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vCenter Orchestrator videos!!!

The Orchestrator Technical Publications team is happy to announce that the first training videos for vCO are now available on the VMwareTV Youtube channel.

These first video series are intended for novice vCO workflow developers that already have basic knowledge about what a workflow is and what its components are. The goal of the video series is to show you how to develop your own workflow step-by-step from scratch. The example in the video is of a workflow which powers on a virtual machine and sends an e-mail with the result to a specified address.

In the first video of the series you will learn the purpose of the simple workflow, how to create it, define its input parameters and lay out the schema. In the second video you will see how to bind the workflow elements to input parameters and attributes. The third video will show you how to add more detailed logic in the scriptable task elements, create the presentation, validate the workflow, and of course run it!

Follow the links below to the how to “Develop your first vCenter Orchestrator workflow” training videos:
Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

After watching these videos you will be able to create and run your first workflow!

Note that more videos will be coming soon. We are also seeking feedback and ideas on additional “how to” videos so please write us at http://communities.vmware.com/message/1860296#1860296 with your suggestions.
PS. For additional sources of vCO videos, please be sure to also visit www.vcoteam.info

One thought on “vCenter Orchestrator videos!!!

  1. TRYINGtolearn

    Warning… If you watch these videos, you will need to pay very close attention (and rewind alot) as the speaker is extremely hard to understand due to a thick accent and extreme mispronunciations every few seconds. Also, he goes very fast. The style is not a teaching style, but more like reciting what he’s doing as he does it, in the same way you’d do if someone you didn’t want to talk to was standing at your desk asking you to show them how you do what you do… and you’d rather they just go the heck away.

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