical sessions
      CIM sessions Partner Track – Sessions 3227 & 3245
      24 sessions at VMworld CIM Track
     Includes vCenter Operations Deep Dive

Hands on Labs
     3 hands on Management Lab sessions  LAS4000, LAS4001 and LAS4010

vmLIVE – Radio Events
We realize that with conflicting schedules, as much as we like to have you there, not everyone will be able to make it to Partner Track  at VMworld EMEA 2011.

Starting in early November we will host a series of VMware Virtualization & Cloud Management Topics across all the geographies and we hope you will be able to take advantage by attending these live radio events.

The vmLIVE Calendar can be located here, register for the sessions that work for you.

In addition to the above you will see a series of learning opportunities rolling out over the course of the next several weeks and in Q4 in support of your Management training, both instructor-lead and on-line learning opportunities. I wish you a lot of success over the course of the year and let us know how we can make your VMware learning experience more effective and relevant!

-Maureen Lonergan

Maureen Lonergan is the Senior Director of Global Partner Readiness. She has responsibility for building training programs to enable all Channel Partners; Solution Providers, Corporate Resellers, Technology Providers, Alliance Partners, System Integrators and System Outsourcers, and Hosting. She has been leading the Channel Enablement Team since August 2008.

Cavemen want Efficiency Too!

VMware unveiled three product suites at VMworld Copenhagen today. These suites are designed to simplify and automate IT management.

Check out this fun video showcasing VMware's new cloud management:


The vCloud Powered Fight Plan: Define, Sell and Differentiate your Services

Sandra Cheek
vCloud VSPP partners (and potential VSPP partners) be sure to catch the latest in this series, developed for service providers with vCloud Powered services:

Monday, October 17 – 8am PT
During this webcast, VMware will cover how our vCloud Powered service providers can address customer questions such as:

"What makes a cloud and a vCloud Powered service?"

"What are examples of hybrid cloud use cases?" 

You will also learn how to:

Communicate the value of and sell your vCloud Powered services

 Explain the key characteristics of cloud computing and hybrid clouds.

Additionally, we will walk through a brief update on the vCloud Powered program.

If you're a vCloud Powered service provider, this is one session you won't want to miss!

As an added bonus, attendees will also receive a copy of the vCloud Powered fight plan after the webinar, so register today!

How many Leads do you Need to Drive enough Pipeline to put a Smile on your CEO’s Face?

Jennifer Ambrose picture Wouldn’t it be great if you could sit down with your CEO or head of sales and have a collaborative discussion about how much pipeline you need to be successful? And how much of that marketing should drive?  And then what if you could put together and execute a practical plan to achieve the pipeline target marketing signed up for?

To really make the most of your marketing efforts takes a strategic approach that includes understanding how much pipeline you need to achieve, and knowing the right mix of activities in order to achieve them.

Being able to create a great plan, execute on that plan, then monitor the results and course correct as necessary is not only very rewarding.  It can be very profitable -  and put a smile on your CEOs face!

Last quarter VMware launched VMware Marketing Academy – a series of 9, brief modules designed to help the novice marketer (or refresh the experienced marketer) on the fundamentals of Marketing. It’s free and it’s only for our partners. Take VMware Marketing Academy and you’ll learn about:

- the nuts and bolts of marketing
- how to build a marketing plan and become a strategic partner to the sales side of the business
- how to track and measure your results
- types of marketing tactics and when to use them
- a practical guide to social media and how to get started
- and more

It’s available on Partner University in 5 languages (English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese).  Already over 500 courses have been completed.  They are brief – about 20 minutes each – and well worth your time if you want to learn more about how to build and execute a successful marketing plan.  And they are free to our partners.

The VMware Partner team is committed to our partners’ success. This is just one of the ways we are helping you drive greater success for your business.

-Jennifer Ambrose, Director, Partner Demand Generation

Video: Top Reasons for Partners to Attend VMworld 2011 Europe


Check out some of Europe's VMware leaders, as they give their top reasons to attend Partner Track at VMworld 2011!