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Announcing the New Accumulative VMware Volume Purchasing Program

Doug_smith_72x100 Doug Smith: Leading with Partners


As you know, VMware announced, on July 13th, the availability of vSphere 4.1, the most advanced virtualization platform for the cloud computing era. With vSphere 4.1, companies of any size will be in the best position to not just virtualize infrastructure and applications, but experience a new era in datacenter management that can change the role of IT from a cost center in constant need of resources to a service center that is focused on evaluating and implementing new, innovative applications and services that provide businesses with a competitive edge.

Along with the release of vSphere 4.1, VMware has expanded its management portfolio licensed for cloud environments – broadening the vCenter product family in two areas: configuration & compliance management and application dependency mapping. VMware has created a new licensing and pricing model based on the volume of virtual environments, not the physical hardware, aligning licensing to the adoption trends of our customers.

Additionally, VMware is announcing the new accumulative VMware Volume Purchasing Program (VPP), providing incremental, tier-based discounts for VMware partners to offer their customers over a rolling two-year period. The new accumulative VPP offers online tools that VMware customers and their authorized affiliates can use to track and manage VPP memberships and discounts. By bringing the VPP program to your customers, you increase your customers loyalty to you by providing your customers the best financial options for building a virtualization solution and realizing the quickest ROI on their investment.

The new VPP program features a better license model and accumulative buy program. Here are some key benefits of VPP today:

· Receive financial incentives when you purchase VMware products in volume with discounts on eligible license products

· Achieve budget predictability since discounts are guaranteed for up to 2 years

· Simplify your acquisition of VMware software through a standardized purchasing program

VMware has established four discount levels that range from 4-12% for qualifying orders based on your accumulated VPP Point total.
















Accumulative buy:

The new accumulative buy program ensures that purchases made after the initial purchase (of 250 points or more) are added to your point total to determine your new eligible discount level. This is an exciting new step in the program, as it ensure that you can jump from a 4% discount to a 6% and so on as your point total rises. The ‘buy-more-pay-less” system is now a two year rolling buy program: welcome!  

For more information please visit the VPP enrollment portal at www.vmware.com/go/vpp-enroll to enroll as a new member or as an affiliate of an existing VPP customer.

Doug Smith
Sr. Director Global Partner Sales