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OpenStack Summit Barcelona 2016 Session Voting Open Until August 8!

Vote for OpenStack VMworld Sessions!The OpenStack Summit session proposals are available online for attendees to vote on. You can access this site to search for VMware-related sessions and to cast your vote.

NOTE: At this time, the Summit team has disabled direct linking to sessions. If that changes, I’ll be sure to update the list below with the direct URLs.

The following list comprises the sessions and speakers who plan on speaking at the Barcelona Summit on behalf of VMware, organized by category. If one or more of the topics catch your interest, your votes would be appreciated:

Evaluating OpenStack

OpenStack for VMware Administrators
Speaker: Trevor Roberts Jr

Case Studies

Amadeus’s journey building a Software Defined Data Center with VMware VIO and NSX
Speakers: Sai Chaitanya, Arthur Knopper

Case Study of an OpenStack Deployment in China
Speaker: Gavin Lu

Architectural Decisions

The Many Personas of Interoperability: Why Operators, Vendors, End Users, & OpenStack Devs Care
Speakers: Mark Voelker

IT Strategy

Mode 1, Mode 2, Mode 1.5, Pets, Cattle: How to tame the menagerie with OpenStack
Speakers: Santhosh Sundararaman, Giridhar Jayavelu


Tesora and VMware present – A Complete Guide to Running Your Own DBaaS using OpenStack Trove
Speaker: Arvind Soni, Doug Shelley

How To & Best Practices

Skipping OpenStack Releases: (You Don’t) Gotta Catch ‘Em All
Speakers: Mark Voelker, Sidharth Surana, Karol Stepniewski

Analyzing OpenStack Performance : A case study from large scale OpenStack testing.
Speaker: Arvind Soni

Addressing Open Issues in Container Orchestration using OpenStack
Speakers: Santhosh Sundararaman, Giridhar Jayavelu

Infrastructure Updates with OpenStack on vSphere
Speaker: Trevor Roberts Jr

Project Updates

Native HTML5 consoles for VMware
Speaker: Radoslav Gerganov

Cluster Run: Resource Pool Operations Made Easy
Speakers: Xinhui Li, Qiming Teng, Mark Voelker

Upstream Development

Lessons from the Developer Cloud – OpenStack Innovation Center Success Stories
Speakers: Antonio Ojea, Arvind Soni, Justin Shepard, Travis Broughton


Next generation security and service chaining with NSX and Fortinet
Speakers: Marcos Hernandez, Elie Bitton

Tenant Networks vs. Provider Networks in the Private Cloud Context
Speaker: Marcos Hernandez

OVN – Moving into Production
Speakers: Russell Bryant, Ben Pfaff, Justin Pettit

Telecom / NFV Operations

NFV Considerations for OpenStack on VMware Infrastructure
Speakers: Giridhar Jayavelu

VMWare Integrated Openstack with Gigaspaces Cloudify Orchestration for NFV – technical deep dive
Speakers: Vanessa Little

Design Case Study – VoLTE core solution with Cloudify and Athonet on VMware Integrated Openstack
Speakers: Vanessa Little

VNF Service Modeling and Chaining on VMware Integrated OpenStack using TOSCA/YANG
Speakers: Ran Ziv

Design Case Study – IMS Core deployment with Metaswitch and Cloudify on VMware Integrated Openstack
Speakers: Vanessa Little

How to help your networking peers roll out NFV solutions and be a hero while at it.
Speaker: Jambi Ganbar, Arvind Soni

Hands-on Workshops

Hands on Lab: Operating & Upgrading OpenStack
Speakers: Santhosh Sundararaman

Developer Tools

Speeding up Developer Productivity with OpenStack and Open Source Tools
Speakers: Trevor Roberts Jr, Scott Lowe

Products & Services

VMware NSX and Mirantis OpenStack integration
Speakers: Igo Zinovik, Dimitri Desmidt, Andrian Noga

HPE Helion Openstack and VMware NSX Networking
Speakers: Gary Kotton, Ed Bak

See you in Barcelona!