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Public Service Announcement: Your Voting Guide to Proposed vCO Sessions at VMworld 2012

OMG!  Is it time for VMworld again?

Last year, we heard from many attendees who wished there had been more sessions on vCenter Orchestrator.  So here's what you can do about it in 2012:


Rumor has it that with a record number of submissions, competition for session slots will be very fierce this year.  But the wonderful news is that there are some great vCO submissions from not just well-known troublemakers (Alan, William, Joerg, Cody, Christophe, Chris, we promise you we won't name names…) but many newer vCO practitioners as well.

Below is the list of submissions that focus in part or in whole on vCenter Orchestrator.

1230  How to Begin the Journey to a Private Cloud / IT-as-a-Service Model (Mike Hogga, Senior Consultant, EMC Corporation)

1252  What's New with vSphere and Automation (Alan Renouf, VMware, Inc., Sr. Technical Marketing Architect – William Lam, VMware, Inc., Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer)

1274  What's New in vCenter Orchestrator (Thomas Corfmat, Sr. Product Manager, VMware – Igor Stoyanov, Sr. R&D Manager)

1328  vSphere Automation Q&A (Alan Renouf, VMware, Inc., Sr. Technical Marketing Architect – William Lam, VMware, Inc., Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer – Luc Dekens, Eurocontrol Maastricht, Systems Engineer – Pablo Roesch, VMware, Inc., Technical Marketing – Group Manager)

1340  FedEx Case Study: Lessons Learned Integrating vCloud Director, vSphere and Third Party Solutions with vCenter Orchestrator (Chris Greer, Chief Engineer, FedEx Services – Chris Norton, Vmware, Solutions Consultant)

1347  vCenter Orchestrator for the Everyday Administrator (James Bowling, SavaSeniorCare, Sr. Systems Engineer – Cody Bunch, Rackspace, Principal Architect Private Cloud)

1379  Enhancing vCloud Director with API Extensions (Chris Knowles, VMware, Staff Cloud Architect – Thomas Kraus, VMware, Staff Cloud Architect)

1511  The Dynamic Duo; How vCenter Orchestrator and vCloud Director Were Used in Tandem to Enable a Real World Enterprise Private Cloud  (Peter Janke, Symantec, Sr. Lab Engineer)

1538  Best Practices in Automating the Virtual Machine Lifecycle (Mitesh Pancholy, VMware, Architect)

1608  Heterogeneous Datacenter Automation with vCenter Orchestrator (Savina IIieva, VMware, Staff Engineer)

1630  Orchestrating vCloud (Tim Lawrence, Eduserv, System Architect, Cloud)

1638  Building a Self-Service Portal for Your IT-Services with vCenter Orchestrator & Wavemaker (James Bowling, SavaSeniorCare, Sr. Systems Engineer, Joerg Lew, vcoportal, Consultant)

1639  Integrating IT-Infrastructure with vCenter Orchestrator: Who? Why? How? (Joerg Lew, vcoportal, Consultant)

1649  Continuous Software Integration Using vCO (Mitesh Pancholy, VMware, Architect)

1651  Automating Datacenters with VMware vCenter Orchestrator (Brian Watrous, VMware, Inc., Sr. Technical Trainer)

1658  Automating the Backup of Your vCloud Virtual Environment with the Tools You Already Have in Your Hands (Teck Meng Lee, EMC Corporation, Solution Architect – Gene HUH, EMC Corporation, Solution Architect)

1665  Automagically Set-up Your Private Cloud Lab Environment: From Empty Box to Infrastructure as a Service in a Jiffy! (Bas Raayman, EMC Corporation, vSpecialist – Jonas Rosland, EMC Corporation, vSpecialist)

1762  DaaS: Delivering Desktop as a Service with VMware View and VMware Service Manager (Jad El-Zein, VMware, Inc., Staff CIM Solutions Architect)

1770  Using vCenter Orchestrator to Automate Backup as a Service with EMC Avamar (Don Mac Master, EMC Corporation, Manager, Solutions Engineering)

1771  Using vCenter Orchestrator to Enable a Desktop-as-a-Service Environment (Don Mac Master, EMC Corporation, Manager, Solutions Engineering)

1778  Adding Cloud Orchestrator to Your vCloud Director Architecture (Ulrich Hansmair, Atos, System Architect – Jordan Janeczko, Atos, Global SI Cloud Strategy)

1795  Infrastructure as a Service – An Architectural Overview (Viktor van den Berg, PQR, Consultant)

1801  Automating the Provisioning of Fully Configured Business Workloads: How VMware IT Reduced Time by 80% and Costs by 25% Leveraging VMware vCloud Suite (Thomas Corfmat, VMware, Inc., Sr. Product Mgr – Thirumalesh Reddy, VMware, Inc., Director of Technology Labs & Applications Architecture)

1856  Become a Rock Star with PowerCLI and vCenter Orchestrator (Josh Atwell, Cisco Systems Inc., Systems Administrator)

1861  Build and Run Enterprise Custom IT Applications for Fraction of Cost and Effort of Traditional Approach, Leveraging vFabric RAD Tools and Platforms (Thirumalesh Reddy, VMware, Inc., Director of Technology Labs & Applications Architecture – Shreekanth Ankala, VMware, Inc., Sr. Solutions Architect)

1948  Plug and Play Automation with vCenter Orchestrator – Workflow Development Best Practices (Savina IIieva, VMware, Staff Engineer)

1951  vCenter Orchestrator Best Practices and Reference Architecture (Hemant Gaidhani, VMware, Inc., Senior Technical Marketing Architect)

1996  Managing Your Day-to-Day Administrative Tasks with vCenter Orchestrator (Maish Saidel-Keesing, NDS Technologies, Platform Architect – Cody Bunch, professionalvmware.com, Private Cloud / Virtualization Architect)

2014  Supporting vCenter Orchestrator (Fintan Comyns, VMware, Inc., Technical Support Engineer)

2033  Auto Scaling and Cloud Bursting in the Hybrid IaaS Cloud (Chris Knowles, VMware, Inc., Staff Cloud Architect – Christophe Decanini, VMware, Inc., Consulting Architect, Orchestration Team Lead)

2049  Build Your IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) Architecture Leveraging VMware vCenter Orchestrator, vCloud Director and EMC Atmos (Yossi Mesika, EMC Corporation, Consultant Solutions Engineer)

2145  Make Your vAdmin Life Easier by Leveraging Automation Tools for VMware vSphere (Aleksander Bukowiński, VMware, Inc., Senior Consultant, – Karol Boguniewicz, EMC Corporation, vSpecialist Tech)

2238  Application Heal Thyself! How to Automate the Most Important Networking Functions for Your Applications (Chris Knowles, VMware, Inc., Staff Solutions Architect – Simon Hamilton-Wilkes, F5 Networks, Solution Engineer)

2316  IT Tools for Security Guys – vCenter Orchestrator (Brian Tobia, RSA, Technical Consultant – James Ruddy, EMC Corporation, vSpecialist)

2328  Leveraging vCenter Orchestrator to Improve the Deployments of Oracle RAC in vSphere 5 Environments (James Ruddy, EMC Corporation, vSpecialist)

2648  Deploying vCO on a Global Scale: Multi-site Architecture Best Practices (Milko Hristov Slavov, VMware, Inc., Manager R&D – Savina Ilieva, VMware, Inc., Staff Engineer)

2725  vCO Plug-in for Self-Scaling Data Center (Shujun Ou, VMware, Inc., Senior MTS)

2815  vCenter Orchestrator Plug-in for Self-Scaling Data Center (Shujun Ou, VMware, Inc., Senior MTS)

2877  Workflow Automation Made Easy with vCenter Orchestrator (Alex Candelaria, EMC Corporation, Sr. vSpecialist Mgr – Michael Lee, EMC Corporation, Sr. vSpecialist)

2975  Orchestrating the Cloud: From API to Workflow (Alex Mittell, VMware, Inc., Consulting Architect)

3044  VMware Ready vCenter Orchestrator Plug-in Program (Terry Lyons, VMware, Inc., Sr. Manager, Alliances)


So be sure to go to www.vmworld.com to review submissions and vote before 8 June 2012.

And to all submitters… thank you and best of luck!


The vCO Team