We have done a series of blogs on NSX Cloud in the last couple of weeks and the response has been great! We have customers who have purchased licenses already and are on-route to deployment, customers with whom we have completed POCs successfully, and a pipeline that looks promising. Meanwhile, recognitions continue to flow from all sides, CRN rated NSX Cloud as one of the 10 best SDN solutions for 2018 and NSX Cloud was judged as Best of Show runners-up in the cloud computing category at Interop Tokyo. With all this excitement and VMworld around the corner, we couldn’t help but write again to provide more updates. So, here we go!


Before reading on, if you would like to quickly go over past blogs, here is your single pane of glass to past blogs *wink*. You can find a high-level overview of VMware’s vision for Virtual Cloud Network and how NSX Cloud fits into the broader vision over here. If you are like, duh! I know that, can you just give me an overview about NSX Cloud… we hear you and this is where you could go to refresh your memory on NSX Cloud.  If you are like, duhhhh…I know that too and am looking forward to hearing what’s currently getting brewed in NSX Cloud… read on, pro!


NSX Cloud extended support for AWS as a Tech Preview and in our upcoming release (right after VMWorld), this will be GA capability. This is a huge leap towards our pursuit for a truly Hybrid Cloud NSX Solution as it will enable customers to simplify and scale operations across a growing number of accounts, subscriptions, virtual networks, availability zones and regions in AWS, Azure and private cloud. We have a customer who has already purchased licenses to deploy NSX Cloud for AWS and guess what, they are getting on stage at VMworld to talk more about their experience with NSX Cloud and why they were convinced that it is the right solution for them.


Security continues to be the biggest value proposition we bring to our customers. NSX Cloud enables security admins to define security policies once and apply them wherever workloads are hosted. This ensures a consistent security policy across on-prem and public-cloud for a given class of workloads. These policies could be populated with rich set of abstractions and can be enforced on workloads at any level of granularity (VPCs/VNETs, regions, VM names, tags etc.). Security for Cloud workloads is not an afterthought anymore as workloads dynamically inherit security group memberships and policies based on where they are hosted, right when they are hosted. Check out our blog here to know more about how NSX Cloud provides consistent security posture on a Hybrid Cloud deployment.


Another new feature which has grabbed all our customer’ attention is VPN. Any-to-Any VPN functionality comes for free with NSX Cloud. This eliminates the need for a VGW in the cloud and immensely reduces the TCO for our customers as they would not have to use the VPN services provided by public cloud providers. And if that wasn’t enough, users are not bound by any VPN scale restrictions of public cloud providers if they use NSX Cloud for VPN.


Still have your doubts? Well, here is how you can have it for yourself. We have launched a revamped NSX Cloud HOL (HOL 1922) which is VMware’s first truly Hybrid Cloud hands-on-lab. The lab covers a home-grown app, Planespotter, which queries external aviation databases real-time. It has half a million photos and real-time information on 40K aircrafts in the United States. You will be hosting this Web application as part of the lab. The picture depicts the environment that is provisioned and used during the lessons of this lab. The environment explores the scenario of a developer deploying an application with components in their on-premises data center, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The application deployment lacks the necessary security compliances, and you will be using NSX Cloud to apply consistent policies to the application environment.

NSX Cloud at VMworld


The deployment of VMware NSX Cloud requires one or more Public Cloud environments. Each user will hence be given an AWS and Azure account to get going with the lab. The NSX Management Plane (NSX Manager and Cloud Services Manager) and Control Plane (NSX Controller) components have been pre-configured in the on-premises data center to make it easier for you. In short, Day 0 has been taken care of. You will use NSX-Cloud to apply tags and create security policies for hybrid cloud workloads.


Here is a quick snapshot of how you would create and edit Security Groups in NSX Cloud:


NSX Cloud at VMworld


And here is how the security groups created above are used to write policies in NSX manager:


NSX Cloud at VMworld


Network and Security controls provided by Public Cloud providers come with numerous limitations: Multiple security touch-points, static memberships which require lot of co-ordination at every deployment, and inconsistent framework from on-premise management are some of the biggest drawbacks. A cloud-agnostic tool is the right step forward towards a Hybrid Cloud Model, and NSX Cloud is an even better step forward towards that direction. The NSX platform (across Data Center and Cloud)  provides a uniform operational model across on-premise and Public Cloud deployments. NSX Cloud will continue to be VMware’s Networking and Security offering for Native Public Cloud Workloads.


If you would like to know more about NSX Cloud, we have a wide range of sessions and labs at VMworld which you can check-out. If you have any questions or would like someone from the BU meet your customer at VMworld, please feel free to reach out to Percy Wadia, Amol Tipnis and Shiva Somasundaram


VMworld 2018 US Sessions:

  • Introduction to NSX Cloud [NET1516BU]
    • Rated as one among the top 10 sessions to look forward to at VMworld 2018 by Tom Gillis in his blog.
    • This is your introductory session on NSX Cloud. You will find out key value propositions, use cases, deployment options and a demo of NSX Cloud with deployments across on-prem, Azure and AWS.
    • You will also learn from a NSX Cloud customer on why they chose NSX Cloud for their security posture.
    • Speakers:
      • Percy Wadia, Director, Product Management, VMware
      • Brian Jemes, Network Manager, University of Idaho
    • Wed, Aug 29, 8:30am-9:30am | Oceanside C, Level 2
  • NSX Cloud Deployment Deep Dive and Architecture [NET1754BU]
    • This sessions dives deeper in NSX Cloud. You will find out more about the architecture of NSX Cloud, the design calls that were made to make this THE SDN product for the cloud and go over real-world deployments and use-cases that will help you design your hybrid cloud deployments.
    • Speakers:
      • Amol Tipnis, Sr Technical Product Manager, VMware
      • Brian Heili, Staff Systems Engineer, VMware
    • Wed, Aug 29, 10:00am-11:00am | Islander E, Lower Level
  • Lab: VMware NSX Cloud – Getting Started Workshop [ELW-1922-01-NET_U]
    • Explore how NSX Cloud Provides consistent security policies for applications running on-premises as well as in AWS and Azure. You will have lab captains to help you during the session with your questions. This 90 minutes session is the best way to get hands-on with NSX Cloud.
    • Speakers/Lab Captains:
      • Brian Heili, Staff Systems Engineer, VMware
      • Puneet Chawla, Customer Success Architect, VMware
    • Sun, Aug 26, 4:30pm-6:00pm | South Pacific Ballroom, Lower Level, Workshop 3
    • Wed, Aug 29, 11:00am-12:30pm | South Pacific Ballroom, Lower Level, Workshop 3
    • [Spanish / Portuguese] Mon, Aug 27, 10:30am-12:00pm | South Pacific Ballroom – Lower Level – LATAM Workshop (led by Thiago Koga, NSX Staff Systems Engineer)
  • Whisper Suite* – NSX Cloud Roadmap
    • *Only for customers under NDA
    • In this session, you will get a peek into what’s in the roadmap for NSX cloud in the next 6 months. We will talk about key features that are coming in and how we fair better than our competitors.
    • Please reach out to your VMware representative for details.
    • Speakers: NSX Cloud Product Management Team and Engineering Leads
    • Tue, Aug 28, 4:00pm-6:00pm