At VMworld 2021, we’re imagining what’s possible when it comes to the public cloud experience everywhere.  IT enterprises are expected to keep up with increasing consumer demands, focusing on fast application roll out across multiple clouds. There’s an industry wide emphasis being placed on delivering immediate, secure, and strong end-user network experience to get the job done right. At this year’s conference, we’re looking at real customers and their experiences when it comes to optimizing automation in modern network environments. 

Dankse Bank, a leader in the financial industry, learned what was necessary to achieve the most simplified self-service functionality possible. By starting with Day 0 deployment and all the way to Day 2 delivery, Dankse Bank secured sustainable service delivery and self-service modifications. VMworld 2021 session Network Operations: Intelligence and Automation from Day 0 to Day 2 takes a deeper look at this customer’s intelligence journey to show how you can achieve simplification within the public cloud, too.  

Simplifying Day 0 and Day 2 ops are action steps IT can take to streamline business ops but understanding the modern enterprise – and the complexities involved – is evergreen. Learning the ins-and-outs of the modern network with end-to-end virtualization allows businesses like yours to succeed in even the most diverse environments. Tom Gillis, Business Group leader, NASBG, of VMware, takes us on a deep dive of why building out a better security posture within diverse infrastructure is crucial. You will learn to how to adjust your organization’s virtualization to ensure pinnacle connectivity during the Automation is Modernizing Networks session.  

This session will also further analyze and explain the need for reliable access to data that resides in multiple systems and multiple clouds. The complexities of various systems and clouds calls for a one-stop-shop solution for end-users, admins, and developers to scale out infrastructure to simplify the end-user experience – and to simplify your workday. 

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