Ben_matheson_74x100  Ben Matheson: The vMarketing Expert 

Hello Everyone – One thing our channel partners consistently tell me is “Give us more air cover” or “Drive more awareness of virtualization into the marketplace”. Clearly, it is a benefit to all of you – our partners – if we help drive customer awareness around the value of deploying VMware software as the platform for cloud computing.

I’m proud to say we are launching a new customer awareness campaign that will run from now through the end of the year.  The focus of the campaign is empowering our customers to move beyond the constraints of today’s datacenter to focus on the possibilities of tomorrow. It mirrors our technology vision – that customers should not be constrained by the same old way of managing their datacenters. You can’t have breakthrough results unless you think differently. In our case, this means un-shackling customers from the constraints of traditional, brittle physical datacenters and starting on the journey to cloud computing. As you probably know, cloud computing is an approach to computing based on leveraging efficient pooling of resources to provide on-demand, self-managed virtual infrastructure that is consumed as a service. And of course when I say virtual infrastructure I mean VMware vSphere. 

Cloud computing helps customers move beyond the old physical infrastructure.

You will start to see our new “Move Beyond” campaign in banner ads on a lot of online properties as well as in select print publications.  As a partner you should familiarize yourself with the message by checking out the online assets related to the campaign by visiting: 

Ben Matheson
Senior Director, Global Partner Marketing