If you had to sum up multi-cloud management in a single word, “complex” would be a fair choice. Although multi-cloud strategies vary from one organization to the next—i.e., some use a mix of public and private clouds while others might use only public or only private infrastructures—all multi-cloud architectures significantly increase the complexity and challenges that IT organizations must navigate.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new offering, HCX+, designed to help mitigate the challenges of thriving in a multi-cloud world. By helping to streamline and accelerate workload migration and mobility between on-premises, public cloud, and private cloud environments, HCX+ simplifies complex processes like data center modernization, hardware refresh, data center consolidation, data center evacuation, cloud migration, data center extension, cloud bursting, and cloud rebalancing.

Keep reading for an overview of the major benefits and features that HCX+ brings to the table.

Announcing HCX+ Initial Availability

HCX+, which is in initial availability as of today, is a SaaS-based workload migration and mobility service from VMware that provides centralized management, orchestration, and observability for migration, repatriation, and rebalancing initiatives across multi-cloud environments.

HCX+ builds on VMware’s existing HCX solution, enabling easier and faster configuration and operability. With HCX+, migration and mobility operations have been designed for simplicity, bringing additional insights, smart defaults, operational intelligence, and lifecycle management to HCX+. Customers can utilize HCX+ via a flexible subscription model, centrally monitored and managed by VMware.


Beginning with the announcement of Project Northstar at VMware Explore 2022, we have been working on a Beta Program that provides early access to HCX+ to select customers, including Health New England.

HCX+ Delivers Easy Workload Migration and Mobility


Centralized Management: Customers will be able to manage, view all site connectivity, and orchestrate through a single pane of glass, making it easy to plan and execute migrations involving hybrid and multi-cloud topologies. No matter how many sites you operate or what’s running in them, HCX+ provides a centralized point to begin executing the workload mobility and migration journey.

Simplified Deployment: A key goal of HCX+ is to help customers get up and running with the solution quickly. The product provides step-by-step steering and a guided journey to point customers in the right direction and helps them launch migration operations rapidly. In addition, sites connected to HCX+ undergo an automated discovery process to identify available VMware services and managed objects.

Lifecycle Management: Because HCX+ is a SaaS product, customers will automatically receive new features and security patches as soon as they’re available. In addition, pre-check validations provide peace of mind that underlying infrastructure is compatible with the latest features. When it comes to managing large infrastructures, consistency and compliance are key to success.

Enhanced Reporting and Visibility: See the overall health of HCX+ managed sites with new dashboards and widgets, allowing key stakeholders to know the status of operations. With a single view of global inventory, users can focus on real-time feedback on critical tasks and how to address them without major delays.

HCX+ eases the journey for enterprises to adopt a cloud operating model while providing a new, scalable, and simplified user experience to customers. One of the core benefits of HCX+ is that it gives organizations the ability to accelerate and execute large, multi-cloud migration projects with ease and substantial operational efficiency.

Are You Ready to Make the Move?

With the continued adoption of hybrid and multi-cloud strategies by businesses, the need for workload migration and mobility will only increase. Are you ready to simplify your data center refresh, accelerate data center evacuations, or kickstart public and private cloud usage? VMware HCX+ is the solution that will help you make these changes with maximum efficiency and speed, and minimal risk.

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We want to thank our existing HCX customers for their incredible support over the last few years. The launch of HCX+ is a first step in the SaaS journey, and we are excited to bring more innovations to you in the near future.

Stay tuned for upcoming deep-dive blog posts and product announcements!