By Dimitar Parapanov

Wavefront by VMware (Wavefront) is a massively scalable, real-time, analytics platform for metrics monitoring. Offered as software-as-a-service (SaaS), Wavefront allows you to ask almost any question of your data and get answers back in real-time, then easily turn such queries into dashboards and alerts.Wavefront Plugin for Jenkins

Jenkins server can be challenging to monitor. With hundreds of jobs running, recording tests results and providing Jacoco reports etc. – it’s not a simple task to keep track of what’s happening. It’s this challenge that inspired Wavefront Plugin for Jenkins.

About Wavefront Plugin for Jenkins

Wavefront Plugin for Jenkins is a monitoring plugin that provides detailed information about how Jenkins is working. It is designed to use notification hooks that Jenkins provides, which thus removes the need for external monitoring solutions that recurrently poll the system for data and  that can lead to degradation of Jenkins’ performance.

Wavefront Plugin for Jenkins seamlessly integrates with other plugins like Pipeline Plugin to provide more granular details such as stage and parallel branches duration, JUnit tests duration and status, Jacoco coverage report and more. It also provides build-in step that can be customized to measure duration in each part of a pipeline script.

Whether you are a sysadmin trying to monitor Jenkins performance or troubleshooting issues, a DevOps engineer trying to monitor and optimize job performance, or a Developer wanting to view their workloads, Wavefront Plugin for Jenkins is a handy tool for all.

Join the Team

As the initial developers of Wavefront Plugin for Jenkins, we are very excited about the project – but are even more excited to release this to the open source community. We invite you to join the project as contributors. So give it a try today, help build a new community, and tell us what you think on our GitHub page. And be sure to stay tuned to the Open Source Blog and follow us on Twitter (@vmwopensource) for all the latest open source news and updates.

Wavefront Plugin for Jenkins
Wavefront Plugin for Jenkins

The above are an example of what a Dashboard would look like.