Modern applications are changing enterprise securityApps today are comprised of dozens, or even hundreds, of microservices. They can be spun up and down in real time and may span multiple clouds (onpremises, private cloud, and public cloud). Traditional security stacks just aren’t suited to protecting these applications consistently 

To effectively secure modern apps, we start by identifying unique application assets across cloudssuch as users, services, and data. We then continuously evaluate their risk and automatically make authorization decisions to adjust our application security and compliance posture based on asset identityregardless of where they are or where they have moved.  

Security professionals can learn how to use VMware network and security solutions to secure modern applications in the following VMworld sessions: 

Security Policies for Modern Applications: An Evolution from Micro-segmentation (ISCS2240) 

Enterprises are embracing cloud native transformation and modernizing traditional applications, from monolithic to microservices architectures. As applications transform and span multiple clouds (onpremises, private cloud, and public cloud), it’s essential to secure these applications consistently, regardless of where their workloads run. Theres a need to uniquely identify application assets across clouds (such as users, services, and data), continuously evaluate their risk, and automatically make authorization decisions to adjust application security and compliance posture based on asset identity, regardless of where they are or where they have moved. This session will introduce you to the challenges faced in securing applications in a multi-cloud environment, and how VMware NSX solves these challenges. 

Forging a Path to Continuous, Risk-Based Security with Tanzu Service Mesh (ISCS1917) 

Security and infrastructure markets are rapidly evolving, and one cannot always assume access to all data natively or expect to understand the relevant semantics. In this session, we will showcase how VMware Tanzu Service Mesh, built on VMware NSX, is able to access and aggregate intelligence from third-party sources and enable policy decisions against it. Using the open plug-in framework of Tanzu Service Mesh, some companies (such as Sysdig, Rezilion, and Octarine) are already interoperating with Tanzu Service Mesh to provide valuable context. We will showcase how the Tanzu Service Mesh policy model, an extensible data integrations framework, and a global namespace approach are evolving security toward a continuous, risk-based model. 

Deploy Modern Apps Using VMware Cloud Foundation 4.0 and NSX 3.0 Security Use Cases (ISNS1099) 

In response to COVID-19, healthcare IT organizations need to support research and collaboration between multiple hospitals in different locations and enable staff with technology that can help them do their jobs. To accomplish this, IT must ensure security while executing multiple app and infrastructure deployments. In this session, you will find out how to use VMware Cloud Foundation to automate infrastructure deployment with VMware NSX and VMware vSAN in a few hours. You’ll see how easy it is to deploy modern apps with NSX to enable end-to-end security. We’ll go over how to deploy a VMware Horizon View cluster with VMware Cloud Foundation, and how to use VMware NSX-T micro-segmentation for different groups to enable a secure desktop profile. Finally, we’ll see how VMware Carbon Black endpoint detection resides on VMware SD-WAN for full security up to the data center. 

Modern Data Center Security for Modern Applications 

Modern applications are dynamic, they’re ephemeral, and they’re architected for the cloud. Making sure they are secured to enterprise standards without impacting agility and business productivity can be difficult. VMware has the network and security solutions enterprises need to support these increasingly advanced applications. 

Cloud transformation is putting pressure on security infrastructure—but legacy solutions just aren’t suited to protect applications that span multicloud environments. Explore the VMworld Network and Cloud security on-demand sessions today to learn how you can modernize your data center architecture.