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Community session Voting for the 2015 OpenStack summit Tokyo is now open

Hey Everyone,

Voting is now Open for OpenStack community sessions at the 2015 Tokyo summit, remember that all sessions will be recorded and can be viewed later so make sure you vote for your favorite sessions even if you are not attending. 

  1. How Amadeus Data Processing is using OpenStack to build global travel applications for millions of users
  2. Questions you need to ask for making the right choices while rolling out OpenStack in production
  3. Unlocking the true promise of OpenStack: Open, Standard APIs on a Multi Hypervisor Platform
  4. Paint Your Cloud Blue & Green: Easy Upgrades That Actually Work (And Save Your -IaaS When Something Goes Wrong)
  5. You Backed That -IaaS Up…Right? Resurrecting Your OpenStack Cloud From Failure
  6. Hyperconverged OpenStack – an “Instant Noodle” approach to OpenStack Private Cloud
  7. Tools, Tips and Tricks for Successfully Operating an OpenStack Private Cloud
  8. Getting the bang for your buck with Software-Defined Storage in OpenStack
  9. Integrating a scalable object storage solution with OpenStack on vSphere
  10. It Takes a Community: Interoperable Networking In OpenStack via DefCore
  11. Things will break! Ensuring that your OpenStack installation is up and running 24/7!
  12. Your Granny Could Operate It
  13. Hands on Lab: Learning all aspects of operating an OpenStack cloud
  14. Under the hood with Nova, Cinder and Neutron using the VMware drivers
  15. OpenStack Networking Introduction Hands on Lab
  16. OpenStack Networking Advanced Hands on Lab
  17. A Deep dive into Customizing Glance Tasks
  18. Leveraging vSphere Virtual Distributed Switches and NSX vSphere for Neutron
  19. Attaining Compliance with Micro-Segmentation using Neutron Security Groups and the NSX Distributed Firewall
  20. Infrastructure Updates with OpenStack on vSphere
  21. OpenStack for VMware Admins
  22. Advanced Neutron Networking with VMware NSX
  23. Neutron Networking for Containers with VMware NSX
  24. Why is Interop hard? Are we failing at closing Pandora’s Cloud?
  25. Topology Awareness in OpenStack
  26. Suits and Cloudy DevOps Neckbeards, Together At Last: Bridging Traditional Enterprise IT and DevOps for OpenStack
  27. OVN Networking Hands on Lab
  28. OpenStack Docs Done Right – Tips and tricks for contributing
  29. The Stack and Beyond: Analysis Paralysis
  30. Enabling Persistence for Docker with OpenStack Cinder and Flocker
  31. Up Your Availability Game With Cinder Data Services!
  32. Contributing as an OpenStack User
  33. Let’s talk Roadmaps – OpenStack Style
  34. Enabling My Company To Be OpenStack Powered! – A Skit with a Business Perspective
  35. OpenStack support for Federated (Local & Distributed) High Availability and Data mobility for Multiple Datacenter in Enterprise
  36. How to Protect your Data in the Cloud
  37. A Conversation with Cinder Developers
  38. Getting Involved with Cinder Development
  39. OpenStack Managed Cloud Foundry Service Marketplace
  40. Fluid Containers Movement in OpenStack: Docker + VM
  41. Converged Share Filesystem Storage for Magnum
  42. Crossing the Event Horizon – How to Build Upon Your OpenStack Dashboard
  43. OpenStack with NSX Advanced Deep Dive
  44. Avengers Assemble!  Building the Ultimate OpenStack Operations Team
  45. Something Broke, What Now? Managing and Troubleshooting OpenStack Environments
  46. OpenStack and SDN: An Adventure in Customer Use-Cases
  47. Interactive-tempest (itempest) – Exploring Openstack resources interactively
  48. OpenStack Networking Operator Hands On Lab
  49. OpenStack Networking Users Hands On Lab
  50. Under the hood with Nova, Cinder and Neutron using the VMware drivers
  51. Things will break! Ensuring that your OpenStack installation is up and running 24/7!
  52. Topology awareness in OpenStack
  53. How to write a Neutron plugin, if you really need to (Neutron stadium edition)
  54. OVN: Feature Complete and Ready to Test
  55. Evolution of Neutron plugin architecture
  56. Maximum Scale; Minimum Time: An Intro to VMware Integrated OpenStack and SolidFire

Domo Arigato (Thanks) and See you later

どうもありがとう, それではあとでね