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OpenStack @ VMworld US 2015!

At VMworld US 2015, there are many sessions for attendees to learn more about what VMware is doing with OpenStack.

Don’t miss out on hearing about best practices for running OpenStack on the vSphere platform including lessons learned from deployments. All the OpenStack-related sessions are included at the end of this post.

We also have an updated Hands-On Lab for you to try: SPL-SDC-1620 – OpenStack with VMware vSphere and NSX and the accompanying Expert-Led Workshop: ELW-SDC-1620 – OpenStack with VMware vSphere and NSX Workshop

One more thing: VMware Integrated OpenStack will be featured in the DevOps @ VMware program on Tuesday, September 1 at 5 PM. Come check that out as well.

See you in San Francisco!

OpenStack @ VMworld sessions, panels, and group discussions

  1. INF6108 – Something Broke, What Now? Managing and Troubleshooting OpenStack Environments
  2. MGT5151 – vRealize Automation or VMware Integrated OpenStack or Both?
  3. NET5836 – OpenStack with NSX Architecture Deep Dive
  4. NET6609-GD – NSX Networking for OpenStack on vSphere
  5. SDDC4955 – VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) on Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud
  6. SDDC5094 – A Technical Deep Dive into VMware Integrated OpenStack
  7. SDDC5113 – Everything You Need to Know About VMware + OpenStack
  8. SDDC5566 – Successful DevOps for the Hybrid Cloud with vRealize Automation & VMware Integrated OpenStack
  9. SDDC5839 – vRealize Automation or OpenStack? Uncovering the Right IaaS for Your Business

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