Whether you were just at VMworld US 2018 or you’re headed to Barcelona, we are excited to welcome you into the Virtual Cloud Network Experience! At VMworld this year we’re making some announcements that are helping turn the Virtual Cloud Network vision into reality and showcasing customer that have embraced virtual cloud networking.

First, why is the networking and security business unit at VMware calling this a “Virtual Cloud Network Experience”? Announced May 1, the Virtual Cloud Network is the network model for the digital era. It is also the vision of VMware for the future of networking to empower customers to connect and protect applications and data, regardless of where they sit – from edge to edge.

With that, here’s what’s new:

Public Cloud, Bare Metal, and Containers

NSX is only for VMs, right? Wrong! We’ve added support for native AWS and Azure workloads with NSX Cloud, support for applications running on bare metal servers (no hypervisor!), and increased support for containers (including containers running on bare metal). There’s much to get up to speed on so check out the can’t-miss 100-level sessions below, plus there are a bunch of 200 and 300 level sessions covering the same concepts for those inclined.

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Baking-in security and pushing it up the stack 

A foundational tenet for virtual cloud networking is inherent security. It’s all about security being built-in, not bolted-on. At VMworld this year, we’re re-defining what micro-segmentation means with what we’re calling Adaptive Micro-segmentation. When we launched the concept of micro-segmentation in 2014, it represented a huge step forward in the way data centers are secured. But it’s clear that segmentation at the network level is not enough. We must bring segmentation up the stack to the application layer. By bringing NSX, AppDefense and vRealize Network Insight closer together, that’s exactly what we’re doing with Adaptive Micro-segmentation.

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This complete network and compute security solution is highlighted in two showcase sessions

SD-WAN – The Networking Blueprint for Modern Businesses

NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud makes its first appearance at VMworld this year as part of the NSX Portfolio. And it’s quite a strong showing right out of the gate.  As part of the Virtual Cloud Network Experience, NSX SD-WAN runs the gamut starting with Sanjay Uppal, VP and GM, taking the stage with Tom Gillis, VMware Networking and  Security’s SVP and GM as part of the NSX Showcase session on Monday. Following that, you’ll find NSX SD-WAN as part of breakouts sessions, meet the experts roundtables, two book signings, and a new hands-on-lab. Recently published “SD-WAN – The Networking Blueprint for Modern Businesses” authors @lifeboy @Rachna_Sriv will be at the show to discuss more.

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Physical Networking Integrations

Building on the NSX Data Center support for bare metal, we’re partnering with Arista to enable NSX to extend security policies to physical Arista switches. Yes, you heard that right, NSX will (soon) be able to apply micro-segmentation policy natively on Arista switches to secure physical-to-virtual and physical-to-physical workload communications.

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News Release – Arista Introduces Secure Cloud Networking


NSX empowers the future of networking and we’re excited to help our customers move forward in their digital transformation (a not to be missed session by Dr. Bruce Davie). With the flood of announcements this VMworld, we’re excited to connect with you as part of the Virtual Cloud Network Experience. It’s exciting to hear from customers like Equity Trust, GFL Environmental Inc, Grant Street Group, and many more on how they essentially create an easy button for connecting and protecting workloads for their businesses, developers, and end customers.


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