The path toward virtualization and digital transformation can be arduous – but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re working to get a deep download on connectivity and security for apps and your data center for data, the cloud and the edge, look no further. Presenting our guide to becoming an NSXpert, below.

Getting Started

VMware NSX Data Center and VMware NSX Cloud Product and Solutions Overview

They say “you have to start somewhere,” and, well, this is it: the beginning. Before you do anything else, get yourself familiar with the NSX Data Center and NSX Cloud offerings.


Beginner and Intermediate Resources

Once you’ve gotten the hang of what NSX can offer, it’s time to dive into a class or two to get up to speed on all things virtualization. In an effort to “teach you how to fish,” we’ve curated our favorite links to VMware’s official educational materials – plus a few more.


VMware NSX YouTube Page

Check out the Training and Demos Playlist for technical deep-dives and product demonstrations.


Network Virtualization for Dummies

This comprehensive guide covers why now is the right time to virtualize your network, how network virtualization works, plus best practices, tips, and ways to save time. Check back soon for an updated version, slated for Summer 2018. Click to learn more.


NSX on Coursera

This eight week online course equips learners with the basics of network virtualization with VMware NSX. To get the most out of this course, you should have familiarity with generic IT concepts such as routing, switching, firewalling, disaster recovery, business continuity, cloud, and security. Click to learn more.


NSX Hands-on Labs

Hands-on Labs, or HOL, is a series directly from VMware product experts. Get up to speed quickly with topics such as “Getting Started,” “VMware NSX Distributed Firewall and Micro-segmentation,” “VMware NSX-T with Kubernetes,” and more. Click to learn more.


Advanced Resources

Webcast Series: Getting More Out Of NSX

The episodes in the Getting More Out Of NSX webcast series cover a variety of NSX features and explain in detail how NSX is the solution to key challenges faced by IT professionals. Watch each episode On Demand.

Check back for upcoming episodes.


Tim Davis’ #vBrownBag NSX Series

Tim Davis is an NSX Senior Systems Engineer at VMware as well as a VMware vExpert. His vBrownBag series, in particular, the three listed below, can help you fill in any gaps in knowledge. Check them out:


Architecting NSX for Service Providers

This document is a good follow-up to Tim’s video series. Specific sections to note are “Design Considerations,” “Key Use Cases: Micro-Segmentation,” “Availability,” and “Operational Considerations.”


VMware NSX Certification

Once you’re up to speed, consider getting certified. VMware Network Virtualization certifications are designed to gauge your level of skill designing, implementing, and managing a VMware NSX environment. With a certificate, you can take your career to the next level. Visit our certification site to get started.


What else for NSX Heroes?

With the expanded NSX Portfolio, there’s more than NSX Data Center and NSX Cloud for NSXperts to sink their teeth into.


To learn about the NSX Portfolio and solutions like NSX SD-WAN, NSX Hybrid Connect and AppDefense, start here.

Learn about the demos in our post The Virtual Cloud Network Demystified.


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