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Your Guide to “Orquestación” Goodness at VMworld 2012 Barcelona


You can decide to refresh your Spanish (or even better yet, your Catalan) and memorize the following sentence:

¿Por favor, donde son las demos y sesiones sobre vCenter Orchestrator?

Or you can make it easy on yourself and use the list below to help with your orchestration immersion planning at VMworld 2012 in Barcelona 🙂

Below is a list of events you won’t want to miss…


Breakout Sessions and Group Discussions

INF-VSP2033  Auto Scaling and Cloud Bursting in the Hybrid IaaS cloud

OPS-CIM1274  What’s New in vCenter Orchestrator 5.1

OPS-CSM1379  Extending vCloud Director

OPS-CIM2892  Making IaaS and APaaS Available to the IT Masses: Rolling Out Self Service for the Cloud

OPS-CIM2179  Transforming Your Cloud with VMware: Day One – Building Your Cloud

GD-41  vCloud Director Architecture, Integration and Orchestration with Chris Knowles


Hands-on Labs

HOL-OPS-07  vCenter Orchestrator “The undiscovered country”

HOL-PRT-01  Automate IP Address Assignment & DNS Registration with Infoblox

HOL-INF-09  Deliver your IT Services in the Cloud



EMC, F5 Networks, Infoblox, Radware, VCE and VMware for some really cool demos…


We had some great discussions with many customers in San Francisco and are hoping to repeat that in Barcelona.  So please, come by the VMware vCO/DynamicOps booth to see the latest 5.1 release, share your experiences, and get your questions answered.

¡Hasta pronto!

The vCO Team

VMware vCenter Orchestrator 5.1 is now GA!

As part of the broader announcements around vSphere 5.1, we are extremely glad to announce the general availability of vCenter Orchestrator 5.1!

As we mentioned last year, 2011 was all about bringing you new plug-ins (and more plug-ins…) to simplify multi-system integrations.

Whereas the emphasis on plug-ins has not stopped, we are extremely excited to announce that vCO 5.1 includes some major new capabilities!


Launch Workflows Directly from the vSphere Web Client

vSphere administrators and operators can now launch vCO workflows directly from the vSphere Web Client, thereby saving precious time and preventing the need to switch into and out of multiple user interfaces. Operators can use the vSphere Web Client to launch any workflow, whether pre-built, custom, and whether it interacts with VMware or partner applications! Operators can run workflows from the vSphere inventory browser in just a couple of clicks. Based on the object from which it is run (for instance a host or a VM), a workflow’s input parameters get populated automatically to save time and eliminate errors. Operators can run multiple workflows concurrently, or schedule them as recurring or future off-hour tasks. For larger organizations, administrators can allow different groups of operators to have access to different categories of workflows.


Develop Workflows More Easily

Workflow developers can also benefit from a simpler, faster, and more enjoyable development experience thanks to a complete redesign of the Workflow Designer. The new Designer allows workflow developers to use multiple screens, detach windows, customize workflow icons, and perform many more operations in just a single click. Auto-attach and auto-layout capabilities also greatly reduce development time. And to simplify workflow administration, vCO 5.1 introduces new capabilities such as version control and automatic generation of workflow documentation in PDF.


Richer Integration Capabilities

vCenter Orchestrator 5.1 includes a new REST API that does everything covered by the current SOAP API… and more! The new REST API provides more control and flexibility when launching workflows programmatically. It also introduces support for new capabilities around content management such as workflow and package importing and exporting. In short, vCO administration itself can now be more easily automated.

These are just the major new capabilities but you’ll find plenty of additional enhancements that simplify and enhance the automation of your virtual and cloud infrastructure. For a full list of new features and capabilities, please refer to the detailed overview or the release notes.

And finally, while vCO 5.1 is a major enhancement over version 4.2, you’ll still be able to leverage all of the work you’ve already created in the previous release.

So don’t wait any longer! Try it today and let us know what you think via blog comments, Twitter (#vCO) or the vCO Community.


The vCO Team



vCO Thoughts from VMworld 2012 in San Francisco

Was VMworld San Francisco already a week ago? Like after any great party, many of us are still feeling the hang-over… from consuming so much information over such a short time period!

But as we start to digest that information, there are a few things that already stand-out:

1. Automation is key. No matter the product or technology topic (software defined data-center, self-service, cloud, virtual infrastructure, etc.), one could be sure automation was a key discussion point.

2. Orchestration is (almost) mainstream. Although orchestration is only a subset of the broader automation story, the ability to model IT processes that span across multi-vendor systems is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity for any organization trying to streamline their provisioning or remediation routines to seconds or minutes rather than days or weeks (and as we heard in some cases, even months…).

3. Customers are very excited about vCenter Orchestrator 5.1. We knew that interest had been growing steadily over the last few years but our team did not anticipate so much traffic at the demo booth. It was non-stop during the entire conference! We are extremely grateful to all of the customers and partners who took the time to share their success (and outstanding needs) around vCO. All of your feedback is extremely important and, as you’ve seen in this new 5.1 version, is very likely to make its way into a release.

4. Customers are anxious to get their hands dirty. Please be patient for just a little longer. We promise GA is right around the corner 😉 In the meantime, we recommend that you read the vCO Team’s very comprehensive account of new vCO 5.1 capabilities.

5. There is still a big thirst for vCO-related information and one request we heard several times was to get a list of reference information. We’ve included such a list at the end of this post.

In the meantime, and as typical relapsing infoholics, we’ll be glad to meet with as many of you as possible in Barcelona as soon as we recover from San Francisco 😉


The vCO Team


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