Are you someone that prefers a blank sheet of paper or an empty text pad screen? Do you get the time to have that thought process to create the words, images or code to fill that empty space? Yes to both –I’m impressed! Creating something from scratch is an absolutely magical feeling especially once it gets to a point of sharing or usefulness. However, many of us spend a bit more of our time editing, building upon or debugging. Fortunately, that can be pretty interesting as well.

In the case of setting up mico-segmentation with VMware NSX Data Center, you have a couple options on quickly getting started:

These resources and more are great jumping off points, especially since you likely have more than just Informatica, Oracle and SAP apps in your environments.

Now, should you have those Informatica, Oracle and SAP apps, then here’s the next level of details. I’m pleased to share recent blog posts by the VMware IT team on how to use micro-segmentation with VMware NSX Data Center for specific applications featuring: Informatica (ETL), Oracle SOA and OSB and SAP. “How to’s” are good examples of not having to start from scratch. They also serve as a jumping off point for creating something on your own. If there are other applications that you’d like to see their micro-segmentation “how to”, then please leave a comment below.

How to Implement NSX Micro-Segmentation for Informatica (ETL) using VMware NSX Data Center

by Rupak Acharjee, Senior Application Admin, VMware

VMware IT uses Informatica as a unified enterprise data integration platform for accessing, discovering, and integrating data from virtually any business system, in any format, and delivering that data. Read more…

How to Implement Micro-Segmentation for Oracle SOA and OSB using VMware NSX Data Center

by Chakravarthy Gajula, Lead Middleware Admin, VMware

Middleware logic, via an Oracle service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Oracle Service Bus (OSB), play major integration roles in the VMware enterprise application landscape. Business-critical applications, such as our common SaaS platform (CSP), MyVMware, Oracle eBusiness Suite (eBS), and several other applications depend on these services being constantly available. Read more…


How VMware IT Implemented NSX Data Center Micro-Segmentation for SAP

by Swapnil Hendre, Director, Solutions Engineering and Design, and Mukund Yadav, Director, IT App Ops, VMware

In this blog, we will discuss how we implemented NSX Data Center micro-segmentation internally as part of our ERP (SAP) migration to control east-west communications and improve our security posture. Each module was micro-segmented before it was rolled out to production. Due to the sheer volume of workflows involved, this was one of the more complex micro-segmentation projects VMware IT has undertaken to date. Read more…


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