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OpenStack Summit Barcelona 2016 Session Recap

Watch below to experience VMware’s Speaker Sessions at this year’s OpenStack Summit in Barcelona!

Rakuten and VMware: How We Got to Enterprise Grade, Production Ready OpenStack
Speaker: Chris Murray

“Our story on how we achieved our OpenStack production private cloud using VMware Integrated OpenStack, NSX, vRealize Log Insight and Operations. Supporting yesterday’s legacy ‘pet’ applications all enterprises have and todays cloud ready ‘cattle’. We share the path we took and explain the decisions we made along the way. We also look forward at what we have planned next.”

Integrated OpenStack with NSX Policy Redirection for NFV: Technical Deep Dive & Demo
Speakers: Vanessa Little, Marcos Hernandez

“Join us for a lecture on how to build efficient service chains with intelligent policy based routing in VMware Integrated Openstack with NSX. With version 2.5 of VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO), VMware introduced the ability to integrate VMware NSX. With that integration and the NSX-V version of VMware NSX you can now take advantage of NSX-integrated security solutions which can layer in L4-L7 advanced security controls. VMware NSX and Fortinet FortiGate-VMX are closely integrated with the direct purpose of introducing L4-L7 advanced security controls for the VMware Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC). Automated deployment/orchestration, dynamic grouping, policy and policy re-direction enables granular security controls for your mission critical applications. Please join Fortinet experts for an in depth discussion of examples, implementation and use-cases on how to utilize this integrated security solution with your VMware NSX and Integrated OpenStack (VIO) environments.”

Production-Ready Clouds with VMware NSX Networking and OpenStack
Speaker: Dimitri Dismdt

“Do you have challenges with Neutron (reliability, performance, operation, flexibility)? Learn how VMware NSX delivers stable production ready networking for you OpenStack environment. VMware NSX works with and enhances Neutron form key OpenStack distributions like VMware Integrated OpenStack and more.

VMware NSX improves and enhances Neutron:

  • on the reliability side with stable and high-availability network and security services
  • on the performance side with distributed routing, DPDK support, and distributed control plane
  • on the flexibility with BGP dynamic routing support
  • on the operation side, with built-in advanced management and troubleshooting tools

Attendees will leave this session with a firm picture of existing solutions for networking VMware backends, their common features and differences.”


OpenStack + VMware : Deploy, Upgrade & Operate Powerful Production OpenStack Cloud in Minutes!
Speakers: Mark Voelker

“VMware has been working rigorously to address some of the most difficult challenges of OpenStack such as installation, upgrade, patching…We have solved almost all operational challenges of OpenStack. In this session, you will learn how you can build a powerful OpenStack cloud in matter of minutes and then operate the cloud with same simplicity. Even the most daunting challenge of OpenStack upgrade has been elegantly solved using blue-green paradigm, so that you can not only upgrade but also cleanly roll back at any point during upgrade. Come join us for an insightful session on how you can build and operate OpenStack private cloud in matter of minutes!”

Sharing our Success and Vision for OpenStack Private Clouds
Speakers: Pete Cruz, Santosh Suderman

“VMware and OpenStack have come a long way together. We started with the mission that “VMware products should be one of the best ways to running OpenStack private cloud”. We are happy to share our success with that mission. We will share our customer success stories, and highlight community contributions from everyone that made some of the most powerful OpenStack private cloud a reality. We will also share our vision for OpenStack + VMware as we look towards 2017 and beyond. Come join us to share our strategy, vision and be excited to build OpenStack clouds leveraging your VMware investments.”



If you’re ready to deploy OpenStack today, download it now and get started, or  try our VMware Integrated OpenStack Hands-On-Lab, no installation required.

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