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Getting up to speed on VMware vCenter Orchestrator: Cody Bunch book just released!

One question we get over and over again from vCenter Orchestrator users is "how do I get up to speed on vCO?"  The answer to that question can vary significantly because it really depends on a user's skill-set, how much he/she plans to automate with vCO, and whether that user prefers learning on their own or by attending a class.

Well, that question just got significantly easier to answer today thanks to the release of Cody Bunch's new book from VMware Press: Automating vSphere with VMware vCenter Orchestrator



Cody Bunch, one of our customers and the award-winning author of the blog ProfessionalVMware.com, provides an extremely valuable first-hand account of how to get up to speed with vCO and how other users can leverage it for their automation initiatives.  Not only does the book walk you through the initial installation, configuration and product overview, but it provides many examples of workflows that offer immediate value to help you manage your vSphere environment and perform cross-system automation.

The Kindle version is available today and, if you prefer the old-style approach, the print edition will be available in just a few weeks.  

If it weren't for the upcoming iPad 3 announcement, I can't think of any news that's as exciting in early 2012 😉

Happy reading and workflow development!

PS.  Looking for additional sources of information to complement the book?  Here are a few that are must-haves for your reference list: