The network has never been more vulnerable. Covid-19 has flung users out from the data center to home offices—where they are accessing critical systems, applications, and other users from unsecured devices and WiFi connections. As a result, it’s all hands on deck for IT, with network engineers deputized as IT support staff in a mad rush to give remote users fast and reliable, yet secure, access to the tools and information they need.

But what of the regular duties of these engineers? They are being pushed back in favor of new priorities—stretching network engineering resources, already spread thin, to the breaking point.

Enter network automationVMware NSX-T allows organizations to automate and simplify operations in the age of Covid. Tasks that were once performed manually through the UI or CLI can now be automated with the NSX API—creating the foundation for dynamic, flexible and responsive network architectures that can support a world where users, devices, applications and data connect across private, public and hybrid cloud environments.  

Virtual Cloud Network VMworld On-Demand Sessions


Networking professionals who want to learn more about how to automate operations should check out the following on-demand sessions from VMworld: 

NSX-T Network Automation: What To Do When You Have Choices? (1206) 

In this session, we will present the various NSX-T automation choices available from enterprise-level platforms like vRealize Automation to open source solutions like Ansible and Terraform to popular tools like PowerCLI. The goal of the session is to provide a detailed view with demos into each of these tools and to help you make an informed choice when picking the right automation solution for your needs. 

NSX-T Deep Dive: APIs Built for Automation (1417) 

Learn how NSX-T APIs allow powerful automation and simplify operations. This session covers NSX-T APIs for local and Federation environment detailing Authentication, Policy API, and the Search API. Find out how to craft powerful search queries or create complete topologies and embrace the virtual network agility. 

7 Reasons for Network Automation: Case Study with Blue Cross Blue Shield NC (1207) 

Network automation, like most forms of automation, is a means to do things faster. The decision to automate can be driven both by business goals and the need for a more reliable, scalable network. Modern networking solutions like NSX provide APIs that make network automation much easier. NSX APIs deliver the structured data—rather than raw text (for instance, the output of a log)—that network engineers can use to streamline day-to-day network management, resolve network issues, and perform deep network analyses. In this session, we will discuss the seven reasons for network automation. Our customer Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina will showcase how they make use of NSX APIs and Terraform to automate their network infrastructure.

The Future of Networking with NSX (1555) 

In this session, we will look into the future to see why networking will be the enabling force behind many breakthrough innovations, from next-generation applications to the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G. To better understand the future of networking, we’ll explore the evolution of networking as it has become increasingly software-based. Network virtualization is now a key enabler of modern apps, providing the automation and security controls required by these apps. We’ll look into some emerging technologies inside VMware NSX-T, such as support for Kubernetes and service mesh, intrusion detection, and other innovations designed to provide the necessary control for complex and distributed cloud applications. We’ll also include demos of new networking capabilities.

Embracing Automation in the Face of Resource Constraints

Automation can help relieve resources already stretched thin in the data center. Automating previously manual tasks saves time and budget and frees up resources for more strategic projects that enable modern applications and business agility. Explore the VMworld Network and Cloud Security and Cloud-Scale Networking on-demand sessions today to learn how you can modernize your data center architecture.