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Important vCenter Orchestrator Plug-in Updates

With the recent vCenter Orchestrator 5.1 and vSphere 5.1 availability, it’s obviously important to ensure that not just individual products but all of your integrations are up-to-date.

Besides the already released plug-ins for vCenter Server 5.1 (built-in) and vCloud Director 5.1, we are are glad to announce the availability of several plug-in updates to make your entire vCloud suite up-to-date:

1. The vCenter Update Manager plug-in has been updated to support version 5.1 and vCenter Single Sign On. This plug-in is essential for scanning and remediating vSphere inventory objects against baselines.

2. The vCO Multi-Node plug-in has been updated to support vCO 5.1, vCenter Single Sign On, and the new vCO REST API capabilities to leverage the remote invocation of new systems types such as actions and packages.  What’s more, this new version also provides better performance and corrects some previous defects.

3. The vCO Plug-in for vSphere Auto Deploy 5.1 supports… vSphere Auto Deploy 5.1!  Need we say more?

4. The vCO Plug-in for Microsoft Active Directory 1.0.2 provides support for vCenter Single Sign On and contains an import fix for concurrent workflow execution.

5. The vCO AMQP Plug-in 1.0.2 offers significant performance improvements and fixes a known issue with the vCO server restart.

6. The vCO Plug-in for vCenter Server 5.0.2 contains important performance improvements for customers who are running vCO with vCenter Server 5.0.

  • vCO Plug-in for vCenter Update Manager 5.1: download
  • vCO Multi-Node Plug-in for 5.1: download
  • vCO Plug-in for vSphere Auto Deploy 5.1: download
  • vCO Plug-in for Microsoft Active Directory 1.0.2: download
  • vCO AMQP Plug-in 1.0.2: download
  • vCO Plug-in for vCenter Server 5.0.2: download

As always, be sure to check VMware Solution Exchange for a complete list of plug-ins available from VMware and our partners.  That’s your best place to find the latest integration solutions such as the ServiceNow plug-in recently published by InterraIT.


The vCO Team

A vCO plug-in for vCenter Update Manager example

As posted in this blog vCenter Orchestrator plug-in for vCenter Update Manager is now available.The plugin comes with a set of predefined actions and workflows that abstracts the VUM API and reduce the complexity of using it.

I will show how to implement a common usage scenario inspired from vCenter Update Manager Admin Guide.

  1. Attach an upgrade baseline to the VMs in the datacenter
  2. Scan the datacenter inventory
  3. Get the compliance state
  4. Export the compliance state to a PDF or HTML.
  5. Remediate the datacenter inventory.

Luckily for each of the actions from the list the plugin provides built-in workflows. Our complex workflow will be quite straight-forward:


The only custom logic in is the the conditional remediation step. Since remediation is potentially disruptive operation I would like to check the compliances before to continue.

The presentation of the workflow is also quite simple. Most of the basic workflows need vCenter server, Baselines and vCenter entities. Specific options for each step are given below this triple.


If you are familiar with the vCenter Update Manager you will notice that the compliance export functionality is something new for it. The plug-in enables you to generate report in pdf, html or csv format for the compliance status of the selected entities and baselines. Since vCenter Orchestrator client is not able to work with the local file system, the compliance report is stored on the server. Unless there is no other, more convenient way to access the exported report you can access it using the some javascript code:

var fr = new FileReader(file);
content = fr.readAll();

The result of the export looks as pretty as this:

I hope this will be helpful. In the next post I plan to give some details on how export and import baseline functionality leverages the support for multiple vCenter Update Manager servers in the plug-in.


vCenter Orchestrator plug-in for vCenter Update Manager is also GA

Here's one more vCenter Orchestrator plug-in – didn't we say we are listening.

vCenter Orchestrator plug-in for vCenter Update Manager is also GA. This plug-in integrates Orchestrator's robust workflow automation platform with patch management framework provided by vCenter Update Manager. With this new plug-in, IT administrators can automate tasks such as scanning and remediation of ESX/ESXi hosts, virtual machines and appliances against established baselines. It also allows patching and upgrading ESX/ESXi hosts, as well as installation of third-party modules in ESX, to ensure compliance against the baselines. In addition to ESX/ESXi patch management, the plug-in also supports virtual machine operations such as the upgrade of VMware Tools and virtual hardware.

Here's screenshot showing the workflows available in this new vCenter Update Manager plug-in:


For more information about the vCenter Orchestrator Plug-in for vCenter Update Manager, check the following:

You will notice that we have also added a new Plug-ins tab on vCenter Orchestrator page.