The other guys will have you believe that more is better. You have a problem, just buy a solution and patch the hole. Security operations too siloed? Just cobble together some integrations and hope that everything works together. 

VMware thinks differently. We believe that “integrated” is just another word for “complexity.” And clearly, complexity is the enemy of security. 

Integrated security is boltedon security. An example would be taking a hardware firewall and making it a blade in a data center switch. That’s what the other guys do. It makes it more convenient to deploy, but it doesn’t actually improve security. 

Security always performs betterand is easier to operatewhen it’s designedin as opposed to boltedon. At VMware, we call this intrinsic security. When we think about security, being able to build it in means you can leverage the intrinsic attributes of the infrastructure. We are not trying to take existing security solutions and integrate them. We are re-imagining how security could work. 

Enterprises that want to learn how we’ve built security directly into network infrastructure should check out the following sessions: 

How VMware IT Secured Applications Using Service-defined Firewall (ISNS1117) 

Join us for a comprehensive overview of how VMware IT deployed VMware NSX Distributed Firewall to secure production applications in both public and private clouds. We’ll review use cases for micro-segmentation deployment, design considerations, and Day Two operations (operationalization, roles and responsibilities). Find out how we started using NSX Intelligence to automate micro-segmentation, and how were using an intrusion detection and prevention system (IDS/IPS) to secure east-west traffic. Challenges, lessons learned, and your questions will also be included.  

Network Security End to End Architecture (ISNS2894) 

Need a map to understand how to put it all together? See how the VMware security portfolio provides an endtoend network security architecture in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Understand how to secure your network with NSX SDFW, NSX IDS/IPS, VeloCloud SD-WAN, NSX Intelligence, and vRNI. See how these products work with each other to deliver a world-class, endtoend network security architecture. 

Trusting Zero Trust: How VMware IT Reimagined Security and Resiliency (ISNS1059) 

Developed in 2010, the concept of Zero Trust architecture has taken the enterprise world by storm, replacing the traditional castle-and-moat approach to security. Based on the model of never automatically trusting anything inside or outside a company’s ecosystem, Zero Trust is one of the best ways to combat threats from any source. Recently, the VMware Security and Resiliency teams were challenged to take the security of our existing global corporate network to the next level, and that meant incorporating Zero Trust. Join us as we cover how we adapted Zero Trust to our own environment and built a framework to communicate the proposed new principles to the business. Learn the steps we took to measurably and safely move our network to a model of blast chambers, segmented pods, and untrusted office environments. Your questions are always welcome. 

CloudDelivered Enterprise Remote Access and Zero Trust (ISNS2647) 

The rapid expansion of remote work has resulted in incredible stresses to both IT networking and security teams. The increased utilization has placed unplanned demands on VPN and networking infrastructure and made user experience more challenging. Remote access may also increase security risks, starting with unsecured devices. In this session, we’ll review recent trends in remote access, zero trust, and endpoint security and relate those to the integration of WorkSpace One, Carbon Black, VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud, and NSX. 

Embrace Intrinsic Security 

VMware understands that modern networks need security to be built directly into the infrastructure at every level. Security that is designedin rather than boltedon takes advantage of the intrinsic qualities of the underlying infrastructure—and that hardens security across the organization without adding complexity.

View the VMworld sessions above to explore how VMware’s intrinsic security approach can help you rethink enterprise security in today’s new normal. Check out the on-demand catalog for more Network and Cloud Security sessions.