The world is changing and as a result, the ability to operationalize network security at scale is more important than ever. Organizations need the ability to monitor and protect both East-West and North-South traffic at scale without adding operational complexity or impacting the user experience. How do organizations do all this in the face of reduced budgets, increasing network complexity, radical changes throughout IT architectures and an increase in volume and sophistication of cybersecurity threats?

We’ll show you at VMworld 2021 with sessions dedicated to helping you operationalize network security at scale in today’s modern world.

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Threat Prevention

Zero Trust

Modern Apps

Network Security Architecture

It’s Time for Security Transformation

The next several years are going to continue to see radical change in how business operate. Security needs to enable this change by protecting users, devices, data and systems wherever they’re located. Doing so will require a fundamental change in how organizations think about security. Staying competitive and meeting customer experience expectations in the modern world depend on your ability to transform your security strategy to meet these challenges.

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