Competencies: The Gateway to Profitability

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I've been on the road a lot lately, and am currently in South America with our Americas General Manager talking with partners about their businesses and how they are reinventing themselves. Many are in the midst of business model makeovers. They're restructuring their companies, changing their go-to-market strategies, retraining their people, and re-investing in their customer relationships. This is happening with partners both large and small.

Why?  There are many reasons – betting on an economic upturn, competitive pressures, maximizing profitability, and changing customer expectations. One constant theme supporting these changes is the desire to capture more of the IT spend around virtualization, and specifically VMware. Multiple third-parties have confirmed the $11 of additional spend associated with each $1 of VMware spend – the topline and GP opportunities across server, storage, network, application and all flavors of services do add up. The key to getting more of these dollars is to focus on outcome-based selling, not product selling.  Helping customers understand how virtualization will increase their business agility, improve IT resiliency and accelerate IT efficiency from the desktop to the datacenter remain key themes for CXOs.

One of the fastest ways to be best prepared to have these business level discussions is to get your entire sales team accredited and your company achieve the VMware Solution Competencies. This is a key catalyst to capturing more of these 'VMware Drag' dollars.  We have data from hundreds of partners that show that VSP (VMware Sales Professional – our most basic cert) accredited sales people are twice as productive selling VMware solutions than those who are not accredited.

As the title of this blog says, Competencies are the Gateway to Profitability. Here is how the logic works:

  • Training and certifications are the foundation of VMware Competencies (today we offer Competencies in Infrastructure Virtualization, Business Continuity and Virtual Desktop)
  • VMware Competencies are a foundation for enabling partner differentiation and outcome-based selling
  • Differentiation and outcome-based selling are key contributors to profitability
  • Competencies are the gateway to increased profitability and customer retention
  • The competency journey at VMware starts with our Infrastructure Virtualization Competency. All other VMware Solution Competencies build on it.

Find your company's dashboard in Partner Central. There are also reports available to see how a student is progressing.  Remember, partner companies achieve competencies, people achieve accreditations.

First step is you need a Partner Central user account. If you donā€™t have one, use this link:

If you have a Partner Central user account, use this link to get started. There is lots of information on this page as well as a link to your company's Competency Dashboard:

Rarely in this industry has there been such a powerful technology catalyst to drive your growth and profitability. VMware has the most proven, most technically advanced, and most complete virtualization platform. Get your accreditations, get your competencies. Assume the lead as a guide for your customers on the virtualization adoption journey.
Thanks for the great support.  I look forward to seeing you all in Las Vegas this February for Partner Exchange 2010.

Good Selling!

Brandon Sweeney

Brandon Sweeney is the Vice President of Americas Channel Sales. He has responsibility for all channel partners; Solution Providers, Corporate Resellers, Technology Providers, Alliance Partners, System Integrators and System Outsourcers, and Hosting. He has been leading the Americas Partner Organization since 2007.


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