Avi Networks is now part of VMware and our product is now called VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer. You can read about it in our press release from VMworld.

But our story is far from over.

The acquisition marked VMware’s official entry into the ADC (Application Delivery Controller) space. The Avi team, which remains intact, is at the helm of delivering the world’s leading software-defined load balancing solution for VMware — both as a standalone platform for on-prem and multi-cloud environments and as an integrated VMware NSX solution.

We originally founded Avi Networks because we believed that the traditional ADC industry had failed its customers. Hardware and virtual appliances are rigid, cumbersome, and offer little automation or application insight. As enterprises re-architect applications as microservices, re-define the data center through software, and re-build infrastructure as hybrid and multi-cloud environments, ADC appliances work against the goals of modernizing enterprises.

This belief is shared by hundreds of the world’s largest companies that have decided to replace load balancing appliances with the Avi solution. VMware also believed this, which is why we are a part of the company today.

Avi re-imagined the ADC as a distributed software-defined fabric that is managed by a centralized controller. Automation, intelligence, and multi-cloud lives at the heart of our solution. Architecturally and philosophically, Avi and VMware couldn’t be more aligned.

I am incredibly proud of the accomplishments that the hundreds of Avi employees made over the past several years — from engineers developing a cutting edge platform with over 60 patents to our scrappy sales teams that broke into hundreds of enterprise accounts to every other employee that drove innovation, improved the customer experience, and shaped our culture.

As Avi, we were a disruptor in the industry, Publicly, our competitors dismissed us in hopes that the rest of the market would dismiss us too. Privately, they acknowledged that Avi’s architecture was the future and unsuccessfully tried to build and buy their way into creating an “Avi-killer”. As VMware, we will accelerate disruption and continue to outpace the legacy incumbents.

We have started a new chapter. We are now part of the industry’s only complete L2-7 networking portfolio defined completely in software for the multi-cloud era. Our product may have a new name, but  our team and mission will live on.

To Avi’s early adopters, thank you for trusting us and sharing in our vision. We look forward to growing our relationship even further as VMware.

To VMware customers, we are excited to provide you with the best ADC solution — for all your applications across data centers and clouds.

And to our competitors, you can no longer hide from us.