As you plan to attend VMworld 2018 – Do you have questions like : how do I micro-segment? What grouping strategies do I use? How to do a Firewall-As-A-Service in hybrid VM and Container environments? Or you are a Pros and would like to know more of what is new? – We would like to help you answer and have the best possible help as you head back to your organizations. This blog captures the Micro-Segmentation sessions that are geared towards designing your micro-segmentation strategies. Meet with our experts go in details with you. Listen to our customers on their journeys and understand all the options that VMware can help you with this journey.


Monday: August 27, 2018

It starts at 11.30 am with:

Have lunch and then you have two choices:


  • Register for free Operationalizing Micro-Segmentation with NSX workshop from 1pm to 4pm to make you a pro and designing your micro-segmentation strategy. (Register here)

End the day with deep diving into layer 7 micro-segmentation features with the following two sessions:


Tuesday: August 28, 2018 



Wednesday: August 29th, 2018 

It will be the busiest day with a long list of deep-dives. Gear up, store your energy as you start your day with:

followed by at 11.30am

After lunch head out to the following sessions at 1pm:

Followed by:


Thursday:  August 30th, 2018

End your VMworld 2018 with:


Available all days: 

Please head out to our Self-Paced Labs to play with all the latest features of NSX Micro-Segmentation


Stop by at our UX Design Studio Workshop to  interact real-time with our product designers. Contributed your feedback to the NSX UI/UX experience.

Have a fun and awesome VMworld. See you all there. Signing out.