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New Horizons – What Cross-Cloud Means for VMware Partners

Pat globe background VMW2016

Fresh on the heels of this week’s announcements at VMworld Europe 2016  around VMware’s Cross-Cloud Architecture and Cloud Foundation platform, we asked VMware EMEA experts to tell us about opportunities now available for partners.

 Why do partners need to be aware of the Cross-Cloud Architecture and Cloud Foundation announcements?

Taking the Cross-Cloud Architecture announcement first, it is an extension of VMware’s current cloud strategy, which has always been to give customers the tools they need to manage workloads securely across cloud platforms. What this means is that no matter what the cloud platform (public, private or hybrid) or device, customers can run, manage, connect, and secure their applications in a common operating environment.

Central to this vision is the Cloud Foundation, Te Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) platform for Private and Public Cloud. The SDDC platform provides the foundation for the Cross-Cloud Architecture, and Cloud Foundation takes the SDDC one step further by making the full SDDC stack easier to implement, deploy and manage on standardized platforms. Ultimately, we are providing all the solutions that IT needs to maintain control yet give the business freedom to innovate using all the clouds and apps available to them.

What opportunities will these announcements offer the VMware partner community?

Cloud is already bringing great opportunities for our partners across EMEA, and with the Cross-Cloud Architecture we are bringing more choice for customers. For our solution provider partners, there are opportunities to help customers integrate platforms built on the Cloud Foundation principles into their own private clouds. While this is something that is already happening through the SDDC, Cloud Foundation will make it even easier for partners to help customers take advantage of hybrid and public cloud environments.

For our vCloud Air Network service provider partners, they’ll have the chance to build these architectures into their own data centers. When Cloud Foundation is combined with Cross-Cloud Architecture, our service provider partners will enable their customers to seamlessly move workloads across any cloud environment, including other public clouds. By combining the two platforms, our partners become more strategic for their customers, providing whatever their cloud needs may be to drive their business success.

Our service provider partners have always been behind our approach to networking with our network virtualization solution NSX, and have evolved to take advantage of the additional flexibility and agility that it gives them.

We’ve now provided our service provider partners the opportunity to extend their own data centers out to public cloud providers and customers’ private clouds. Once they have that extended network, then Cross-Cloud Architecture and Cloud Foundation are the key parts for managing a seamless view across all these areas.

What can partners be doing now to help customers make the most of the Cross-Cloud Architecture approach?

 Underpinning the Cross-Cloud Architecture are a number of VMware solutions, and NSX is at the core of this. By virtualizing the network with NSX, it smooths the transfer of workloads from one environment to another, and paves the way for unlocking the full potential of the SDDC. NSX provides inherent security so when an application moves – security moves with it – across any cloud.

At the moment we’re heavily investing in all VMware partners driving NSX enablement to help sharpen their skills so they can make the most of this opportunity. As a result, we’re seeing broad adoption of NSX, and it is our partners that are driving this adoption.

Adoption of SDDC by our vCloud Air Network service provider partners continues to accelerate given the success our partners have with core products like vSphere. The rapid adoption of the other elements of SDDC such as NSX and vSAN, means these partners are starting to deliver on the Software-Defined Data Center vision, paving the way for where we see things going with the Cloud Foundation and Cross-Cloud Architecture.

Where can partners get access to all the VMworld Europe announcements around Cross-Cloud Architecture and how it can help customers on their journey to the SDDC?

Watch the VMworld Europe General Session playback and visit the Launch Resource Center for details on all the latest product launches to  get prepared to accelerate sales.  Last but not least, stay tuned for VMworld Europe Highlights coming up on October 24th.

EMEA Shines at Partner Exchange


EMEA partners shined in Barcelona with a record 2,500 registered attendees for Partner Exchange.

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger, Channel Chief Ross Brown and many other executives were on site to host the annual event. Highlights included the Partner Exchange General Session, and four Solution Keynotes.

EMEA partners had the opportunity to get a preview of the upcoming VMware announcements and what it means for their business.

Kicking of the Partner Exchange General Session, Pat Gelsinger discussed how the journey to the SDDC can now be enabled through VMware Cloud Foundation & Cross-Cloud Services which provide freedom and control and ultimately reduces TCO.   The latest VMware announcement on the partnership with AWS provided another example of how we are delivering cross-cloud architecture by offering customers cloud freedom — the freedom to innovate in multiple clouds, and the ability to run, manage, connect and secure their applications across clouds and devices in a common operating environment and deliver those applications onto any device.

Pat reminded partners that “VMware Cloud on AWS offers our customers the best of both worlds. This new service will make it easier for customers to preserve their investment in existing applications and processes while taking advantage of the global footprint, advanced capabilities, and scale of the AWS public cloud.”

EMEA partners were delighted to hear that VMware’s vision for providing a full breadth of options for customers to address their individual cloud management needs is now coming to fruition.

Following the General Session, partners attended popular Solution Keynotes on these hot topics:

  • Delivering the Digital Workspace
  • Enabling Cloud for Your Customers
  • Accelerate Network Virtualization
  • VMs, Containers, and Mega-Clouds: Connecting the Dots

Partner Exchange provided partners with Program updates, prepared them for customer conversations during VMworld and enabled partners for sales success moving forward.

VMware TestDrive: Anytime, Anywhere EUC Demos

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 8.57.08 AM

With more mobile users demanding anytime, anywhere access, it’s not surprising that 77% of organizations are upgrading infrastructure to support a mobile business model. As a solution provider, it can be tempting to help guide customers on their End User Computing journey by enrolling them in a VMware Digital Workspace solution pilot straight away. However, focusing on proof of concept (POC) first, will ensure your customers have the right environment for their needs.

VMware partners are now able to do just that, thanks to TestDrive, VMware’s fully-featured, integrated, and globally available demonstration environment for our portfolio of End User Computing solutions. Enabling the demonstration of fully functional VMware Workspace ONE, Horizon, and AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management implementations, TestDrive is the ideal way to show customers exactly how the adoption of VMware Digital Workspace strategies and solutions improve their specific security, management, usability, and flexibility needs.

TestDrive enables digital workspace success and accelerates selling motion by:

  1. Providing a self-service, friction-less platform

This cloud-hosted environment is prefigured for a simplified demo experience. With the complete VMware EUC portfolio at your fingertips, you are in the driver’s seat; the password-protected online portal is controlled by you. Guide your customer through the latest VMware Digital Workspace technology or assign time-limited access directly to individual customers and prospects so they can try it out for themselves.

  1. Eliminating the cost and hassle of building your own environment

Showing prospects what VMware Digital Workspace technologies look like is far more effective than presenting another PowerPoint. However, building your own in-house demo capability can be challenging. With TestDrive, receive free-of-charge access to a fully-maintained VMware-hosted demo environment without worrying about infrastructure and support requirements.

  1. Offering customers convenience

In today’s ever-evolving digital workplace, it only makes sense to provide End User Computing customers with anytime, anywhere access to their demo. That way, no matter where they are, TestDrive conveniently shows VMware’s portfolio in action, virtually and realistically, which means your customers get to experience the environment without leaving their desks.  

  1. Establishing and maintaining trust with customers

Instead of rushing into pilot mode, conducting a POC through TestDrive allows you to guide your customer to a successful project by performing actual customer data and procedures. This customized approach assures management that the solution has manageable risk and high ROI for their specific EUC needs. Providing this insight to customers before they’ve committed to a project elevates your trusted advisor status and propels them to the next step: successful deployment.

Accelerate your selling motion and gain free access to TestDrive by getting your VTSP – Mobility 2016 accreditation today. And tune in to the coming up vmLIVEs to learn how you can AirWatch BYOD Solution or AirWatch Windows 10 Solution or AirWatch Unified EndPoint Management Solution using TestDrive.

The Improved VMware Partner Demand Center: A Marketer’s Best Ally


We get it. Keeping your website and social media channels up-to-date with the latest consumer relevant information can be challenging. But with 94% of B2B buyers conducting online research during the buying process, it’s no longer optional when competing in today’s market. That’s why we’re especially excited to announce our improved VMware Partner Demand Center, giving partners the ability to more seamlessly stream content directly to their website and social media platforms.

From campaign creation to management, the enhanced Partner Demand Center equips a modern marketer to operate in a digital world with tools, content, and resources that generate demand and turn prospects into customers. The updated content, functionality, and resources are all based on extensive feedback and input from our partner community.

So what’s new for partners?

  1. Improved website content

Website content syndication got a makeover. Create awareness of your website with a clean, user-friendly setup, and automatic updates.  It’s now easier than ever to embed customized VMware content, generate new leads, and follow up with prospects.

   2. New social media content library in 6 languages

Boost awareness, attract new audiences, generate leads, and nurture existing customers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Xing. With the expanded library, you can now select from 6 languages as you tap into tailored social streams and choose the best options for your business.

3. New integrated campaigns focused on joint VMware and partner priorities

Create your own integrated campaigns tailored to your audience. All available campaigns align to annual VMware and partner priorities. Leverage marketing best practices, defined calls-to-action and top assets, plus access a consistent bill of materials so you’ll know exactly what to expect each time you customize a new campaign.

4. Improved integration and automation

Save time and optimize resources by integrating Partner Demand Center marketing tactics with your marketing automation systems, including: Hootsuite, Marketo, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more.

5. Increased customization across all campaign tactics

Discover a more personalized experience and cobrand everything from your company’s value proposition, to your messaging and branding.

6. Localized platform user interface

Thanks to feedback from our partner community, the user interface is now localized, making the Partner Demand Center globally accessible to partners.

7. Expanded global in-language support across regional time zones

Got a question? You can now call PDC support representatives across all regional time zones to get the answers you need, exactly when you need them.

8. Improved reporting capabilities

Measuring KPIs is a breeze with updated metrics. Manage, monitor, and review campaign performance in real-time and share campaign results all within a single dashboard.

Excited to get started? Check out the Partner Demand Center getting started guide and log into the new platform to get going on your next successful campaign.

Register for one or more upcoming training sessions for an overview and demo of the Demand Center marketing programs:

Partner Perspectives: Winning with VMware


It has been said that:

Lucky people get opportunities.

Brave people create opportunities.

And winners are those who convert their problems into opportunities.

Partner Exchange at VMworld 2016 welcomed many partners who are winning with VMware and wanted to share their experience helping customers convert problems into opportunities.

First, Fujitsu sat down with us to discuss their “better together” strategy and how they are helping customers win with infrastructure solutions that include VMware. As an early Virtual SAN partner, Fujitsu has proven to customers the power of Virtual SAN and its scalability through pre-configured, pre-certified integrated systems.    Watch as Fujitsu explains how they are delighting customers as they help them bring the SDDC to fruition.

Next up, our partner  Connection spoke about how understanding VMware’s technical direction allows them to help customers implement mobility solutions. They are thrilled with close to 60% growth in their VMware business and attribute most of that growth to VMware EUC Solutions.  They explained how being on the partner technical advisory board to better understand VMware technology direction empowers them to be a true customer advocate.

Finally, Sirius Computer Solutions  explained how the robust technology that is NSX allows for creation of great designs that provide successful business outcomes.  Sirius Computer Solutions proved that NSX really works for their customers.  In turn, their creation of quality designs plus their strategy of Including services at the start of customer engagements has helped create outstanding outcomes credited to both Sirius and VMware.  Truly a win-win!

Inspired by these partner success stories and want to share your own?  If so, you now have two opportunities to highlight your organization’s outstanding performance:

  • Submit your success story/reference for a chance to be featured in an upcoming Power of Partnership blog or video.
  • Nominate your organization for a 2016 VMware Global Partner Innovation Award for a chance to be honored at the annual VMware Partner Leadership Summit in 2017.

Remember, submitting a success story/reference or a Global Partner Innovation Awards nomination helps you:

  • Amplify your value proposition through VMW and external channels
  • Successfully market your organization
  • Demonstrate subject matter expertise on VMW solutions

So don’t wait, submit your reference or your Partner Innovation Awards nomination today!


VMworld 2016 Highlights

Pat globe background VMW2016

Over 23,000 VMware partners and other attendees from 83 countries gathered in Las Vegas for the August 28 kick-off of VMworld 2016.

For those partners who couldn’t make it, let’s get you up to speed with some highlights.

Unveiling Cross-Cloud Architecture

Pat Gelsinger opened by sharing VMware’s perspective on Digital Business and introduced two new VMware offerings. Both are shaping the future of cloud services by enabling businesses to innovate across clouds and devices while maintaining freedom and control in private and public clouds.

Let’s take a 50,000-foot view:

VMware Cloud Foundation

Ray O’Farrell, VMware EVP and CTO took the stage to talk about VMware Cloud Foundation™. Ray explained how it brings together the foundational compute, network and storage components of the SDDC by adding capabilities that automate installations, updates and life cycle management for that data-center. The message was loud and clear: we make the private cloud easy. But that wasn’t all. The good news kept coming. Partners can now deliver this solution as a service offering! Find out more.

VMware Cross-Cloud Services

“Moving to the cloud comes with a whole new set of challenges so why can’t we, (VMware) develop a new set of tools?” asked Guido Appenzeller, VMware CTSO, when he took the stage. Through Guido, we learned VMware did just that when SaaS-based offering, VMware Cross-Cloud Services™, was released. Now, partners can manage, govern and secure applications running in private and public clouds, across devices and across clouds including Amazon, Azure, Google and vSphere. A few highlights include:

  • Visibility into cloud usage and cost
  • Consistent networking and security
  • Mechanisms and policies across clouds
  • Deployment, management and migrations of data across vSphere and non-vSphere private and public clouds (including AWS and Azure)

Digital Workspace

“VMware’s proposition in digital transformation is two-fold, we look to transform the datacenter to make it public cloud ready; and we are digitally transforming the end-users in preparation for the mobile cloud era.”

-Sanjay Poonen. VMware GM, End-User Computing

VMware’s continued investment in growing our end-user computing market share shows. Sanjay explained, “We’re leading the any cloud, any app, any device race in some very tangible ways. We’re the only company with strong ties to Apple, Google and Microsoft.” Through those relationships, VMware partners can and are bridging gaps between end-user’s desire for choices and simplicity and IT’s need for control and security. Watch more from Sanjay here.

VMware Integrated OpenStackv3.0

VMware partners have been able to confidently build upon the SDDC to take their business to the next level because their customers are using SDDC technology to drive fundamental transformations in their businesses. Sr. Director of Infrastructure and Operations at Nike, Mike Wittig joined us to tell the story of why Nike needed the automation services of OpenStack and chose VIO and NSX to fuel their growth. Watch what happened as the Nike datacenter was transformed through partnership with VMware and why they chose VMware to fuel their digital growth projections.

VMware Cloud-Native Applications

Containers aren’t just for the hipster DevOps folks anymore. Enterprise organizations are starting to play with containers too. According to VMware’s Kit Colbert CTO, Cloud Platform Business Unit, this creates opportunities as well as challenges.

“Container in development is easy – it’s a big value proposition. A Dev can grab a laptop, get Docker and they’re off and running but production is a different story,” he explained. In production, there are operational requirements that have to be met but this isn’t news to VMware partners. You’ve been implementing those requirements in the SDDC for years but containers are a different story. The answer lies in VMware Enterprise Container Infrastructure. It gives you and your customers what’s needed to run containerized applications in production with confidence. Find out more about updates and improvements after we rolled out vSphere Integrated Containers and PHOTON last year.

By any measure, VMworld 2016 was a tremendous success. The event, packed with information to power customers’ digital transformation, enabled us to gather, collaborate, celebrate and embody our theme, “be_TOMORROW.”

If you missed this year’s event, you can access all of the general session content here. See you at VMWorld 2017!

REGISTER NOW for AirWatch Connect 2016


VMware AirWatch has had an incredibly successful year, being named #1 in market share by IDC* and a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant** for Enterprise Mobility Management for a 6th straight year. With 80%+ annual sales growth, there is still lots of opportunity for our partners to build mobile practices. And with Workspace ONE, Horizon, TrustPoint and NSX, first time AirWatch deals have the potential to grow into multi-product recurring revenue streams for years to come.

That’s why NOW is the perfect time to get the sales and technical training your team needs to dive into mobility with AirWatch. Send your team to AirWatch Connect 2016, our global customer and partner conference, in Atlanta from October 2-6. Everything you need to get your mobile practice off the ground will be there in one place: Hands On Labs on the latest AirWatch releases, Workshops with the latest mobile OSes, AirWatch accreditation courses, and of course thousands of customers to network with.

Contact your partner manager for special offers on conference passes and ask if you qualify for development funds to pay for registration. Remember, you can bring your customers to get them the education needed to accelerate their mobility programs and your new sales opportunities.

AirWatch Connect highlights not to miss:

  • AirWatch and Microsoft co-presenting on how Windows 10 and AirWatch changes the game for PC management leveraging EMM technology. Start a new practice or take the time and cost out of existing systems management services.
  • At Partner Day, learn best practices to working with VMware Sales to find new business, how “App Discovery” can help you grow your deals, and see how Test Drive, VMWare’s fully integrated demo environment, can speed sales cycles.
  • Our business leaders give the secret sauce for up-selling AirWatch deployments into full Workspace ONE customers with pull through for many integrated products to grow your deals.

While you’re there, make sure to take advantage of the accreditation classes and exams. Since joining the VMware Partner Network, AirWatch partner accreditations have grown 400%. Most importantly for you, accredited partners on average create 25% larger deals. Take advantage of this once a year opportunity to get all the training your team needs and register now.

Don’t miss the leading event for enterprise mobility and truly discover the future of the digital workspace at AirWatch Connect in Atlanta October 3-5.  Who should come?

  • Send representatives (sales, SEs, support, services) to get trained on the latest AirWatch and Workspace ONE releases and new capabilities
  • Bring your customers to help accelerate AirWatch and Workspace ONE opportunities
  • Give your executives and sales leaders the opportunity to network and business plan with VMware End User Computing executives and sales leaders as we drive the next generation digital workspace market.

Don’t miss AirWatch Connect this October in Atlanta.  Register now!


*IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Enterprise Mobility Management Software 2015 Vendor Assessment, Doc# 40430516e May 2016

**Gartner, Inc., Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites, Rob Smith, et al, June 8, 2016.

VMware Now Part of Dell Technologies


Access the public broadcast at 11am central time today.

Today Dell Technologies announced the biggest merger in IT history—a truly historic day. The new company creates strong capabilities in the fastest growing areas of the industry including hybrid cloud, software-defined data center, converged infrastructure, platform-as-a-service, data analytics, mobility, and cybersecurity. As Aristotle said, The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” and this acquisition brings that whole to life for our partners and joint customers.


VMware is extremely proud and excited to join the new Dell Technologies family of companies as a strategically aligned business. We will continue to operate as an independent, publicly traded company.

VMware will continue to invest in and grow its thriving, open ecosystem of global partners. Our partner network is one of our strongest assets and a key differentiator in the market.

Our mission and strategy remain unchanged: to provide you, our partners, with significant value by accelerating our joint customers’ digital transformation through software and services that let customers run, manage, secure, and connect all of their applications across clouds and devices.


To learn more about Dell Technologies, please access the public broadcast available from 11:00am CT today.

Thank you for your continued partnership.

Fastest Path to the Cloud Announced at VMworld

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 3.26.35 PM

As we reported on Monday, VMworld kicked off with a bang this weekend at our annual Partner Exchange Conference. Over the course of two jam-packed days, Partners soon learned the perks of arriving early. PEX offered attendees exclusive access to VMworld announcements, break-out sessions, executive group discussions, and powerful presentations from top executives on how to capitalize on opportunities in VMware’s key growth areas.

Missed the event and feeling a little left out? Let’s get you up to speed.

A Software-Defined Future

If there’s one take-away attendees left with, it’s that the future of business and IT lies with a software-defined approach. Everything from the Partner Exchange boot camp sessions to CEO Pat Gelsinger’s presentation reiterated this. And now VMware is making it even easier for Partners to enter the software-defined future with the announcement of VMware’s new Cross-Cloud ArchitectureTM. Your customers can run, manage, connect, and secure applications across multiple private and public clouds and devices.

VMware’s Cross-Cloud ArchitectureTM builds on its leading private and hybrid cloud capabilities by offering customers the freedom to innovate in multiple clouds, and is delivered through VMware Cloud Foundation TM, a new set of Cross-Cloud services that VMware is developing and the vRealize® cloud management platform.

Lead Customers into the Future

How will VMware Cloud FoundationTM help your customers drive their digital transformation?

  • Natively integrated software-defined stack that brings together VMware vSphere, VMware Virtual SAN and VMware NSX® with unique life-cycle automation capabilities.
  • Flexibility to deploy on-premises across multiple pre-qualified hardware partners including QCT, Dell, VCE, and HPE or deploy as a service from select VMware vCloud Air Network partners.
  • Flexibility to deploy on-premises on integrated systems from VCE or leveraging qualified VSAN Ready Nodes from QCT, Dell and HPE and networking from Cisco and Arista, or deploy as a service from select VMware vCloud Air Network partners, including IBM Cloud.

Even better, there’s a 6-8x times faster time to market, it increases admin productivity by up to 2x by automating day-two operations, and reduces overall TCO of private cloud deployments by up to 40 percent.

VMware Cloud FoundationTM isn’t the only exciting news to come out of Partner Exchange at VMworld. Partners heard all about new VMware solutions including VMware vSphere Integrated Containers  and VMware Integrated OpenStack that give customers the fastest path to run cloud-native apps and OpenStack based clouds. We also announced new digital workspace capabilities with VMware Horizon® which enables customers to quickly deliver virtualized desktops and applications through a single platform, creating a secure digital workspace.

Stay up to date on all product announcements with the new Quarterly Launch Resource page on Partner Central.  It’s your one-stop shop for all Q3 product launch related materials, giving you the info you need to capitalize on VMware’s newest technologies and solutions. Product pages, launch briefings and robust training resources will help you hit the ground running to accelerate your sales cycle and transform your customers’ business.

Still have PEX FOMO? Watch the general session replays and be sure to mark your calendars for VMworld Highlights, coming your way on September 6th.


Inspirational Sessions at Partner Exchange


Partners received a generous dose of inspiration as the Partner Exchange general session kicked off with a bang this weekend.  For those of you unable to attend, here is a re-cap of some of the highlights:

Sunday, August 28th

The crowd was delighted to welcome Pat Gelsinger, CEO as he introduced VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture as the main path to the Software-Defined Data Center.  He talked about how the journey to the SDDC can now be enabled through VMware Cloud Foundation & Cross-Cloud Services which provides freedom and control and ultimately reduces TCO.  Pat explained how this announcement delivers VMware’s vision to provide management of any cloud, delivering any application, on any device.

Partners then heard from Sumit Dhawan SVP & GM, Desktop & Workspace ONE and Raghu Raghuram, EVP Software-Defined Data Center Division on Cross-Cloud Services and the Digital Workspace.

Ross then welcomed Maurizio Carli, EVP Worldwide Sales to the stage for a fireside chat.  Ross asked what specifically Maurizio’s organization is doing to illustrate its commitment to partners.  Maurizio indicated that VMware Worldwide Sales has:

  • Made an increased investment in this community with Advantage+ program enhancements by rewarding partners who drive demand for our more complex solutions through increased up-front margins and auto-validation on deal registrations
  • Aligned our incentives to our high-growth opportunities and cloud solutions

Maurizio reiterated that now is a great time to Partner with VMware.

With that inspirational start to Partner Exchange, the excitement continued when Ross Brown – SVP Partners & Alliances took the stage.  Ross detailed the success of Advantage + enhancements and reiterated the shift VMware is making from a reseller model to a multi-channel model that embraces many GTM motions and from a vSphere centric to multi-product company.

The Partner Exchange General Session closed with a call to action to drive our joint customers digital transformation together with VMware.


Following the Partner Exchange General Session, partners had full schedules with Solution Keynotes, breakout sessions and more.  The Solution Keynotes were the highlight of the afternoon and had partners extremely engaged.

First up was Sumit Dhawan, SVP & GM, Desktop & Workspace ONE on how to Deliver the Digital Workspace.  Sumit reminded partners how the traditional model for end-user computing has been disrupted and “The world is going digital”.   Digital Workspace is creating a massive opportunity in the market.  The EUC portfolio brings together all the pieces for the emerging Digital Workspace market:

  • Apps and Identity
  • Desktops and Mobile devices
  • Management and security

In order to be productive whenever and wherever, users want their applications on the devices they choose to carry. These evolving mobile work styles create a unique challenge for IT. The good news is with Workspace ONE we can help provide the convergence of desktop and mobile.  Moreover, Sumit reminded partners “with the help of all of you… we are clearly in an undisputed leadership position… we are not going to stop here.  Customers and partners are winning with EUC – 62,000+ EUC customers, $1.2B annual run-rate in total bookings and growing.   We are providing an experience that is not based on a device, but on the identity of the user; that is Workspace ONE.   It’s a similar experience that all of us are used to in a consumer world – the data is always protected.  Nobody else in the market place can deliver this experience, except VMware.”

To seize these opportunities and win big, partners were challenged to:

  • Build competency across Desktop and Mobile
  • Demonstrate value to customers with Test Drive
  • Maximize your margin with Advantage+

Partners then headed to the next Solution Keynote Enabling Cloud for Your Customers delivered by Yanbing Li, SVP & GM, Storage and Availability Business Unit and John Gilmartin, VP & GM Integrated Systems BU.

They spoke in detail about the issue of cloud silos and how customers need the ability to run, manage, and secure applications across their on-premises data centers and public clouds.  Partners learned how to help customers on their journey to the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) through the VMware Cloud Foundation.  The VMware Cloud Foundation is a new unified SDDC platform that combines vSphere, VSAN, and NSX as a single, integrated software platform to provide a software-defined data center across clouds. This virtualized infrastructure layer can be further enhanced with the VMware automated cloud management platform, vRealize Suite.

Partners can take advantage of these exciting opportunities by:

  • Getting trained (utilize vmLIVEs, Hands on Labs & Solution Enablement Toolkits)
  • Demonstrating value through developing leads, building pipeline, validate benefits with the help of Partner Central
  • Increasing deal margins – up to 30% discounts for SDDC solutions

Last but not least, Partners heard from Rajiv Ramaswami, SVP & GM Networking & Security and Dom Delfino, VP WW Sales & Systems Engineering on how to Accelerate Network Virtualization.  We all know that network virtualization is hotter than ever and VMware NSX is leading the charge.  Rajiv and Dom reminded partners that:

  • The software-defined networking market will be $12.5B market by 2020
  • Customers main challenges are security, automation, application continuity
  • VMware NSX offers
    • Security – virtualize networks and have a firewall for every VM.
    • Automation – a blueprint for each VM to avoid manual build out
    • Application Continuity – applications and data can exist between data centers for disaster recovery or pooling of data center resources

The good news is that VMware partners have made huge strides with NSX and are being rewarded because of it.  We ran the analytics and found that partners with their NSX competency close NSX deals that are 53% greater than those partners without the competency.  Additionally, the value of NSX approval deal registrations increasing 50% Y/Y.  Rajiv and Dom recommended that partners who want to be successful selling NSX should:

  • Generate Demand
  • Implement Scalable Assessments
  • Leverage Eco-System
  • Remember that VMware is here to help with Demo Centers, Assessment tools, install base data, PSO Enablement and the NSX Demand Center

In all cases, remember to lead from the front, build your plan with your PBM, leverage the eco-system and celebrate your customers’ and your own success loudly!