As enterprises accelerate their application modernization journey, there is a stronger need for running applications across multi-cloud environments. Today, AWS announced General Availability of Amazon EKS-Anywhere, expanding the AWS portfolio to support these use cases.

We are thrilled to integrate with and extend EKS by providing secure connectivity services that work cross-cluster and cross-cloud with VMware’s Modern App Connectivity Services. By delivering these capabilities, applications can enjoy the level of resiliency, scalability, and security needed for enterprise-critical applications. You can find VMware in EKS-A partner page.

VMware Modern App Connectivity Services accelerate the path to app modernization by extending connectivity and security between EKS and EKS-D, and to other platforms. Built on cloud-native principles, it enables a set of important use cases that automate the process of connecting, observing, scaling, and better-securing applications.

VMware enables EKS customers to leverage connectivity, resiliency, and security capabilities:

  1. Application connectivity
    Across both multi-cluster and hybrid clouds, in addition to VM environments.  This enables discoverability and connectivity between distributed microservices across hybrid EKS, EKS-D, and VMware vSphere environments.
  2. Application resiliency 
    This enables cluster load balancing level on-prem to communicate with the rest of the customer’s environments both on-prem and on the cloud with this global load balancing solution.
  3. Application security
    This enables end-to-end authentication, encryption, zero-trust application access, and API security across multi-cluster, hybrid-cloud, and VM environments.

The solution’s architecture is as follows:


For more information about EKS, please visit the AWS EKS-A partner page.

For more information about VMware’s Modern App Connectivity services: