It’s that time of year again; VMworld!  This VMworld is unprecedented in its delivery this year.  VMworld 2020 will be entirely online and general sessions available for anyone who wants to attend for free!  There is a small fee track for Premier pass which has access to additional sessions.  More on that in the links below.  The numbers we’re seeing for potential attendees is staggering and people who may not have been able to attend in the past, can now join their industry peers for discussions, hands-on labs, and breakout and keynote sessions.

At previous VMworld events, it could be difficult to attend all the sessions you wanted, as they may have had times where one or more overlapped.  This year, the majority of our sessions are on-demand for the attendee convenience.   Log on and watch whatever the session you want, whenever you want.  To ensure you don’t miss out on all the deepest technical NSX content the Network and Security Business Unit at VMware as created, we’ve come up with a list of sessions for you to check out:


Apply Consistent Security Across VMs, Containers and Physical Server with NSX-T [ISNS1272]
Ganapathi Bhat, Senior Technical Product Manager, VMware

VMware NSX-T is a network virtualization and security platform for the enterprise to provide consistent networking and security policies across different application, hypervisor and cloud types. This technical session will focus mainly on: • Various use cases and security features supported by the NSX-T platform • Architecture and implementation details of different security features • The consumption model and best practices for NSX-T security • A product demonstration

Network Security End to End Architecture [ISNS2894]
Maria Teigeiro, Technical Product Manager, NSBU, VMware

Need a map to understand how to put it all together? See how the VMware security portfolio provides an end to end network security architecture in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Understand how to secure your network with NSX SDFW, NSX IDS/IPS, Velo SD-WAN, NSX Intelligence, and, vRNI. See how these products work with each other to deliver a world-class end to end network security architecture.

Best Practices for Securing Web Applications with Intrinsic Protection [ISNS1441]
Christian Treutler, Product Manager Security, VMware
Geoff Wilmington, Senior Technical Product Manager – NSX, VMware

Web attacks and threats are prevalent and can lead to further security risks inside the data center once and attacker is through the perimeter application. Learn about best practices for protecting your application workloads with built-in security with the VMware NSX Service-defined Firewall and VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer. These platforms provide a comprehensive stack of security functions, including L4/L7 and Identity-based firewalling, Intrusion Detection, DDoS protection, and an analytics-driven intelligent web application firewall. We will demonstrate how to configure the platform, and how security and network teams can use the automatically generated insights to identify and mitigate attacks immediately.

IDS/IPS at the Granularity of a Workload and the Scale of the SDDC with NSX [ISNS1931]
Stijn Vanveerdeghem, Senior Technical Product Manager, VMware
Allen Tyson, Network Administration Specialist, City of Las Vegas

VMware NSX-T 3.0 introduced VMware NSX Distributed IDS/IPS. What truly makes NSX Distributed IDS/IPS unique is its distributed architecture and deep contextual awareness. Now, it becomes operationally feasible to deploy IDS/IPS east-west in the data center without compromise and without complex network re-architecture. In this session, we will cover the architecture that makes NSX Distributed IDS/IPS unique and talk through use cases and best practices.

NSX Intelligence: Visibility and Security for the Modern Data Center – Pt1 [ISNS1144] and Pt2 [ISNS2496]
Ray Budavari, Sr. Staff Technical Product Manager, VMware
Brandon Rivera, Enterprise Infrastructure Architect, CHRISTUS Health
Iain leiter, Sr. Technical Solutions Architect, Ordr

NSX Intelligence leverages the distributed architecture of the NSX platform to deliver Analytics within the vSphere and NSX Platform. This innovative approach builds on the deep workload and network context unique to NSX to provide new capabilities for networking and security by leveraging Artificial Intelligence plus Machine Learning. In Part 1 we will cover how NSX Intelligence delivers detailed visualization, automated security policy recommendations, continuous monitoring of every flow, and an audit trail of security policies. We will dive deep into the solution architecture and also show a demo of the latest product capabilities including end to end visibility, how to build NSX firewall policy and rules and security anomaly detection. While the NSX Intelligence Part 1 session focused on the core NSX Intelligence Platform, this session (Part 2) will cover integrations and extensibility with VMware solutions like Carbon Black and vRealize Network Insight and our partner ecosystem. We will focus on how NSX Intelligence has been built to enable extensibility through several interfaces and how leveraging these integrations and feeds provides even more context and end to end visibility. In addition you will also hear from a partner (Ordr) and customer (Christus Health) on their experience using and integration with NSX Intelligence, plus a demonstration.

VMware Cloud on AWS: Getting Connected Rapidly With Airtight Security [ISCS1662]
Ed Shmookler, Staff VMware Cloud Solution Engineer, VMware
Ron Fuller, Sr. Technical Product Manager, VMware

In this session we kick things off with a recap of VMC’s networking fundamentals and explore how to rapidly get an SDDC securely connected with common connectivity options. We then dive in and review the inherent security mechanisms available in VMC including edge firewall and distributed firewall. Next, we’ll focus on distributed firewall best practices including utilization of tools like vRealize Network Insight (vRNI) Cloud and vRealize LogInsight Cloud (vRLIC) to aid in visualizing and troubleshooting security policy. The session will conclude with a demonstration of using these tools on an active workload.

Enabling Global Data Center Security through NSX-T Federation [VCNC1274]
Ganapathi Bhat, Senior Technical Product Manager, VMware

VMware NSX-T Federation enables customer to manage global customized networking and security policy across different NSX-T deployments, locations and regions. This technical session focuses mainly on NSX-T Federation Security and how NSX-T Global Manager acts as a Single Pane of Glass to enable global data center security. This session would cover – brief overview of the NSX-T Federation, Security use cases, Architecture, Consumption model, Best practices & product demonstration.


Logical Routing in NSX-T [VCNC1264]
Jerome Catrouillet, Staff Product Manager, VMware
Nicolas MICHEL, Technical Product Manager, VMware

Take a deep dive into the VMware NSX-T Data Center multitier routing architecture. Examine the latest features, get an overview of high-availability deployment options, and learn about distributed and centralized routing for data center traffic.

Update on NSX-T Switching: NSX on VDS (vSphere Distributed Switch) [VCNC1197]
Francois Tallet, Senior Technical Product Manager, VMware –

VMware NSX-T 3.0 offers the option of running VMware NSX directly on the top of a VMware vSphere Distributed Switch (VDS). This session will show how this new model: • Provides better compatibility with third-party applications • Simplifies the migration of existing customers to NSX • Preserves the existing N-VDS feature set To benefit from this session, it is better that you have a basic understanding of NSX-T switching.

Container/Cloud Native

NSX-T Container Networking Deep Dive [VCNC1163]
Yasen Simeonov, Senior Technical Product Manager, VMware –
Ali Al Idrees, Lead EMEA SDDC Solutions Architect, VMware –

Join this session to learn about VMware NSX-T and VMware NSX Container Plugin—the solution behind VMware vSphere with Tanzu. It also powers other different Kubernetes solutions, including vanilla Kubernetes. We will quickly refresh the basics, and then dive deeper on how you can secure, observe and manage your microservices workload.

Introduction to Networking in vSphere with Tanzu [VCNC1184D]
Vinay Reddy, Senior Product Line Manager – NSX, VMware
Yasen Simeonov, Senior Technical Product Manager, VMware –

VMware NSX provides a rich set of networking and security capabilities to the new VMware vSphere with Tanzu, which focuses on rearchitecting vSphere into an open platform using Kubernetes APIs to provide a cloud-like experience for developers and operators. NSX provides full-stack networking and security, including switching, routing, load balancing and firewalling, to simplify operations and maximize efficiency for vSphere with Tanzu environments. NSX has been designed into vSphere with Tanzu as the default pod networking solution, and integration with Kubernetes enables context-aware security policies with namespace isolation. With NSX, enterprises can extend consistent policies across app environments, simplify Day 0 to Day 2 operations, and deliver the agility and performance required to run modern applications. A shorter duration of this session is also available under the same title. Watch this session if you want to hear speakers expound on the topic.

How to Get Started with VMware Container Networking with Antrea [VCNC1553]
Yuki Tsuboi, Staff Solutions Architect, VMware
Donovan Durand, Staff Solutions Architect, VMware
Cody McCain, Product Manager, VMware

VMware announced Project Antrea, an open-source networking and security solution for Kubernetes. The project aims to provide an open, flexible and performant networking and security solution with operation and scale. In this session, we will look deeper into the various components that make the Antrea solution, how Antrea leverages Open vSwitch to implement Kubernetes Pod networking and security, and how to operate Antrea on your Kubernetes. So if you are looking for an open-source Kubernetes networking solution, this is a must-attend session.

Multi-Cloud and App-Continuity

NSX-T: Consistent Networking and Security in Hyperscale Cloud Providers [VCNC1425]
Amol Tipnis, Sr Technical Product Manager, NSX , VMware

Learn how VMware NSX-T provides common security and network controls in hyperscale public cloud providers. See how this enables the deployment of modern, distributed applications across the public cloud and edge with ease and consistency. In this session, we will cover NSX-T in VMware Cloud on AWS, Azure VMware Solution and Google VMware Engine.

NSX for Public Cloud Workloads and Services [VCNC1168]
Shiva Somasundaram, Sr. Product Manager , VMware

In this session, you will see how VMware NSX can more securely extend VMware NSX-T into AWS and Azure, providing a single pane of glass for policy-based networking and security consistency across your hybrid cloud. We will discuss key features, use cases and deployment options in our demo.

Platform Architecture and Design

Use Cases Based on End-to-End Design with NSX-T: VMaaS, VDI and Modern Apps [VCNC1368]
Nimish Desai, Director of Technical Product Management, VMware –

This is a first-in-its-kind session about adopting VMware NSX-T as a platform in any enterprise—small to global. This session will cover design choices for use cases that drive the customer need. We will cover rightsizing the solution, networking security, compute and storage considerations, all while keeping it consistent, automated and flexible. This session will also cover VMware Cloud Foundation as a baseline building block to address the needs of various use cases in a holistic manner. The solution design will be entirely based on a real use-case, customer-adopted model, as well as on pushing the boundary of each module set of the solution. This session is geared toward the technical architect and solution builder responsible for their customer, and prior knowledge of NSX-T and its interaction with compute and storage is a must.

Enhancing the Small and Medium Data Center Design Through NSX Data Center [VCNC1400D]
Gregory Smith, Technical Product Management, VMware –

Software-defined networking provides a full suite of layer 2 through 7 services that any environment can benefit from. This session is specifically about how to get the most out of those services for small and medium environments. Whether it is a branch office, an edge location, or a small or medium business, learn how to design and optimize your environment operationally through automation (such as Ansible or Terraform) or through the consolidated VMware Cloud Foundation solution, as well as how to leverage routing, security, load balancing and other services from VMware NSX Data Center. A shorter duration of this session is also available under the same title. Watch this session if you want to hear speakers expound on the topic.

NSX Federation: Everything About Network and Security [VCNC1178D]
Dimitri Desmidt, Senior Technical Product Manager, VMware –

This session will introduce you to VMware NSX-T Federation. You will learn all the benefits NSX-T Federation brings with central management, consistent policy and very simple (but still very effective) disaster recovery. This session will go over the NSX-T Federation management, security and networking capabilities. You will also see a couple of demos on disaster recovery, as well as active-active data center use cases. A shorter duration of this session is also available under the same title. Watch this session if you want to hear speakers expound on the topic.


NSX-T Network Automation: What to Do When You Have Choices [VCNC1206]
Madhukar Krishnarao, Technical Product Manager, VMware
Thomas Vigneron, Senior Product Manager – NSBU, VMware

In this session, we will present the various VMware NSX-T automation choices available from enterprise-level platforms (such as VMware vRealize Automation), open-source solutions (such as Ansible and Terraform), and popular tools (such as PowerCLI). The goal of this session is to provide a detailed view with demos into each of these tools, and to help you make an informed choice to pick the right automation solution that works for you.

NSX-T Deep dive: APIs Built for Automation [VCNC1417]
Thomas Vigneron, Senior Product Manager – NSBU, VMware
Madhukar Krishnarao, Technical Product Manager, VMware

Learn how VMware NSX-T APIs allow powerful automation and simplify operations. This session covers NSX-T APIs for local and federation environments, detailing authentication, policy API and the search API. Find out how to craft powerful search queries or create complete topologies, and embrace the virtual network agility.

Large-Scale Design with NSX-T – Enterprise and Service Providers [VCNC1838]
Nimish Desai, Director of Technical Product Management, VMware –

A digital foundation requires a consolidated, cost-optimized, scaled network solution. The solution requires the essentials of availability, resiliency and capacity controls at every element. We will discuss various approaches suitable for enterprise and service providers. The solution will cover cross-functional technologies for building multiuse solution that addresses security, multitenancy, cloud native and the solution stack. This session will be specific to VMware NSX-T features, such as edge, federation and virtual routing forwarding (VRF), and how it is the right application for the large-scale design challenge and trade-offs.

Operations and Performance

NSX-T Operations and Troubleshooting [VCNC1380]
Raymond de Jong, Staff Solutions Architect, VMware
Jing Shi, Sr. NSX Ops TPM, VMware

Leverage our deep experience designing, deploying and troubleshooting VMware NSX-T for new insights. In this session, we will give you an end-to-end view of troubleshooting real use cases and deployments. We will demonstrate how to use the latest Alarms and Events framework and Topology Viewer built into NSX-T, and share how you should integrate NSX-T with tools such as VMware vRealize Log Insight and vRealize Network Insight.

NSX-T Performance: Deep Dive [VCNC1149]
Samuel Kommu, Sr. Technical Product Manager, VMware –

This session will focus on real-world performance expectations for VMware NSX-T. We will take a close look at physical and virtual networking devices, and dive into benchmarking considerations when testing NSX-T. This session will also include details on what to look for from a hardware perspective and tuning tips to achieve the best performance.


Migrating from NSX for vSphere to NSX-T Data Center Using Migration Coordinator [VCNC1150]
Samuel Kommu, Sr. Technical Product Manager, VMware –
Jennifer Schmidt, Staff NSX Solutions Architect, VMware

Join us as we share customers’ experiences on migrating from VMware NSX for vSphere to VMware NSX-T Data Center. This session will dive into migration strategies and the available tools for migration.

Vision and Future

The Future of Networking with VMware NSX [VCNC1555]
Bruce Davie, CTO, Asia Pacific & Japan, VMware –

In this session, we will look into the future to see why networking will be the enabling force behind many breakthrough innovations, from next-generation applications to the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G. To better understand the future of networking, we will explore the progression of networking as it has become increasingly software based. Network virtualization has become a key enabler of modern apps, providing automation and security controls required by these apps. We will look into some emerging technologies inside VMware NSX-T, such as support for Kubernetes and service mesh, intrusion detection, and other innovations designed to provide the necessary control for complex and distributed cloud applications. We’ll also include demos of new networking capabilities.


Solutions Keynote: Virtual Cloud Network – The Network for Your Future Ready Business [VCN2799]
Tom Gillis, Senior Vice President/General Manager – NSBU, VMware
Emil Patel, Director – IT Engineering, MD Anderson Cancer Center
Andrew Hrycaj, Principal Network Engineer, IHS Markit
Chad Kotil, Senior Systems Engineer, Paypal

This keynote covers the Virtual Cloud Network, VMware’s vision for networking in the digital age. You will hear about and see demonstrations on the latest innovations and technologies that are enabling businesses to move faster including: – The latest in data center networking and automation – Leading SD-WAN capabilities to extend services further out to the edge – Ground-breaking, fully distributed network security and threat intelligence – Advanced load balancing for cloud-native workloads Most importantly, you’ll hear from a number of your peers on the benefits they are seeing on their journey to a Virtual Cloud Network. You won’t want to miss this session!

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