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Leveraging Virtual SAN and VMware Investments in the Transformative HCI Market

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Today’s over provisioned legacy infrastructure environments waste resources and are typically comprised of multiple hardware and software products from different vendors each with diverse management interfaces and training requirements. These infrastructure challenges are driving companies to improve management of their storage environments and many are migrating to hybrid storage models in order to:

  • Leverage cost and operational efficiencies
  • Simplify the user experience
  • Improve power and performance

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) represents the next logical step in the evolution of infrastructure convergence. It delivers simplification and savings by consolidating all required functionality into a single shared resource pool and accelerates deployment of virtualized workloads by reducing complexity, improving operational efficiency, and lowering costs. All of which make up the primary reasons companies are transitioning.

Prepare Now for the Hyper-converged Infrastructure Wave

Hyper-converged Integrated Systems will be mainstream in five years. Estimated to reach almost $2 billion in 2016, HCI is predicted to be the fastest-growing segment of the integrated systems overall market by more than doubling to almost $5 billion by 2019. In preparation, analysts are advising organizations to ready themselves for this third wave of integrated systems, As Andrew Butler, Gartner analyst explained it, “HCI is not a destination, but an evolutionary journey.”

This HCI journey is accelerating for the same reasons Virtual SAN is so successful; hyper-converged infrastructure systems reduce IT costs and management while achieving breakthrough performance. Partners can rely on VMware, a leader in hyper-converged software with vSphere, Virtual SAN and vCenter Server, to continue the growing trend; first in customer adoption, then in units deployed and revenue growth.

VMware Partners Uniquely Positioned to Leverage the HCI Trend

VMware partners can reap the benefits of the transformative HCI market by helping customers understand how the solution eliminates today’s wasteful compute, storage and networking hardware silos, and how VMware products fit seamlessly into the modern infrastructure. At the end of 2015, we had already witnessed tremendous growth for Virtual SAN, which is core to our VMware Hyper-Converged Software strategy:

  • 3,000 customers, adding ~500 per quarter
  • 20,000 units / CPU in Q4 alone
  • ~200% YoY revenue growth in Q4

As seasoned VMware partners with extensive knowledge of your customers’ existing VMware assets, you are regarded as expert advisors to help them transition to a hyper-converged infrastructure. With VMware’s expanding portfolio supporting this new paradigm, you can add even more value to build upon vSphere environments.

Engaging to deliver an HCI strategy does several things:

  • Creates exciting opportunities to sell into new markets
  • Delivers flexibility, configurability, and simplicity for customers that reduce their TCO
  • Provides a way to upsell or cross-sell VMware software-defined data center offerings

Leverage Existing VMware Investments Throughout HCI Transitions

Customers want to remove complexity from storage and VMware partners have the power to solve the simplicity puzzle by leveraging the customer’s existing VMware investments in hardware, software, licenses and support.

As hyper-converged infrastructures proliferate the market, VMware partners preparing now to participate in the HCI journey will benefit greatly. These prepared partners will leverage their experience with VMware to help extend and protect their customers’ investments as they transition to HCI with VMware Virtual SAN.

VMware Hyper-Converged Software is positioned for ongoing leadership and enables partners to achieve similar success in the transformative HCI market. Here’s how you can get started:

Spotting Customer Opportunities Just Got Easier

Sol Portfolio guide-title_page

You’ve heard it before: perception is reality.  And so it goes with our customers.  Their perception of what we do, the products and solutions we provide, is indeed their reality.  Transforming those perceptions starts with two things – KNOWLEDGE AND PREPARATION.

To that end, VMware is excited to provide partners with a comprehensive new asset to address knowledge gaps that exist around the VMware portfolio.  The Solution Portfolio Summary and Competitive Guide was designed to help partners easily spot customer opportunities and jump start the conversation.

The broadening of the VMware portfolio can make it challenging for Partners to stay abreast of all the products and solutions we offer.  The Solution Portfolio Summary and Competitive Guide is here to help so that when you are in customer discussions, you can quickly recognize opportunities.

One key component of this new Solution Portfolio Summary and Competitive Guide that you should find incredibly valuable is the Glossary.  We have gathered a comprehensive list of “key words” or phrases that your customers may mention so you can easily look them up and identify a relevant VMware solution and quickly jump into an introductory conversation.  No matter what your expertise level is with any of the products in our portfolio, leveraging the glossary is your easiest way to be ready for customer inquiries.

Download this helpful asset today from Partner Central and keep it handy because fortune favors the prepared!

Top 10 Reasons to register for VMware Partner Exchange @ VMworld 2016 US


“Procrastinate now, don’t put it off.” ____Ellen DeGeneres
In the spirit of doing things now, we give you the top 10 reasons why you should register for Partner Exchange at VMworld US 2016.

10.) 10 Partner boot camps for sales and technical wizards.
9.) Partner Exchange only happens once a year on days that end in “y”.
8.) Over 50 partner specific breakouts and NEW executive group discussions.
7.) Because. Vegas.
6.) Exclusive access to the Partner Exchange Lounge the entire week of VMworld.
5.) Your eye is bothering you. You can’t see yourself missing Partner Exchange.
4.) Networking: more than an excuse to get out of the office.
3.) Partner General Session plus three special keynotes.
2.) More chances to make mom proud with Hands on Lab and VMware certification opportunities.

And the NUMBER ONE reason to register NOW for Partner Exchange is to take advantage of Early Bird Savings! Don’t miss it. Register before June 6th Partner Exchange 2016 US.

Accelerating NSX Opportunities for Partners

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You know what your customers are looking for – you hear it every day. They want the agility, efficiency and security of the Software-Defined Data Center. They need the same level of IT automation and security at their branch offices as they have at their corporate offices from a network virtualization platform that truly delivers.
Now you can help your customers realize the full potential of the SDDC with NEW NSX packaging.

Partner Opportunity Knocks
In case you missed it, network virtualization is growing FAST from an estimated $2B this year to $12.5B in 2020. * Add to that the fact that a whopping 46% of all data spend will be on Software Defined Networking (SDN) by 2018**and you are poised for your business to take-off!
The new NSX packaging helps you tap into this opportunity by tying product features to use cases, making it easier to address your customer’s projects. Most importantly, it now gives you the ability to introduce NSX features and functions into the commercial market.

Effective May 3, 2016, the VMware NSX offerings will be Standard, Advanced and Enterprise.
By matching your customer’s requirements to the NSX capabilities of Automation, Security and Application Continuity, these packages open up new market segments and opportunities:

• Standard Edition: Networking capabilities that help customers reduce IT costs and complexity by automating IT workflows.
• Advanced Edition: Provides all of the features of the Standard edition plus a fundamentally more secure data center with micro-segmentation. This is key differentiator that allows you to position yourself as a trusted advisor to your customers to win security business.
• Enterprise Edition: Includes all features in the Advance edition plus networking and security across multiple domains enabling you to participate in larger business opportunities.

For more information, listen to the Quarterly Launch Briefing and be sure to sign up for the NSX Pricing and Packaging 5/6 and 5/20 vmLive sessions.


Don’t miss out on your opportunity to help your customers start their NSX journey with a network virtualization platform that is truly transformative for their business!

*IDC Software Defined Networking Forecast March 2016
**Channel Insider

Prospecting: A Fresh Approach

We’ve all been part of sales programs where you show up to the office, are given your goal, maybe a script, and told to just start dialing. Winner gets a prize. Great. And with mind numbing repetition we comply…and then complain how taking us out of the field is counter-productive to achieving our quotas.

Forget about zombie-dialing! VMware is taking a fresh approach to prospecting. Join Brandon Sweeney and Frank Rauch at 10am pacific on April 27th to hear results from partners who are leading the charge together with their VMware counterparts.
Register for the call to get all the details and find out how combining inbound techniques with outbound discipline can help you meet your quotas.

Inbound techniques are all about positioning the right content, at the right time, to the right person to get them to engage with you. In the case of Velocity 2 Millions, we have new content and targeting profiles to help you engage customers about VMware Power Plays. Once you identify your high propensity accounts (PSMs can often help with that) your next steps are to:

• Utilize Info graphs. Use social content to share a few of the stats through LinkedIn, Twitter…wherever you are connected to your professional contacts.
• Leave a short voicemail about a key pain you helped solve for a competitor (name another client and how you helped in a couple words), and suggest a time to connect. Leave your name and number as well.
• Use the short and sweet email templates to reinforce the same points as the voicemail, and reference this is in follow-up to your voicemail. Offer a couple specific options for a short call so you can both determine if it makes sense to continue.

Outbound prospecting discipline is very much about follow-up over time. It’s not unusual to have to reach out to someone 3, 5, 7 times before they engage. Referrals absolutely help but getting to the point quickly, offering content a prospect wants, and solving a pain they have are key to getting engagement.
Some of our top partners and top account executives are masters at getting their contacts engaged. They then use assessments and promotional offers to move accounts into a sales cycle. We will hear firsthand from some of these masters on the call with Frank and Brandon.

April 27 is National Prospecting Day for Velocity 2 Millions- the culmination of prospecting prep work when appointments are scheduled and opportunities are being registered in North America. On the 10am PST call, you will hear from some of the top partners and learn about their success. A few special opportunities will also be announced to help partners maximize their wins.
Join us on April 27th at 10am PST and boost your success!

Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge over Cooper River, Charleston SC

Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge over Cooper River, Charleston SC

Maximize Margins

“If a man does not know to what port he is steering; no wind is favorable to him”. ____Seneca

Take a breather from the daily bustle and think for a moment about focus. As Roman philosopher Seneca alluded in the quote above, if you don’t focus, you can’t take advantage of any favorable environment around you. The same holds true for your VMware business. If you focus resources on select solutions to drive transaction business your efforts will be rewarded with increased incentives, accelerators and bookings growth.

To that end, VMware has designed Power Plays for the first half of 2016 to provide partners with a synchronized set of demand generation programs, enablement, and incentives. Current Power Plays to help maximize your margins are:
• AirWatch (note: AirWatch and Advantage+ New $1k Minimum Deal Size effective December 9, 2015. Learn more)
• vSphere with Operations Management
• Virtual SAN

Since the launch of VMware Power Plays in July 2014 we have seen a significant impact to VMware’s transactional business. Power Plays have been instrumental in helping partners sharpen focus, increase bookings through non-ELA business, and increase alignment with our joint sales goals.
Selling Power Play products enables you to unlock the highest partner incentives including product accelerators. Don’t miss this opportunity to maximize margins, earn Advantage+ discounts and back-end rebates for additional Solution Rewards.
To find your focus and reap the rewards, watch the video below then visit the Power Plays page.

Solution Selling Made Easy

We all know that longer-term relationships with customers is a great way to grow sales, both now and in the future.  Those relationships drive greater profits because partners who enable customers on their journey to SDDC and Cloud deliver more robust services offerings.

Fortunately, VMware has a vehicle to help you strengthen your trusted advisor role with your customers via Value Plays.  Value Plays are prescriptive sales plays that provide an end-to-end sales motion based on solution selling.  Great reasons to use them include:

  • A more focused and shortened sales cycle
  • Get training, assets and tools all in one place
  • Get guidance/ best practices on building your own service practice
  • Drive greater profits/larger sales
  • Promote longer term relationships with customers

Take the leg-work out of solution selling with VMware Value Plays available now for:

  • Data Center Virtualization (NEW)

An SDDC architecture enables virtualization of compute, storage and networking, reducing CapEx by up to 49% compared to a hardware-defined approach. The software defined approach to the data center provides choice, security, agility and extensibility to the hybrid cloud.

  • Streamlined and Automated Data Center Operations (NEW)

Combines intelligent operations management with intelligent virtual storage to help customers improve operational efficiency, meet their performance and availability requirements and accelerate decision making.

  • Digital Workspace (NEW)

Allows organizations to securely embrace SaaS mobile apps while supporting existing enterprise applications.  Gives employees freedom to be productive while maintaining data security and compliance.

  • Application & Infrastructure Delivery Automation

Comprehensive management across multi-vendor, on-premises and public cloud environments, enabling IT to quickly deliver infrastructure and applications with the control IT needs.

  • Micro-segmentation 

Data center security solution that distributes security throughout the network, enforcing security policies for each workload, and linking the policies to the servers they protect. Built on four key pillars: Isolation, Segmentation, Advanced Services and Policy Framework.

Interested in what Value Plays can do for your business?  To learn more visit  www.vmware.com/go/valueplays  and watch the video.


VMware Partner Network

Global Partner Innovation Award Winners

Earlier this month VMware hosted its first ever Partner Leadership Summit in Scottsdale, AZ.  This invite-only event was an opportunity for c-level executives from our top partners to join our corporate leaders and dive deep on VMware strategy to understand how we will jointly win in 2016 and beyond.

The highlight of the Leadership Summit was the announcement of the Partner Innovation Awards. During award ceremonies, VMware recognized both regional and global excellence across each of our routes to market. The complete list of our 2015 Partner Innovation Award winners can be found here .

Congratulations again to our 2015 award winning partners on this tremendous achievement. Honoring your outstanding performance and dedication was a pleasure. We look forward to celebrating our next partner innovation award winners in 2016 as we continue to partner closely with our channel for ongoing success.

VMware Partner Network

PLS award group photo 3-8-16 no pose

VMware: A Leader in the Rapidly Growing Hyper-Converged Marketplace

What is hyper-converged infrastructure and who is a leader you can count on?

Hyper-converged infrastructure reduces IT costs and management complexity while achieving breakthrough performance. Count on VMware, a leader in hyper-converged software with vSphere, Virtual SAN and vCenter Server, to continue the winning trend:

#1 in customer adoption, #1 in units deployed, and #1 in revenue growth.

Ongoing innovations include an even more robust set of solutions with Virtual SAN 6.2, expanded Virtual SAN Ready Node offerings, and VCE VxRail Appliance family announced this month.

Hyper-converged infrastructure eliminates the separate hardware silos that exist today for compute, storage, and networking. And we are seeing tremendous growth for Virtual SAN, which is core to our VMware Hyper-Converged Software (HCS) strategy:

  • 3,000 customers, adding ~500 per quarter
  • 20,000 units / CPU in Q4 alone
  • ~200% YoY revenue growth in Q4

The new VxRail appliances are jointly engineered, turnkey hyper-converged infrastructure appliances that are fully integrated with the best-of-breed VMware HCS and EMC’s rich data services and leading systems management capabilities. This addition to the broadest portfolio of HCI consumption options is exciting for partners because it:

  • Creates exciting new opportunities to sell into markets including enterprise core and edge, remote office, test and dev, and more price-sensitive Federal, state and local government, and higher education customers
  • Delivers flexibility, configurability, and simplicity for customers at a competitive price point
  • Leverages prior customer investments on both VCE Vblock and VMware
  • Provides a new vehicle with which partners can upsell or cross sell advanced SDDC offerings such as VMware NSX, vRealize Automation, Horizon and Horizon Air Hybrid Mode

VMware Hyper-Converged Software is positioned for ongoing leadership and enables partners to achieve success in the transformative HCI market. Learn more about Virtual SAN and VxRail Appliances. To get started, contact your Partner Sales Manager.


Frank Rauch

Vice President, Americas Partner Organization

VMware Inc.

What’s New: Hybrid Cloud and Digital Workspace Launch

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 Innovation has always been at the core of VMware’s DNA. This idea rings especially true in the light of last week’s major announcements surrounding our new offerings in the hyper-converged software space, cloud management, and end-user computing business.

Catch a replay of the electrifying 2-day online event in which the below announcements were unveiled, featuring VMware executives including CEO Pat Gelsinger: “Enabling the Digital Enterprise: Build and Manage your Hybrid Cloud.” 

Introducing the Digital Workspace 

Organizations delivering a digital workspace are enabling users to gain the greatest benefit from a portfolio of devices and applications that are increasingly diverse and heterogeneous. We aim to provide that benefit to you and your customers through the following products:

·       VMware Workspace ONE: a brand new product, which blends identity, desktop, and mobile management technologies into one simple and secure enterprise platform. Learn more in the following press release.

·      VMware Horizon 7 & Advancements in Horizon Air: enabling the industry’s fastest, easiest, and most affordable application and desktop delivery. Learn more.

We have expanded our Desktop and Application Virtualization tools even further with:

·       VMware App Volumes 3.0: modernizing application lifecycle management by simplifying application packaging, delivery, and ongoing management

·       VMware User Environment Manager 9.0: simplifying end-user profile management by providing organizations with a single, lightweight and scalable solution that leverages existing infrastructure.

·      AirWatch 8.3: A Smarter, More Secure Digital Workspace. New AirWatch release enables a unified user experience and no-password mobile single sign-on, bringing intelligent workflow templates and end-user education tools to IT leaders worldwide. 

Introducing the Cloud Management Platform and Hyper-Converged Software Strategies

 VMware’s new and improved software-defined approach can help you and your customers build and manage your hybrid clouds. These two new strategies deliver best-in-class virtualization, which will radically simplify management for your digital enterprise.

The new Cloud Management Platform strategy is centered around vRealize Suite 7, a bundle comprised of new and existing products that speeds up IT service delivery, improves IT efficiency, and optimizes IT operations and capital spending:

·      (NEW) VMware vRealize Operations 6.2

·      (NEW) VMware vRealize Log Insight 3.3

·      VMware vRealize Automation 7

·      VMware vRealize Business for Cloud 7

·      Additional DevOps Add-on: (NEW) vRealize Codestream 2.0

Furthermore, the announcement of a new release of VMware Virtual SAN last week advanced our enterprise-proven, hyper-converged software leadership:

·      Virtual SAN 6.2: extending the cost and efficiency advantages of VMware HCS by delivering up to 10x greater storage efficiency.

·      Offers consumption models such as:

o   Virtual SAN Ready Nodes

o   EMC VxRail HCI Appliance

Learn more about VMware’s Hyper-Converged Software Strategy.

The final major advancement to VMware’s SDDC products is changes in pricing and packaging. In response to market trends and customer use cases, we have simplified both the vRealize Suite and vSphere/vSphere with Operations Managements pricing and packaging structures:

·      vSphere and vSphere with Operations Management product line-up has been simplified from 6 SKUs to 3 SKUs – a good, better, best pricing and packaging structure.

·      vRealize Suite pricing and packaging structure is now aligned with 3 cloud management platform use cases: intelligent operations, IT Automation and IaaS, and DevOps-Ready IT

·      Learn more about Pricing and Packaging updates. 

Want to learn more?

·      Access the End-User Computing Partner Launch Playbook

·      Access the Software-Defined Data Center Partner Launch Playbook

·      Visit the Partner Central Product Pages

·      Attend product-specific vmLIVE sessions

·      Watch the Quarterly Partner Briefing videos

As always, leave us your thoughts below. How do you believe you can leverage these new products and solutions? We look forward to hearing how you do.

The VMware Partner Network Team