VMworld 2020


It’s that time of year again — VMworld! And while this year, due to COVID-19, we’re pivoting to a virtual format, we’ll, we still be delivering a top-notch event with great sessions on cutting edge innovations. And the best part is, it’s FREE!

One of the hottest topics these days is service mesh, which is an abstraction that takes care of service to service communication, security, and observability. At VMware, we’re the “abstraction company” — but we’re not just working on the immediate use cases that the rest of the pack are working on, we’re ahead of the game, extracting a lot more value from our unique position vis a vis abstraction.

Service Mesh Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss:

I’ve compiled a list of our service mesh sessions below so you can easily register for them:

  1. Introduction to Tanzu Service Mesh [MAP1231] – This session, delivered by yours truly and Oren Penso, will take you step by step from understanding what service mesh is at the most basic level to understanding the unique value of VMware’s Tanzu Service Mesh. As we usually do, this session will have plenty of good demos.
  2. Connect and Secure Your Applications Through Service Mesh [MAP2081] – Tanzu Service Mesh is part of the Tanzu portfolio, but more specifically it goes hand in hand with Tanzu Mission Control. The two products provide a complete solution for abstracting infrastructure and operations when using Kubernetes. In fact, together they really make Kubernetes what it was designed to be — an engine to drive applications rather than the endgame in and of itself. In this session, the product managers of Tanzu Service Mesh and Tanzu Mission Control, Deepa Kalani (TSM TPM) and Tom Spoonemore (TMC PM), will describe the integration between the products.
  3. Delivering on Application SLAs with a Multi-Cloud Runtime [OCTO1290] – Remember I wrote above that VMware is best positioned to deliver more value from the abstraction called service mesh? A new development from our Office of the CTO is one great example of that. In a stroke of genius, a team lead by Emad Benjamin created a solution that takes advantage of the ability of Tanzu Service Mesh to spread an application across clouds to deliver a distributed runtime and guarantee that application SLA. A task that is not easy to achieve within the same system is now achievable across clouds and platforms. This session will drill down on this cutting-edge tech. Presented by Emad Benjamin himself and Mark Schweighardt, Director of Product Management for Tanzu Service Mesh.
  4. Forging a Path to Continuous, Risk-Based Security with Tanzu Service Mesh [ISCS1917] – This session delivered  by Manish Chugtu, Enterprise Technologist – Strategy, Community and Innovation and Haim Helman, CTO, Carbon Black App Security will showcase how VMware Tanzu Service Mesh, built on VMware NSX, is able to access and aggregate intelligence from third-party sources and enable policy decisions against it. Using the open plug-in framework of Tanzu Service Mesh, some companies (such as Sysdig, Rezilion and Octarine) are already inter-operating with Tanzu Service Mesh to provide valuable context
  5. Security Policies for Modern Applications: An evolution from microsegmentation [ISCS2240] – VMware has led the pack on Micro-segmentation via NSX Data Center for years now, enabling organizations to secure their applications by applying firewalls anywhere and everywhere. With Tanzu Service Mesh we now have the ability to extend our security capabilities into any cloud, whether its running a VMware SDDC or not. This session, delivered by Sergio Pozo Sr., R&D Solutions Engineer in the Tanzu Service Mesh team, and Bhanu Vemula, Senior Product Line Marketing Manager in the Networking and Security BU at VMware, will discuss VMware’s multi-layer, multi cloud security capabilities and what the future holds.

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As you see from this line-up of amazing conference sessions, VMware is building outstanding in-house solutions around service mesh and beyond that will transform how customers build, run, manage, connect and secure their applications. Register today to attend these great sessions, check out the complete conference agenda, or drop us a comment below for more information or questions.