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The Gestalt IT team is back with another exciting set of  Field Day presentations. Multiple IT product vendors, including VMware, and independent thought leaders will share information and opinions in a presentation and discussion format. The complete VMware agenda and speaker lineup for the morning of the 14th is listed in detail below.

In summary, VMware’s focus for #XFD3 is why a new approach to security is required in the modern era. This security vision is present across all of the solutions, technologies, and bundles that we are bringing to the market. The VMware speakers, Dhruv, Stijn, Ray, and Ashish are planning to cover diverse topics ranging across Service-defined Firewall (SDFW), IDS/IPS, NSX Intelligence, DDoS, and WAF.

We will live-stream the virtual event this Thursday, May 14th from 8-10am PST. Don’t worry if you are unable to make it live, all videos will be posted here,  for On-Demand viewing post-event.

Live streaming now complete. The OnDemand videos follow.  Please see the full agenda with the detailed description of each presentation below. 


Video 1: Dhruv and Stijn discuss the  VMware Service-defined Firewall is an innovative approach to internal firewalling


Video 2: Dhruv and Stijn dive into the VMware NSX Distributed IDS/IPS


Video 3:  Ray discusses NSX Intelligence a distributed analytics engine


Video 4:  Ashish discusses VMware’s Intelligent Web Application Firewall solution

Full agenda and  speaker line-up follow below:


VMware Agenda at Security Field Day 3