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Why Words Matter in Software Development


I’m a word person—the way some people hear music, that’s how I hear words. Some people can astutely peer through a thicket of software code to spot the one flaw, like a missing comma. Meanwhile, I can zero in on a misplaced modifier or swiftly invert a sentence to bring a muddled thought to light. Read more...
VMworld was full of open source, from the newly announced VMware Pivotal Container Service (PKS) to Project Weathervane and the annual Hackathon.

Open Source at VMworld—from Keynotes to Hackathons


Open source at VMworld—it’s everywhere! From Tuesday’s VMworld keynote announcement of VMware’s Platinum Membership in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation to the afternoon theater presentation on Project Weathervane, VMware’s commitment to open source is more evident than ever. Dirk Hohndel, VP and Chief Open Source Officer, said it best in his breakout session: “(Open Source Read more...