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The Renewals Train Has Arrived

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Attention VMware partners… opportunity is calling. The Renewals Campaign is here. This campaign focuses on current vSphere customers who are approaching the 90 days to renewal date (for their non-ELA transactional business), and are good candidates for the following products aligned with Power Plays:

  • VMware vSphere with Operations Management
  • VMware vSphere with Operations Management + VMware vRealize Operations Insight
  • VMware Virtual SAN

As a VMware partner, you have an opportunity to leverage this partner-ready campaign to help your existing vSphere customers take the next logical step in virtualization management by upgrading to vSphere with Operations Management.

The vSphere update provides increased scalability, enhanced live migration, improved fault tolerance, expanded compatibility and support, and much more. All products built on vSphere to help optimize virtualized environments and provide added functionality.

Here’s how to make opportunity become a reality:

  1. Grow the average selling price (ASP) and help drive top-line growth and future high-figure renewal revenue with product upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  2. Receive significant rebates and incentives to improve margins, while increasing the ASP.
  3. Maintain revenue streams by strengthening the VMware customer base and improving existing customer relationships.
  4. Build customer relationships with additional service opportunities and assist customers in meeting changing business needs.

VMware provides you with professional assets and tools that allow you to seamlessly execute integrated marketing activities at no cost.  Take advantage of the following:

  • Exclusive opportunity
  • Preliminary sales and tech training
  • Access to marketing support to augment marketing capabilities
  • VMware programs and campaigns to create awareness
  • Customizable multi-touch demand-generation campaigns
  • Tools to accelerate sales
  • Process for tracking success

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Visit the VMware Partner Demand Center today and read the VMware Renewals campaign playbook to learn more about target audience, customer pain point, messaging paths and customization opportunities.

Next, automate execution of the campaign based on contract expiration date through the VMware Partner Demand Center or download all assets source files at once for upload and execution through your marketing automation platform and grab opportunity by the vSphere.

Learn more about the VMware Partner Demand Center campaigns: Your Destination for Partner Marketing Success

The VMware Partner Marketing Team

Grab Your Windbreaker Because VMworld 2015 U.S. Registration is Now Live

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In case you missed it, VMworld 2015 U.S. registration is now live. This means it’s time to start booking your trip to San Francisco for the tech conference that is going to take your summer by storm!

Join us at VMworld 2015 in San Francisco this August 30 - September 3 to gain the essential tools, partner roadmap, training, and real solutions you need to innovate and excel with VMware. Register now and save $300 with our Early Bird pricing

We are excited to announce that Partner Exchange is coming to VMworld 2015. By adding Partner Exchange @ VMworld to your conference pass means you will have access to all the enablement, sessions and information you need to succeed in selling VMware products, as well as have the added opportunity to interact with the greater VMware community of customers and learn about VMware's partner roadmap. You can purchase a day Partner Exchange pass. Click here for pricing. Partner Exchange is the place to be for valuable partner content. For more information about Partner Exchange @ VMworld click here.

This is an event you can’t afford to miss. Need help convincing your boss that you should go? We got you covered. So start planning your trip because we can’t wait to see you in the city by the bay!

The VMware Partner Network Team

Flex Your Marketing Muscles with The VMware Marketing Services Store

Meet the protein powder to your marketing roadmap. The VMware Marketing Services Store, otherwise known as “The Store”, is an integrated component of the VMware Partner Demand Center. It is an online catalog of service offerings that showcases VMware-vetted agencies that offer best-in-class marketing services with pre-negotiated packages and pricing. Consider them your personal trainers. The Store is currently only available in North America with plans to expand availability to other regions in the future.

Here are some of the marketing services being offered through the Store:

  • Digital Marketing – Assess and enhance your digital website presence
  • Database Management – Determine the quality of your database, cleanse and build
  • Telemarketing – Lead follow-up, qualification, and appointment setting
  • Social Marketing – Grow social presence and create new contacts
  • Copywriting/Design – Create compelling messaging or custom collateral

Are you ready to fill in the gaps that are missing in your overall marketing effectiveness plan, and simplify the collaboration between partners and pre-qualified vendors, providing a direct line of contact to the marketing agency? How about transforming your marketing to drive demand for VMware solutions, generate leads and build pipeline? Then the VMware Marketing Services Store is for you!

Watch this short video below to learn how VMware’s Marketing Services Store can take your marketing from flab, to fab and visit the VMware Marketing Services Store today!

The VMware Partner Network Team

The Science (and Economics) Behind A Carefully Crafted Software Defined Storage Strategy for Cloud Service Providers

As seen on Talkin' Cloud:

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Do you remember your high school years – of calculating the boiling point of isopropyl alcohol in chemistry or studying the impact of supply and demand on the costs of goods in economics class? Many of us wondered, “When will we ever use these principles in real life?” For those of us hoping to enter into the booming Software Defined Storage (SDS) space, the answer is now. With the demand for storage continuing to expand at over 40% annual growth until 2018,* it’s a safe bet that we aren’t the only ones that see the growth possibilities in storage as a service -- nor are we the only ones who plan to expand their business model to include SDS.

So, how do you develop the perfect go-to-market strategy?

As global Product Marketing Leader for the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) solutions at VMware, I’ve dedicated my career to crafting and executing winning strategies for market entry and growth. And, I’ve learned a few things along the way. At the top of the list is the importance of first impressions and taking the time to create a strategy that differentiates your company from the competition. It all starts with doing your homework – studying the trends, crunching the numbers, learning from your mistakes and coming out stronger in the end.

I recently spoke with one of our independent cloud services providers, IndonesianCloud. Their story is the epitome of how to capture attention across the aggressive cloud market. In 2011, they focused their sight on becoming the most trusted, most reliable, and most secure CSP in Indonesia. For those of you who don’t know, Indonesia is a country with 254 million people, literally millions of companies, and is currently adopting cloud at a staggering rate. It is estimated that the cloud spend will reach $1.2 billion by 2017 – and that’s just across Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) business. Needless to say, it’s a great time to be a CSP in Indonesia.

Here a few examples of how IndonesianCloud did their homework:

  1. The Power of Listening - Their customers were growing frustrated with their current storage solutions – of disparate data silos, cumbersome SLAs and expensive operating costs and scalability options. To address these challenges, IndonesianCloud made the decision to move away from their traditional architecture and embraced VMware’s Virtual SAN (VSAN) in 2014. For them, VSAN offered enterprise-class features, scale, and performance, making it the ideal storage platform for VMs. Plus, it deeply integrated with the VMware stack. This is something that current customers loved and their new customers required.
  2. The Art of Competitive Pricing - They started by looking at how cost effective they were against other providers on the market. At the time, they were 4X more expensive than the global competitors and this turned many prospects away from their storage. They needed to match the comparative price of “in-house purchased” solutions without compromising performance or availability. In the end, they found that only VSAN was able to deliver on the cost and reliability they needed. As a result, they ended up with a total cost of 12c/GB (including software and hardware) which they can resell at 24c/GB. That’s double profit for those keeping track!
  3. Test the Scales of Efficiency – IndonesianCloud found that they needed to walk the tightrope between cost-effective and over engineered storage system. If they offered customers the moon in terms of performance, it resulted in skyrocketing costs on a company level. If they lowered costs, performance suffered as did customer satisfaction. To balance the scales and deliver “just enough performance,” IndonesianCloud consolidated five physically separate datastores (one for each storage tier) into a single VSAN datastore while retaining all storage tiers. This solution gave them the efficiency they needed in addition to high levels of availability through local snapshots and remote replication for disaster recovery.
  4. Learn From Your Mistakes.  Following an outage on a previous platform, the customers of IndonesianCloud made it known that they don’t tolerate failures and will be quick to leave if another outage occurs. So, IndonesianCloud designed a scale-out grid architecture solution powerful enough to accommodate failure – one that is NOT reliant on internal mechanisms. They got rid of old-fashioned disk RAID arrays and dual controllers; they replaced those with a “Scale Out, Shared Nothing” solution that is perfect for service providers and large Enterprises alike.

What grade would your current Go-To-Market Strategy get? With a little help, it could rise to the top of the class and receive an A+.

Want to learn more tips on crafting a winning SDS strategy?

 Join us for our insightful May webinar series entitled, “Gain Competitive Advantage with VMware Application-centric Storage for Cloud Service Providers.” In it, IndonesianCloud CEO Neil Cresswell and I will share with you real-world deployment experiences, our lessons learned, and the new features of VSAN 6.0. Plus, attendees can take advantage of exclusive incentives. (Think 50% off VSAN list price for up to 2TB usage during the promotion period).**

Can’t attend the webinar but want to learn more?

For additional information about VMware partner programs and solutions for service providers, refer to the VMware vCloud Air Network Program and Solutions for Service Providers.

* Source: IDC, Yezhkova, Worldwide Enterprise Storage Systems Forecast, November 2013, #244293.
 Available to qualifying CSP only. Certain restrictions may apply.

Mobility— Blurring the Lines Between Everyday and Professional Experiences

Isn’t it great when you’re on the bus headed to work or perhaps on a plane, and you can open your kindle app on your smartphone and pick up right where you left off from the night before while reading the same book on your iPad? Our day-to-day mobile experiences that take place in our personal lives are instant, seamless and consistent across all devices. They can also be accessed anywhere and at anytime…

So why would you or your customers expect any less in the workplace? At VMware, we don’t think you should.

VMware offers multiple solutions for complete Workspace Environment Management to give users the seamless experience they expect while giving IT the security and control they require.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 3.06.36 PM

Help your customers establish a next-generation desktop architecture and experience the benefits of business mobility with better access to multi-media apps, support for more operating systems with VMware Horizon 6 for Linux, and streamlined user management with VMware User Environment Manager.  Even Citrix customers can take advantage of VMware products to help optimize application and user management to drive down costs with the VMware Horizon Application Management Bundle.

With 84% of CIOs rating mobile solutions as a critical investment don’t miss this $7 Billion market[1] opportunity to address your customers needs from datacenter to device, all while profiting from incentives with the desktop virtualization competency and sales rewards for closing deals faster with the SysTrak Desktop Assessment.

Here’s how you can get started:

Learn What’s New

  • Download the EUC Launch Playbook - your single source for all the enablement, marketing and sales resources you need to start selling.
  • Get a deeper dive with product-specific vmLIVE sessions

Generate Demand with

  • These Partner Demand Center Campaigns:
    • VMware Horizon 6 / VMware Horizon Air Desktops
    • Horizon Safe Passage

Explore Sales Resources:

  • SysTrack Desktop Assessment: Download the partner kit and learn how to close deals fast by showing your customers the value of desktop virtualization and earn sales rewards. Sign up for access to this powerful sales tool today

Have questions? Post them on partner link in the EUC Forum.

The VMware Partner Network Team

[1] TAM based on internal analysis leveraging industry analyst reports from Gartner and IDC

Boost Your Creditability with VMware Certification Paths

VMware Certification sets the standard for IT professionals and validates the critical skills organizations need to adopt and manage technology that drives desired business outcomes.

VMware Certifications offer more options when choosing levels and technology areas, along with:

  • Increased flexibility and career growth
  • Advanced credibility with employers, colleagues and clients
  • Improved alignment of VMware training courses with certification requirements
  • Sets the standard for IT professionals
  • Validates the critical skills needed to deliver, adopt and manage technology that drives desired business outcomes

Watch this short video to learn more about VMware’s Certification Paths:

There are nine new certifications based on vSphere 6, seven of which have already been released. The last two will be available next week, while the first to be released was VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization. Take a minute to figure out the best roadmap for you.

The VMware Partner Network Team

The Workplace of the Future

The world of IT is experiencing tectonic shifts that are fundamentally transforming the world. If you’re not driving your view of the world with a mobile first or a cloud first agenda, then now is the time to start. These agendas allow you to get to billions of users, and potentially millions of applications. Next-generation mobile solutions are unlocking new levels of workforce productivity, introducing new ways to connect and are building relationships with customers while helping organizations grow and transform their markets.

AirWatch by VMware offers the industry's broadest, most respected portfolio for enterprise mobility management and security. This complete platform, spanning mobile device management, mobile application management, secure email and browsing and secure content and collaboration gives you a powerful platform to accelerate your next generation mobile strategy.

Watch this short video on the ways in which AirWatch is simplifying Enterprise Mobility.

VMware now offers formal badging and training via the Mobility Management Solution Competency. To learn more, visit the AirWatch by VMware Product Page on Partner Central and begin learning how to sell AirWatch products today.

Want another taste of the future? There is a Mobility Management Competency promotion available now. VMware Partners who achieve 2/3 of required training before July 3rd will be given temporary competency status and enjoy associated benefits and rewards until October 3rd.

Enroll now and increase your margins on mobility bookings while taking your training.

We’ll see you in the cloud!

The VMware Partner Network Team

VMware Partner Network Spotlight Series- The Partner Demand Center

Welcome to the second installment of the VPN Spotlight Series, where we bring you video content highlighting our top partners news and information from across VMware Partner Network. Here is the first post of that series.

This month’s spotlight is all about the VMware Partner Demand Center, better known as the one stop shop for all of your partner marketing needs. Watch this short video to learn more:

The VMware Partner Demand Center is where you will find easy to implement:

The feedback from partners has been tremendous! Marina Patallo of Licencias Online said, “Really interesting to have an integrated platform that is flexibile.  Compared to other vendors, I have not seen anything as complete”, and Jill Atcheson of Presidio mentioned, “Anytime you can simplify to a single access point for marketing programs and campaigns, that’s a good thing.”

Are you still curious about the VMware Partner Demand Center? Then check out this Power of Partnership post: Your Destination for Partner Marketing Success. Be sure to watch the spotlight video above and continue to explore the Partner Demand Center.

We look forward to bringing you the next VPN Spotlight Series and we value your feedback! Please visit the VMware Partner Demand Center, execute a campaign, and share your experience and comments with us.  Reach us at partnernetwork@vmware.com.

The VMware Partner Network Team

Increase Deal Size with VMware’s Network Virtualization & Security Platform

Did you know NSX is the network virtualization and security platform for the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), which brings the operational model of a virtual machine (VM) to the data center network? Well, it is! In addition to transforming the economics of network and security operations, NSX serves as a valuable sales tool that enables you to:

  • Increase your deal sizes by 50-70 percent
  • Gain access to new decision makers who have big problems and big budgets
  • Develop multi-year security and SDDC revenue pipelines

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 1.15.55 PM

NSX delivers on micro-segmentation, the new standard for data center security. Network security policies are enforced by firewalling controls integrated into the hypervisors that are already distributed throughout the data center. These security policies are defined flexibly, moving when virtual machines (VMs) move and adapting dynamically to changes in the data center.

NSX delivers:

•       Containment of security breaches with network isolation and segmentation within the data center.

•       Automated delivery of fine-grained security policies attached to the VM, enforceable down to the virtual network interface controller (NIC).

•       A platform for dynamically adding the best-of-breed security services.

You may think all of this is great, but are simultaneously wondering how VMware is supporting its partners with the tools needed for execution? Well let us explain… 80% of Enterprises use VMware vSphere as their hypervisor.  That means there is a built-in install base for security and network virtualization opportunities with NSX. VMware provides partners with professional assets and tools that allow them to seamlessly execute integrated marketing activities at no cost. Here’s what’s available to you in this exclusive opportunity:

•       Preliminary sales and tech training

•       Access to marketing support to augment marketing capabilities

•       VMware programs and campaigns to create awareness

•       Customizable multi-touch demand-generation campaigns

•       Tools to accelerate sales

•       Process for tracking success

Visit our Partner Demand Center to read the NSX campaign playbook and learn more about target audience, customer pain points, messaging paths and customization opportunities. It’s important to ensure you have your Network Virtualization Competency if you’re a North America or Asia Pacific based partner. Once confirmed, you can execute the campaign through the VMware Partner Demand Center or download all assets source files at once for upload and execution through your marketing automation platform. You can also visit the NSX Partner Central page to receive access to exclusive Partner Training and Sales Resources. Learn more about VMware Partner Demand Center and campaigns from our previous blog:Your Destination for Partner Marketing Success. 

The VMware Partner Network Team

VMworld 2015 Call For Papers— Now Open

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 10.06.17 AM

Extra, extra, read all about it! As of March 24, 2015, the VMworld 2015 Call For Papers is officially open. If you’re a VMware partner and have integrated VMware solutions and technologies in an innovative or unconventional way, share your story at VMworld 2015 by submitting your session abstract today.

Submit your 2015 Call For Papers proposal by following these three easy steps:

1.    Review our Abstract Submission Guidelines tips on preparing your titles and descriptions; this can help you avoid common pitfalls that lead to abstract rejections.

2.     Check out the highest rated partner sessions from last year as a way to start thinking creatively about your proposal topic. Specifically session STO2496— vSphere Storage Best Practices: Next-Gen Technologies, and NET2745 - vSphere Distributed Switch: Technical Deep Dive. View the session replays.

3.    Use this VMworld 2015 Call for Papers link to submit your abstract before April 28, 2015.

As you submit, you’ll find tags to help further categorize your session proposal—Tracks and Sub-tracks, Products, Market Segment, Audience and Technical Level. Utilize the tags thoughtfully; the more we know about your session, the better. Please remember that these Call for Papers are highly competitive and we can only accommodate a select number of submissions.

Here are some tips on writing a thorough abstract:

·       Be Creative – Avoid beginning your session description with the phrase, “In this session we will…”, or “In this session you will learn…”. It does not add value and becomes tedious on an agenda of several hundred sessions. Instead try a rhetorical question, or an interesting industry data point.

·       Be Clear –Ensure that what you submit is what you’ll present. Nothing upsets attendees more than signing up for a session that’s not as advertised.

·       Be Enthusiastic – Your abstract should generate enthusiasm! Make sure your content is relevant, but also exciting. What invaluable information will you share during the session?

·       Be Concise - Leverage the tags in the system for topics, level, and roles. Who’s the target audience? What products or topics does this session cover outside the track name? What roles specifically benefit from this session? Do not check every check box if your session is applicable to all.

·       Be Original – Attendees want to see new presentations that cover the latest innovations in technology. Take the time to create well-written titles, abstracts, outlines, and the key takeaways for your submission. A thoughtful proposal has a better chance of selection, and if accepted, will be seen by thousands of attendees via the course catalog.

·       Be Educational – VMware requires that sessions focus on the educational value of the presentation. Be sure your proposal doesn’t sound like a sales pitch, but rather an exciting opportunity for attendees to learn something new.

·       Be Timely – Make sure your topic is relevant to the audience you’re targeting. Review the content topics before submitting a session.

Good luck—we look forward to reading your submission.


The VMware Partner Network Team