Over the last few years, as public and hybrid cloud adoption proliferated, organizations began looking for seamless and consistent manageability of their public cloud and private cloud workloads. This is one of the reasons why VMware brought NSX Cloud to the market.

Overview of NSX Cloud

In a nutshell, NSX Cloud provides consistent networking and security across hybrid and multi-cloud workloads. The key benefits and features of NSX Cloud include:

  • Single-pane-of-glass visibility
  • Essential networking capabilities
  • Consistent security policy
  • Granular micro-segmentation across on-premises and native public cloud environments such as AWS and Azure

NSX Cloud plays a key role in VMware’s Virtual Cloud Network vision of connecting and protecting workloads of all types (VMs, containers, bare metal) from data center to cloud to edge.   

“With NSX Cloud, we got a very compact firewall policy—easy to review and easy to manage. The power, administratively, is that we go to one place to update our policy and when we publish it, it automatically deploys it to every cloud server instance. This was a big win for us.”

Brian Jemes, Network Manager, University of Idaho
VMworld US 2018, NET1516BU

Top 5 Resources on NSX Cloud 

Here is a compilation of the best educational resources on NSX Cloud. Hope you enjoy them! 

  1. Lightboard video series

    This is a great high-level introduction to NSX Cloud. In roughly 15 minutes, the 3-part series explains how users build a common framework for consistent security, networking, and operations for a hybrid cloud deployment.  


    Introduction to NSX Cloud Lightboard Video Series

  2. NSX Cloud Solution Overview

    This quick 4-page PDF summarizes the NSX Cloud solution on AWS: key benefits, features, architecture, as well as the initial setup and onboarding process.  (Note that NSX Cloud is also supported on Azure)


    NSX Cloud Solution on AWS Overview

  3. VMworld 2019 videos

    Here are two *must-watch* sessions on NSX Cloud if you are looking to gain a deeper knowledge of the product.

    • NSX Cloud: Consistently Extend NSX to AWS and Azure (CNET1600BU)
      In this 200-level session, learn how NSX Cloud provides a single pane of glass for policy-based networking and security consistency across your hybrid cloud. This session also covers key features, use cases, and deployment options showcased in a product demo.
    • NSX Cloud Deployment and Architecture Deep Dive (CNET1365BU) This top-rated session covers deployment details as well as common customer configuration scenarios and use-cases such as micro-segmentation, overlay networking, VPN, and third-party service insertion. This is a 300-level session, and introductory knowledge of NSX Cloud is a prerequisite.
  4. NSX Cloud Hands-on Lab (HOLs)

    It’s time to go on a test drive. HOLs are the fastest and easiest way to test-drive the full technical capabilities of VMware products. These evaluations are free, up and running on your browser in minutes, and require no installation.

    In this lab, you will explore how VMware NSX provides a single security policy for applications deployed in the cloud as well as applications straddling cloud boundaries. You will do this using an NSX Tools-based enforcement as well as using native cloud enforcement and compare both choices offered through NSX Cloud.

    Note: This lab is available in English, Deutsch, Français. It will take more than 120 minutes to complete this lab.

    NSX Cloud HOL

  5.  NSX Cloud Blog Posts

    A complete list of all blogs on NSX Cloud to date. Catch up on key features and capabilities introduced in NSX-T 2.5, NSX-T 2.4 and prior releases.

*Bonus Pointer: For technical documentation on NSX Cloud, you can refer to the Administration Guide and the Installation Guide. 

Next Steps 

I hope this round-up of resources gives you an idea of how NSX Cloud could address your critical networking and security needs in a multi/hybrid cloud environment. If you are eager to learn more, reach out to your VMware sales representative for a deep-dive or a proof-of-concept of NSX Cloud. Until next time!