It’s official: when it comes to security threats, the question IT teams should be asking is not if but when. VMware recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate how organizations are improving the security of their infrastructure through network virtualization and micro-segmentation. Analysis found that 92% of respondents reported having faced minor security incidents in the last 12 months alone, while 65% of respondents endured a major incident in the same time span. These figures seal the deal; the naïve days of preparing for potential issues are long gone. Cyber threats are real, imminent, and happen often.



Companies today attribute more of their security issues to improper network segmentation than to the volume of threats overall. In response, leaders across industries are turning to network virtualization – specifically the Zero Trust security model – as a key strategy in combating threats. This strategy posits that whether a network is labeled secure or insecure, both should be treated as equally vulnerable. Further, the Zero Trust model supports the argument that ”traditional, perimeter-based security configurations are no longer a sufficient measure for protecting the network, and highlights steps companies can take to better secure their network, starting with network virtualization and micro-segmentation.”

As networks become virtualized and micro-segmentation becomes a strategic advantage for security teams, data is segmented into buckets to allow security and network teams greater visibility and control over all information on the network. Businesses use this segmentation to separate the day-to-day business data from the sensitive or proprietary data within the organization. From there, security and risk teams can place the proper security and access controls on sensitive data segments, i.e., micro-segmentation.


In this report, you’ll learn:

  • What the Zero Trust Security Model addresses in terms of security vulnerabilities
  • How companies are successfully leveraging micro-segmentation
  • Benefits of network virtualization and micro-segmentation
  • Expert, key recommendations
  • Research statistics
  • And more!


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