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VMware Integrated OpenStack Video Series: OpenStack Log Analysis with vRealize Log Insight

OpenStack is a great Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform, but what happens when components in the control plane don’t act the way we expect them to? Well, OpenStack is capable of generating a significant amount of syslog messages to assist you with troubleshooting. How do we make sense of them all? Consider VMware vRealize Log Insight!

The vRealize team partnered with the experts in-house who operate our OpenStack development cloud to classify log messages according to each control plane component. The end product of that work is a free Content Pack for Log Insight that automatically adds OpenStack intelligence to the solution.

My colleague, Yogita Patil, shared a great blog post about the content pack. So, I won’t go into as much detail as she did. Instead, I’ll share┬áthe following video that provides a walkthrough of using VMware vRealize Log Insight for OpenStack control plane analysis.


Stay tuned for the next installment covering cloud cost analysis with VMware vRealize Business! In the meantime, you can learn more on the VMware Product Walkthrough site and on the VMware Integrated OpenStack product page.