It’s no secret that enterprises are rapidly automating the modern network across compute, storage, and network environments. What you may not know is that load balancing is being left behind. Traditional legacy architectures were conceived decades ago and were not designed with the needs of the modern enterprise in mind. They are simply not scalable, agile, or flexible enough. As a result, enterprises have had to overprovision their load balancers — whether physical or virtual — resulting in complexity and waste.

We all know that waste and complexity are the enemy of the modern enterprise, and, thankfully, the cloud offers a solution. Cloud-native load balancers provide automation and elasticity, but they do not come with a rich feature set or provide consistency between on-premises and cloud environments. It’s a tricky trade off that prevents enterprises from truly achieving their digital transformation goals.

But don’t fret. There is a viable solution. VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer (ALB) gives enterprises the best of both worlds — an adaptable, flexible, and scalable load balancer that combines the simplicity of the public cloud with the rich features inherent in an enterprise-grade solution. Check out Ashish Shah’s VMworld breakout session on the need for a modern load balancing solution:

Future Ready: Adapt Business Agility with Modern Load Balancing (VCNC2830)

Legacy hardware load balancers and web application firewalls (WAFs) are not designed for the cloud era. They have become even more obsolete in today’s business climate, where agility is the key and the ability to adapt is essential for survival. A modern approach to load balancing, application security, and Kubernetes ingress is needed to provide elastic, reliable, and highly automated application services. In this session, explore the modern L4-L7 platform architecture that brings the simplicity of the public cloud and the feature richness of an enterprise-grade solution to application performance, availability, and security in a multi-cloud environment.

Modernize Your Network

Automating load balancing across hybrid cloud environments is a critical step in achieving digital transformation goals. A software-based approach from VMware can deliver the scalability and economics of the public cloud with the enterprise-grade features of on-premises solutions. This modern architecture for load balancing enables faster time to market, supports modern applications, and delivers cost efficiencies across the organization.

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