Is your network ready for applications, automation, multi-cloud, containers and more? Here’s a truth bomb for you: the network that got us here today is not sufficient for tomorrow. Sorry to be sardonic, but here are the facts: today, new business models, cloud adoption, and the explosion of connected devices are now must-haves for organizations that are prioritizing digital transformation initiatives. But legacy network approaches rooted in hardware just don’t cut it anymore; technology is rapidly shifting and improving at a rate that is undeniably fast. To keep up, modern networks must be able to support operations across data centers, multiple clouds, branch locations, and edge devices while prioritizing security for the ever-growing amount of application data that flows from every point within a network.

Despite these shifts and needs, many organizations do not have a unified approach to management, automation, and security. Do you know if your network does? Find out how software-first networking can transform your business.

Virtual Cloud Network Readiness Assessment

The Virtual Cloud Network Readiness Assessment can help you assess the current state of your network and security – for free.  By answering a few questions in this 10-minute survey, you’ll get a personalized report that summarizes your organization’s current capabilities against the IT priorities you share, including:

  • Insights: we’ll highlight whether your organization is as ready as it could be to support new innovation today.
  • Next steps: learn how you can leverage software to transform your organization’s network and security and realize your objectives.
  • A recap of business obstacles: help position your organization’s needs and challenges against common organizational hurdles and arm yourself with a clearer vision of where you need to be.
  • Inspirational case studies: You’ll also get information on how other VMware customers who have faced similar challenges have been able to achieve greater flexibility, speed and value for their businesses with software-first networking.

Whether the ultimate answer will lean toward “sometimes the truth hurts” or “sometimes knowing is half the battle,” this pop quiz will ultimately serve your organization, because “knowledge is power,” as they say. Put simply, the report can arm you with the knowledge you need to help take your organization to the next level. With it, you can sharpen your knowledge of how implementing networking and security entirely in software provides pervasive, end-to-end connectivity for your apps and data, wherever they are. If you’re ready to take the next steps, dive in here.