VMworld 2018 is around the corner and we have an exciting lineup of over 80+ breakout sessions, customer deployment stories and Hands-on Labs for you from the VMware NSX family!

For the tech nerds interested in deep-dives and deployment strategies, we have a list of recommended “geek” NSX VMworld 2018 sessions to choose from in various focus areas.



Deep Dive into NSX Data Center Security for Clouds, Containers, and More [SAI1527BU]
Speakers: Ganapathi Bhatt
This technical session will focus on key security features and use cases for VMware NSX-T Data Center in a multi-hypervisor, heterogeneous workload environment (VMs, containers, bare metal), the architecture and implementation of NSX-T distributed firewalls and edge firewalls, and the grouping/policy model for NSX-T Data Center. You will also find out how VMware NSX Data Center extends a uniform security policy model to VMware NSX Cloud and VMware Cloud on AWS environments.

Securing Horizon and Citrix End-User Computing with NSX Data Center [SAI1851BU]
Speakers: Geoff Wilmington
Organizations deploying virtual desktop infrastructures are tasked with designing for security, networking, and network services for this infrastructure. This can be a complex design process and include multiple products to meet the requirements. When coupling VMware NSX Data Center with a VMware Horizon or Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop deployment, NSX Data Center can simplify and streamline all of the security, networking, and network services needed to suit either deployment type. In this session, you will learn the key aspects of a Horizon deployment and where NSX Data Center provides the industry-best platform for helping organizations address these needs in a simple manner.

Container/Cloud Native:

Kubernetes Container Networking with NSX-T Data Center Deep Dive [NET1677BU]
Speakers: Yasen Simeonov
Why do you need VMware NSX-T Data Center with Kubernetes (K8s) if there are so many free batteries-included network solutions for Kubernetes out there? Because the NSX-T Data Center integration with K8s solves problems you likely have already encountered or will encounter soon, when deploying K8s into an existing enterprise data center, with all its physical firewalls, existing relational databases, and potentially even mainframes. In this session, you will get technical details of how the NSX-T Data Center integration with Kubernetes in Pivotal Container Service (PKS), OpenShift, and upstream Kubernetes is implemented. Get a deep dive into each identified problem statement, find out how the solution was implemented with NSX-T Data Center, and see a demo of each of the solutions live on stage using PKS with NSX-T Data Center.

NSX Design for Cloud-native Apps with Pivotal Cloud Foundry [NET1894BU]
Speakers: Niran Even-Chen; Samuel Kommu
Pivotal Cloud Foundry is a suite of products specifically designed for the development and deployment of cloud-native apps. The integration with NSX-T provides many benefits including the ability to create security policies across platforms, deep visibility into the network of these platforms, and the ability to automate the day 1 and day 2 operations across the entire stack. But what about design? There are many choices to consider when designing and deploying the stack in production. Come two NSX cloud-native design experts to learn about designing NSX for the Pivotal Cloud Foundry suite of products (Pivotal Application Service & Pivotal Container Service), including the lessons we’ve learned from our work in the field.

Multi-Cloud and App-Continuity:

NSX Cloud: Deployment Deep Dive and Architecture [NET1754BU]
Speakers: Amol Tipnis & Brian Heili
As businesses evolve their application delivery methods, new strategies are emerging that include moving them to one or more public cloud providers. This brings a new set of operational challenges to the cloud security and networking teams, such as providing consistent security posture, traffic visibility, and secure connectivity across on-premises cloud and native public clouds. In this session, you will learn about the advanced capabilities of VMware NSX Cloud and go over real-world deployment use cases that will help you design your hybrid cloud deployments.

Advanced NSX Services in VMware Cloud on AWS: Use Cases and Best Practices [NET2409BU]
Speakers: Vyenkatesh Deshpande
VMware Cloud on AWS brings VMware’s enterprise-class software-defined data center to the AWS Cloud, enabling customers to run production applications across private, public and hybrid cloud environments that are built on the VMware SDDC stack. In this session, you will learn about how VMware NSX advanced services (Hybrid Connectivity, Distributed Firewall, Service Insertion, Visibility, and Monitoring) enable customers to fulfill the following use cases: dev/test workload, disaster recovery, and application migration. We will take existing VMware Cloud on AWS customer examples and walk through the deployments that fulfill these use-cases, and share best practices.

Multi-Site Networking and Security with NSX Data Center [NET1536BU]
Speakers: Dimitri Desmidt, Andrew Babakian
Learn how VMware NSX Data Center enables logical networking and security across multiple VMware vCenter domains. In this session, you will get an overview of cross-vCenter NSX Data Center features and use cases, components, architecture, and more. You will also find out about the new cross-vCenter NSX features introduced in NSX Data Center for VMware vSphere 6.3 and see a demo.

Platform Architecture/Design:

Logical Routing Deep Dive on NSX-T Data Center [NET1127BU]
Speakers: Pooja Patel, Amit Aneja
Take a deep dive into the VMware NSX-T Data Center multi-tier routing architecture. In this session, you will learn about distributed routing for E-W traffic and centralized routing for N-S traffic with packet walks, as well as how routing is completely distributed in a multi-tier topology. In addition, you will find out about the NSX-T Data Center Edge node architecture and get an overview of high-availability deployment options.

Next-Generation Reference Design with NSX-T Data Center: Part 1 [NET1561BU] and Part 2 [NET1561BU]
Speakers: Nimish Desai, Dan Deane(DXC)
This is the two-part session series on reference designs for NSX-T Data Center. In this session, you will learn design best practices for NSX-T Data Center components, including fabric topology and deployment considerations for medium to large deployments. We will also cover how to design heterogeneous designs with VMs & Containers.  It is highly recommended to read the NSX-T design guide and attend other NSX-T sessions in order to get the most out of this session.

Deploying NSX Data Center on a Cisco Infrastructure [NET1945BU]
Speakers: Paul Mancuso
VMware NSX Data Center has proven its ability for deployment on any switch fabric. Customers have asked for simplification of application deployment on a Cisco infrastructure. VMware developed architectural guides for deploying an NSX Data Center platform on Cisco’s switching fabrics, including a Cisco ACI underlay. In this session, you will learn best practices for implementing a software-defined data center on any Cisco underlay. You will find out what is the required to set up Cisco ACI and steps to normalize ACI’s fabric for an NSX Data Center for VMware vSphere or VMware NSX-T Data Center deployment.


Day 2 Automation of NSX Data Center Using vRealize Suite [NET1723BU]
Speakers: Yasen Simeonov, Ben Tanner(IHS Markit)
In this session, you will learn about automating VMware NSX Data Center with VMware vRealize Automation, as well as several ways to utilize vRealize Orchestrator for cases where the desired action is not native in vRealize Automation.

PowerNSX: Bringing the Power of PowerCLI to VMware NSX Data Center [NET1528BU]
Speakers: Nicholas Bradford, Anthony Burke
PowerNSX is a PowerShell module that abstracts the VMware NSX Data Center API to a set of easily used PowerShell functions. Working seamlessly with PowerCLI, PowerNSX brings unprecedented power and flexibility to administrators of NSX Data Center environments. This session will provide an overview of PowerNSX architecture and functionality and then focus on PowerNSX usage and workflows with the use of live demonstrations.

Vision and Future:

The Future of Networking and Security with VMware NSX [NET1285BU]
Speakers: Bruce Davie
Network virtualization with NSX is achieving widespread adoption. The majority of today’s deployments are in vSphere environments, but a more heterogeneous world is coming as organizations begin to embrace containers and native public clouds. NSX-T was created to address these challenges. This talk provides detailed insights into the architecture and capabilities of NSX-T. We’ll show how NSX-T addresses container workloads and integrates with frameworks like Kubernetes. We’ll also cover the multi-cloud networking and security capabilities that allow consistent networking policies across any cloud, public or private. Finally, we’ll look at how SD-WAN has become part of the NSX portfolio, enabling networking and security to be deployed from cloud to data center to edge. Prior knowledge of network virtualization required.

Want to hear more customer deployment stories?

DMM.com and IHS Markit will be talking about how they built an automated private cloud using NSX Automation.
Deploying and Automating NSX-T Data Center: lessons from IHS Markit [NET2518BU]
Speakers: Andrew Voltmer; Andrew Hrycaj(IHS Markit) Building Private Clouds with NSX-T Data Center & VIO: Lessons from DMM.com [NET2119BU]
Speakers: Kohei Ogura; Naoshi Takahashi(DMM.com LLC)


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