Go Beyond Microservices with NSX Service Mesh

Based on Istio and Envoy, VMware NSX Service Mesh provides discovery, visibility, control, and security of end-to-end transactions for cloud native applications. Announced at KubeCon NA 2018, NSX Service Mesh is currently in private Beta and interested users may sign up here.

The design for NSX Service Mesh extends beyond microservices to include end-users accessing applications, data stores, and sensitive data elements. NSX Service Mesh also introduces federation for containerized applications running on multiple VMware Kubernetes environments, across on-premises and public clouds. This enables improved operations, security, and visibility for containerized applications running on clusters across multiple on-premises and public clouds – with centrally defined and managed configuration, visuals, and policies.

Enterprises can leverage a number of different capabilities including:

  • Traffic management
  • mTLS encryption
  • Application SLO policies and resiliency controls
  • Progressive roll outs
  • Automated remediation workflows

Achieve Operational Consistency with Federated Service Mesh

At Google Cloud Next, VMware and Google demonstrated how a hybrid cloud solution can use a federated service mesh across Kubernetes clusters on VMware Enterprise PKS and GKE. This highlighted one example deployment for how enterprise teams can achieve consistent operations and security for cloud native applications and data.

To learn more, see the full blog on VMware and Google Showcase Hybrid Cloud Deployment for Application Platform and Developer Teams or watch the recorded session from Google Cloud Next on YouTube.

Integration Across VMware’s Kubernetes Offering

NSX Service Mesh is tightly integrated across VMware’s Kubernetes offering – VMware PKS, which includes Essential PKS, Enterprise PKS, and Cloud PKS editions, providing customized, turnkey, and SaaS based Kubernetes consumption models respectively that simplify deployment, configuration, upgrade, and scaling of Kubernetes clusters and containerized applications. VMware Enterprise PKS runs on vSphere, AWS, GCP, and Azure, providing enterprises with consistent control across on-prem and public cloud deployments of Kubernetes. Enterprise PKS also comes with VMware NSX-T Data Center, providing advanced container networking and security functions to Kubernetes clusters and pods.

With PKS, NSX Data Center, and NSX Service Mesh, VMware provides a unified, full-stack solution covering networking and security from infrastructure to application layer (L2 to L7), for virtual machines (VMs) and containers.  Enterprises no longer need to take the DIY approach of integrating multiple software from different sources and face the Day 2 operational tasks of maintenance and upgrades for all the components. VMware makes it easy for enterprises to deploy and operationalize a complete stack.

VMware at KubeCon 2019

This year at KubeCon Europe in Barcelona, we are excited to showcase federation for PKS clusters across on-premises and public clouds, and NSX Data Center for container networking. We look forward to seeing you at the VMware Booth (D2) to show you demos on PKS, NSX Data Center, and NSX Service Mesh.

Follow us for additional updates at the VMware Network Virtualization blog and on Twitter @VMwareNSX  during the week of KubeCon EMEA.  See you at Barcelona!