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Monthly Archives: August 2011

What’s New with vCenter Orchestrator 4.2

Unless you've been living under a rock in the last couple of months, you know that the biggest news in our industry has been the launch of vSphere 5.0 and a mind-blowing list of new features.


Along with vSphere 5.0, we are extremely glad to announce the general availability of vCenter Orchestrator 4.2, which includes improved documentation in a variety of new formats, an enhanced plug-in for vCenter Server 5.0 (coming in just a few weeks… promised!) and a simpler and faster way to build new plug-ins.  Like previous releases, vCenter Orchestrator 4.2 is packaged and included with vCenter Server at no extra charge.


As many of you who have been using and following vCO already know, the big emphasis this year has been on plug-ins. vCO plug-ins are essential for helping you integrate the vSphere and vCloud infrastructure with your existing systems and processes.  So, in addition to releasing many new plug-ins earlier this year (see previous posts), we've also tried to make it easier for VMware partners to build their own plug-ins.


That's why we are particularly excited to announce the new vCenter Orchestrator Plug-in SDK!  


The SDK is based on Eclipse and includes a combination of tools, videos and documentation to help jumpstart developers who are new to vCO plug-in development.  While in beta, it was used by several VMware partners to help develop new plug-ins in record time.  For instance, IP Address Management (IPAM) expert Infoblox was able to build its first vCO plug-in in just a few weeks.  This new plug-in enhances the capabilities of vCloud Director by providing organizations with a fully-automated solution for allocating and releasing IP addresses as part of virtual machine provisioning and decommissioning operations . We think that's somewhat important if you want to automate your cloud 😉  


The vCO plug-in SDK also includes a community and is available freely to anyone.  Developers may also obtain one-on-one support and advice from vCO experts via the VMware SDK Support Program.


For additional information, please see the following sites:



VCO at VMworld 2011

VMworld 2011 is here, so here's a quick run-down on the VCO presence at VMworld:

Breakout sessions:  

Session ID:  CIM3235:

  • Title: Leveraging vCenter Orchestrator for Your Cloud Deployment and Operations  
  • Speaker:   Thomas Corfmat, Thirumalesh Reddy and Hemant Gaidhani, VMware 
  • Date & Time: Aug 31, 2011, Wed 11:00AM – 12:00PM

Session ID: TEX2923:

  • Title: VMware vCenter Orchestrator Workflow Development Best Practices
  • Speaker: Joerg Lew, vcoportal and Savina Ilieva, VMware, Inc.
  • Date & Time: Aug 30, 2011, Tue 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Session ID: TEX1442:

  • Title: Integrate with VMware vCenter Orchestrator
  •  Speaker: Aleksandar Petkov and Subramanya Kumar, VMware
  • Date & Time: Aug 31, 2011, Wed 8:00AM – 9:00AM

You can also share your own VCO experiences during the several GD16 sessions with Hemant Gaidhani.

Couple other sessions that also show VCO in action:

  • BCA3226 Virtualizing Business Critical Applications with Confidence – Overview
  • CIM1565 Integrating with vCD using vCloud API

Solutions Exchange:

You can also see VCO in action in several demo booths at the Solutions Exchange. VMware, of course, has VCO as part of its Cloud Service Management demo. Several partners are showcasing their VCO plug-ins as well – EMC, Infoblox, NetApp and Radware.

Hands-on Labs:

You can also play with vCenter Orchestrator in following hands-on labs:

  • HOL01 Building Your Hybrid Cloud
  • HOL02 Managing Your Hybrid Cloud
  • HOL03 Reporting on Your Hybrid Cloud
  • HOL18 Core Platform – Performance & Scalability: Storage Optimizations

See you at VMworld – do stop by any one of the breakout sessions to share your VCO experience.

vCenter Orchestrator AMQP Plug-in is now Generally Available

One more vCenter Orchestrator plug-in – just in time for VMworld 2011! VMware vCenter Orchestrator AMQP Plug-in is now generally available.  
The VMware vCenter Orchestrator AMQP plug-in allows organizations to automatically trigger workflows based on AMQP messages. AMQP (Advanced Message Queueing Protocol) is a highly-scalable publish/subscribe message protocol that is increasingly used in cloud architectures. E.g. it is the default messaging protocol for vCloud Director 1.5.

With this new plug-in, organizations will be able to define policies that automatically trigger specific workflows based on certain AMQP messages. For instance, as part of a vApp pre-provisioning activity in vCloud Director (vCD), vCenter Orchestrator (vCO) can intercept the provisioning request and automatically fetch an IP address from an external system before telling vCD to proceed with the provisioning activity. Or, upon detecting that the vApp provisioning operation is complete, vCO can update CMDBs and other management systems with information about the new vApp instance. What's more, the AMQP plug-in provides the ability to not just monitor but also publish AMQP messages and conduct administrative tasks such as configuring AMQP brokers and managing queues. Finally this plug-in supports VMware vFabric RabbitMQ as well as other implementations of AMQP.

Here's an example policy leveraging the AMQP plug-in to trigger workflows based on AMQP messages:


For more information about the vCenter Orchestrator Plug-in for vCenter Update Manager, check the following:

 So try it out and let us know your feedback.