One of the major focuses at VMworld 2021 is to educate network security teams on how they can achieve the strongest security posture by enabling Zero Trust. The Zero Trust model is essential to securing your entire digital footprint and to remain secure as it grows. Leaders like the White House, CISOs, and industry analysts of all kinds, agree that the Zero Trust approach to network architecture is the best way to protect not only the existing perimeter but also the critical apps and workloads inside.  

During the Never Trust: Building Zero Trust Networks VMworld 2021 session, industry leaders will take a practical look at what it takes to adopt Zero Trust at scale, offer a blueprint to the Zero Trust Architecture model, and suggest next steps to implement Zero Trust for your organization. 

An extension of learning to build Zero Trust networks is sharing tangible solutions to get your business the strength and security it needs. VMware leaders Christopher Kruegel, VP of Security Services, and Vivek Bhandri, Senior Director of Product Marketing, share VMware’s NSX Distributed Firewall service that will strengthen your East-West security to protect any workload in any cloud. Add A Modern Firewall For Any Cloud and Any Workload [SEC2688] to your VMworld itinerary now.   

To gain visibility and control within the network via Zero Trust, means giving enterprises room to breathe.  Eliminating any hesitation when it comes to threat prevention hardens your organization’s security infrastructure from the beginning. Knowing how to stop lateral movement with advanced threat identification and prevention can protect thousands of pieces of pertinent, confidential data. The modern perimeter and multi-cloud require enough strength to protect against and eradicate threats, but enough agility that your infrastructure can realign and adapt as needed – as quickly as needed.  

For more sessions on Zero Trust and securing the data center, visit the VMworld Content Catalog and filter by the Implement Zero Trust Security or Secure the Data Center session tracks. And if you haven’t already, register to attend today!