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vCenter Orchestrator HTTP-REST and SOAP Plug-ins Now Available

Message heard  "We don't provision our VMs and virtual applications in a vacuum…  When are you going to help me integrate the VMware Cloud stack into my current management systems and business processes?"

Message received…  loud and clear, which is why we are very excited to announce the general availability of the VMware vCenter Orchestrator HTTP-REST and SOAP plug-ins!

These new plug-ins allow organizations to easily integrate their cloud provisioning and operations use cases with systems that offer RESTful or traditional SOAP web services.

Often-times, provisioning a VM or requesting a cloud-hosted IT service is part of a larger IT process that encompasses various management systems such as service desk, change management, IP address management, CMDB, or configuration management. Thanks to the HTTP-REST and SOAP plug-ins, organizations can now easily integrate vSphere and vCloud Director into zero-touch, automated processes that leverage 3rd party-system REST or SOAP APIs.

What's more, these plug-ins provide the ability to query a URI or import a target application's WSDL directly into the vCO workflow designer client.  This enables workflows developers to browse the WSDL and create workflows from SOAP operations in just a few clicks, hiding the complexities of the underlying protocol.


To quote a field consultant who previewed the SOAP plug-in: "this will cut down my development time for 3rd party system integrations by over 70%!".  

But don't take his (or our) word for it…  Download these new plug-ins and take them for a drive today!