Over the last decade there has been a gradual, continuous shift of enterprise software applications away from the data center and towards one or multiple public clouds. As more and more applications are built natively in public clouds like AWS or Azure, the management of networking and security for those workloads becomes more complex: each cloud has its own set of unique constructs that must be managed independently of those in the data center.

What if there was a way to unify all of those workloads under one consistent networking fabric that can manage one standard set of networking and security policies across both on-premises and public clouds? This is where VMware NSX Cloud comes in.

What is NSX Cloud?

Designed specifically for public-cloud-native workloads, NSX Cloud extends VMware NSX software-defined networking and security from the data center to multiple public clouds, enabling consistent policy management from a single NSX interface.

To explain what NSX Cloud is and how it can deliver consistent hybrid networking and security for you, we asked our product manager Shiva Somasundaram to recored a three-part lightboard video series.

Part 1: NSX Cloud Overview

Shiva gives a high-level overview of what NSX Cloud is and how it delivers business value.

Part 2: NSX Cloud for Consistent Security

We’ll get a deep dive of NSX Cloud security. See how NSX delivers the same enterprise-grade security to cloud-native workloads that it delivers on-premises.

Part 3: NSX Cloud for Consistent Networking and Operations

Shiva explains how NSX Cloud delivers a continuous, consistent network across the entire hybrid cloud environment, giving the same level of control and visibility in the public cloud that you get on-premises.

NSX Hybrid Cloud Networking and Security Resources

Once you’ve had a chance to watch all three Light Board videos, there are several great ways to continue learning about hybrid cloud networking and security.