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VMware is OpenStack DefCore Compliant!


VIO is OpenStack Powered!

OpenStack Foundation Logo for Distributions that are Certified DefCore

The VMware Integrated OpenStack team is proud to announce that our latest release is compliant with the DefCore 2015.07 standard, making it one of the first commercial distributions to do so! You can see the test results hosted on the RefStack site.

As we mentioned in the “How Open is VMware Integrated OpenStack” post, VMware is dedicated to giving end users a standard OpenStack experience on top of the data center infrastructure that IT operations staff trust and rely on. For that reason, we are proactive in cooperating with the community’s efforts to minimize distribution fragmentation, and DefCore testing is integral to our software development lifecycle.

This is exciting news to head into the Tokyo OpenStack Summit with, and we look forward to speaking with our customers, partners, and community contributors at the event.  See you there!

You can learn more about VMware Integrated OpenStack on the VMware Product Walkthrough site and on the VMware Integrated OpenStack product page.

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Trevor Roberts, Jr. is the Senior Technical Marketing Manager for OpenStack at VMware and the lead author of the VMware Press title, “DevOps for VMware Administrators". He enjoys speaking to customers and partners about the benefits of using OpenStack with VMware technologies. In his spare time, Trevor shares his insights on data center technologies via the VMware Blogs and on Twitter (@VMTrooper). His contributions to the IT community have garnered recognition by his designation as a VMware vExpert, Cisco Data Center Champion, and EMC Elect.

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