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VMware Infrastructure: The Best Foundation for OpenStack Clouds

This week at VMworld® 2014, we announced VMware Integrated OpenStack, a solution that simplifies the deployment and operation of an OpenStack cloud, enabling IT organizations to quickly and cost-effectively provide developers with open, cloud-style APIs to access VMware infrastructure. The VMware Integrated OpenStack distribution leverages VMware’s proven software-defined data center technologies for compute, network, storage and management to build a powerful OpenStack cloud that your IT team can efficiently manage.

VMware Integrated OpenStack is designed for enterprise customers that want to provide their developers an experience similar to public clouds by providing cloud-style APIs on top of their private VMware infrastructure. Our customers are asking us about OpenStack, and our goal is to make our customers successful with OpenStack. We want to help them leverage their existing VMware investments and expertise to confidently deliver production-grade OpenStack, backed by a unified support from VMware. With VMware Integrated OpenStack we deliver a solution that maximizes a customer’s chances for success.

Choice and Simplicity for Enterprise OpenStack Adoption

With this announcement, there are now three ways that customers can implement an OpenStack cloud powered by VMware.

To start, any customer can go to the open source repositories and download the code to build an OpenStack deployment with VMware technologies. These are the true do-it-yourself shops. But with a few exceptions, most customers want commercial support for OpenStack. As a result, VMware has been working with distro vendors across the OpenStack ecosystem to make sure VMware vSphere® and VMware NSX™ are compatible with those distros. We have previously announced partnerships with Canonical and Mirantis, and this week at VMworld we announced a new partnership with HP. These partnerships are a great fit for customers who want a loosely-integrated model for how they build clouds, in which a customer buys a cloud layer like OpenStack from one vendor, and slots in compute, network, storage, and management components that are from other vendors or perhaps are built in-house. This model is prevalent among OpenStack early-adopters.

Over time, as we talked to a wider set of VMware customers, we found that many of them place the most value on simplicity, with a goal of providing development teams with OpenStack APIs and tools in the most straightforward manner possible. They want to get to a production environment quickly, and they want to minimize the need to add new headcount with specialty expertise.

These are the customers for which VMware Integrated OpenStack (Beta) is intended. Customers who are already using and familiar with vSphere and NSX can build on that expertise, providing the fastest and most reliable path to get to a production OpenStack environment.

OpenStack Runs Best on VMware

VMware’s strategy of embracing open frameworks rests on a single, simple premise that the innovation VMware delivers across compute, network, storage, and management provides differentiated value to our customers. Despite a lot of hype around “free” clouds, those who design and run large-scale, production-grade IT environments knows that the quality and capability of the virtual infrastructure have a direct relationship to:

  • The performance, reliability, and application-visible features (e.g., load-balancing) seen by application developers;
  • The work required to get the environment up and running at production-grade, including meeting SLA and security/compliance requirements and driving quickly resolving end-user issues;
  • The total-cost-of-ownership (CAPEX, OPEX) of the solution.

This is why VMware believe it can help customers build the most powerful OpenStack clouds. VMware stands out in the industry as the company that provides the most advanced virtualization technologies for building an OpenStack cloud. VMware vSphere is the most powerful and widely adopted compute virtualization platform in the world, our VMware NSX solution is widely seen as the most advanced network virtualization solution for OpenStack, and VMware offers both the most advanced ecosystem of storage partners as well as new hyper-converged storage options such as Virtual SAN, which leverage disks and flash directly in the hypervisor. Furthermore, VMware’s portfolio of cloud management tools like vCenter Operations Manager, Log Insight, IT Business Management, fill key gaps ranging from troubleshooting, to log analysis, to cost-visibility and more. The end result is a complete stack of enterprise-grade components, all helping your run the best possible OpenStack cloud.

You can learn more about our new VMware Integrated OpenStack (Beta) and request access to the beta here. We’ll only be accepting a small number of customers to start, but if you are interested in having VMware work with you to quickly deliver an enterprise-grade OpenStack cloud, we’d love to hear from you.


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