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WHAT IS: Infrastructure Virtualization Post-Sales Boot Camp?

and how does the vSphere 4 Design course fit in the picture?

Infrastructure Virtualization Post-Sales Boot Camp, is certainly a long name, but maybe we can help you understand it if we break it down:

·         Infrastructure Virtualization:  You hopefully recognize this as the 1st competency your company must attain in the VMware partner program

·         Post-Sales:  Those who sell and deliver post-sales/services

·         Boot Camp: This could mean a lot of things depending on your experiences.

The Infrastructure Virtualization Post-Sales Boot Camp was a three-day training course that was offered prior to Partner Exchange 2010 in Las Vegas. Those that attended the boot camp are probably worn out due to the blistering pace of covering three accreditations in three days.  The days were long and packed with information, but we did give the students a break on Sunday, just long enough to run over to the Partner Exchange Super Bowl XLIV  Tailgate Party (sponsored by Cisco and EMC).

Ok, but what about vSphere 4 Design?

The boot camp was made up of three parts: Assessment Fundamentals, Capacity Planner, and the introduction of the vSphere 4 Design course/accreditation- the most intriguing aspect of the boot camp. This was the first opportunity to take the new vSphere 4 Design course and 100 partners took advantage of it.

The formal release of the vSphere 4 Design course will take place in coming months and there will be a full slate of classes available in Q2 2010. Please check Partner University often as more and more classes will become available.

The vSphere 4 Design class is a three-day course that discusses the benefits and risks of design alternatives and provides information to help you in making sound design decisions. This course also provides an opportunity to practice your design skills by working with peers on a design project.

Right now our company has a Provisional Infrastructure Virtualization Competency. 

The vSphere 4 Design accreditation will satisfy the final requirement and once completed it will remove the provisional from your competency.   Don’t delay and be one of the first to get your vSphere 4 Design accreditation.

Maureen Lonergan

Maureen Lonergan is the Director of Global Channel Enablement. She has responsibility for building training programs to enable all Channel Partners; Solution Providers, Corporate Resellers, Technology Providers, Alliance Partners, System Integrators and System Outsourcers, and Hosting. She has been leading the Channel Enablement Team since August 2008.