The past year has been filled with challenges. It’s been difficult to adapt to the new realities of how we work, how users access applications, and how we build out and scale our network infrastructures. But challenges lead to opportunities. In his Virtual Cloud Network keynote at VMworld 2020, Tom Gillis, general manager of the networking and security business unit at VMware, urged participants to rethink how they operate and then come up with new processes and approaches that will help them move faster into the future.

In his presentation, Gillis describes how forward-thinking companies are able to:

  1. Take the corporate network and stretch it into remote users’ living rooms,
  2. Deliver public cloud experiences to on-premises data centers, and
  3. Bridge the virtual and physical worlds in a true hybrid cloud environment with consistent policy and management enforcement.

With these capabilities (and there are VMware customers doing this today!), organizations can deploy a completed workload to any user across any infrastructure, including all the necessary networking and security bells and whistles, with a single click.

VMware enables this new approach via its Virtual Cloud Networking (VCN) portfolio. Whether through our SD-WAN technology delivering a LAN-like experience to distributed users, or our unique distributed software architecture automating data center operations, VMware gives our customers the ability to orchestrate a powerful and secure experience for end users — no matter where their business takes them.

Solutions Keynote: Virtual Cloud Network – The Network for Your Future-Ready Business (VCN2799)

This keynote covers the Virtual Cloud Network, VMware’s vision for networking in the digital age. You’ll hear about — and see demonstrations of— forward-looking innovations and technologies that are powering business acceleration,  including:

  • The latest in data center networking and automation
  • Industry-leading SD-WAN capabilities that extend services further out to the edge
  • Ground-breaking, fully-distributed network security and threat intelligence
  • Advanced load balancing for cloud-native workloads

Most importantly, you’ll hear from a number of your peers about the benefits they are seeing on their journey to a Virtual Cloud Network. You won’t want to miss this session!

Seize the Opportunity to Rethink How You Operate

This new approach that Gillis describes creates business agility and operational efficiency — positioning the organization for advantage in a highly competitive, dynamic world. Explore the VMworld Network and Cloud Security on-demand sessions today to learn how you can modernize your data center architecture.

Learn more about our approach to the Virtual Cloud Network, check out our Network Virtualization for Dummies Guide and our network modernization white paper.