Figure 2: VDI with NSX-V Providing for Enhanced Security Services

VMware NSX-V: Security for VxRAIL Hyper-Converged Solutions


Check-out the new white paper on leveraging NSX-V for security within the VxRAIL hyper-converged platform. The paper outlines how VxRAIL hyper-converged solutions leveraging NSX-V for security solves many of the security challenges with traditional silo-based architectures. A brief outline is provided below. Make sure to checkout the white paper for additional details.  Read more...
Figure 3: Cross-VC NSX and F5 BIG-IP DNS Multi-site Deployment

Multi-site Active-Active Solutions with NSX-V and F5 BIG-IP DNS


I’ve written several prior blogs on multi-site solutions with NSX-V discussing topics such as fundamentals, design options, multi-site security, and disaster recovery; see below links to review some of the prior material. In this post, I’ll discuss how VMware NSX-V and F5 BIG-IP DNS (prior known as F5 GTM) can be used together for Active/Active Read more...