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Why VMware Does Open Source


I run VMware’s Open Source Technology Center and I often get asked to articulate why VMware wants to be active in the open source space. Here are some of the things I always try to mention in response. Firstly, engaging with the open source community exposes us to incredible diversity and quality of thought. That’s Read more...
What is open source software made of? Expert and softwarwe maintainer Darren Hart shares his maintainer perspective.

What Is Software Made Of? An Open Source Maintainer’s Perspective


What is software made of? What are the components? Ask software engineers of various disciplines and language expertise, and you’ll likely receive a fairly predictable set of responses: Software is comprised of source files, a build system and, if you’re lucky, documentation. Digging a little deeper, one might ask: What are source files comprised of? Source files are made up of classes, methods, functions, variables, Read more...